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DodgerWalker t1_j6ky6h1 wrote

I knew cold sores were caused by herpes, but for a long time, I thought “cold sores” were a different condition known as “canker sores” and thought that I had oral herpes only to find out later that canker sores were an unrelated thing.


BellyScratchFTW OP t1_j6kytb9 wrote

I also learned this too late in life. When I was in school, we covered STDs just like anyone else does. But they never mentioned "if you kiss someone with a blister on their lips, you may be stuck with something FOR LIFE".

Thankfully, I seem to have avoided it anyway.


[deleted] t1_j6l9nbf wrote

Imagine researching and finding a cure, you’d be an instant multi-millionaire


ElleRyder t1_j6mijmd wrote

There is a medication to control it, Valcyclovir. Developed in Canada by Dr. Stephen Sacks.


InfamousAnimal t1_j6oc4bz wrote

Which works as both an abortificent shortening the infection and healing time as well as a profillactic preventing an outbreak.


Remarkable-Hall-9478 t1_j6n7w79 wrote

Or imagine doing research and finding out that there are already vaccines in development moving to human trials, and realizing you are a gigantic cunt for trying to make millions of dollars on it - while being years late to boot - instead of just releasing it for free or to only recover research costs


allnamestaken1968 t1_j6lkdlh wrote

Maybe. 66% of the population have herpes simplex, but it doesn’t really show for most


sometimesmastermind t1_j6n3phv wrote

I've seen studies that show much much higher numbers. They don't even test for in many General tests you have to ask for it.


DaGurggles t1_j6mqapy wrote

You can still have it without symptoms. It may be dormant in your body.


garry4321 t1_j6oii07 wrote

Wondering why you didnt get the kissing disease throughout highschool huh?

Who wants to tell him?


pit1989_noob t1_j6kzs9y wrote

tell me about it, i got them because a dirty glass, but it seems a cure is on the work next 10 years or 20


TheOGburnzombie t1_j6lndiz wrote

I got them from using my mothers chapstick when I was younger because she got it from a newborn baby in the hospital she works at (I don't exactly know how the child had it or hoe she got it from that child)


Deinonychus2012 t1_j6p60e2 wrote

Child could have had it congenitally from its mom, your mom could've gotten it from the baby's spit as it was crying.


AFucking12Gage t1_j6mat34 wrote

Happy for you, I’ve had cold sores since I shared a zippy cup at day care when I was three. It sucks, cause I didn’t do anything wrong, but you make the most of it and live with it.


justwantedtoview t1_j6nehf1 wrote

Lol sharing a drink with anyone that had it previously can give it to you. Herpes will stay above 70% infection if people never stop sharing food like we do.


IAlwaysFeelFlat t1_j6ma53u wrote

Canker sores are mouth ulcers; for everyone else in the world.

They're usually caused by sharp/abrasive foods and/or bad diet, but can also be a physiological response to stress if you're some who's prone to them.

Cold sores or oral herpes (HSV-1) occurs in 2/3 people worldwide 1 and is about that high in the USA too 2 - though the majority don't display any symptoms. If you have a cold sore and someone takes the piss, chances are they also have HSV-1 and don't know.

Additionally, cold sores can sometimes be confused with in-growing hairs. If you pluck hairs out from around the mouth, sometimes they'll grow back without poking through the hole and can get infected.