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allnamestaken1968 t1_j6lkud8 wrote

Important to know the difference between herpes simplex (cold sores) and hsv-2, genital herpes. You can get hsv 2 from oral sex with somebody who has hsv 1 only when the sores are visible (simplifying here, exceptions seem to apply recently). Otherwise it’s really hard to get the Herpes everybody knows about (genital, 10-15% of population) from hsv1 (cold sores, about 2/3 of the population with the virus, many show no symptoms)

Some good meds for hsv 1 are available, mostly creams that make the sores go away quicker.

Good article:,States%20in%20a%20single%20year.&text=Nationwide%2C%2011.9%20%25%20of%20persons%20aged,%25%20when%20adjusted%20for%20age).


DownNotOut2021 t1_j6n9huo wrote

You can't get hsv2 from oral sex with someone who only has oral hsv1. You can get genital herpes from them but it will be genital hsv1, not hsv2.


horsetooth_mcgee t1_j6maugx wrote

You can still spread HSV1 without having a current outbreak or before the blister pops up.


GrowInTheSunshine t1_j6o0ujp wrote

1 and 2 are not interchangeable. You can get genital HSV1 from someone with oral HSV1. You don't get HSV2 from someone who has HSV1.


ackermann t1_j6m3pbn wrote

These sores that can lead to genital herpes, are they cold sores, or canker sores? I’m not quite clear on the difference. Some are on the outside of your lips, the other on the inside of you cheeks/gums?

Which one can be transmitted as genital herpes?

Seems to be some confusion here:


Bugaloon t1_j6m57y2 wrote

The outside one is cold sores (herpes), canker sores are fine.