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LeaCTrockboys t1_j6lsst6 wrote

Dude that's not even that crazy, a LOT of people don't even know that HPV isn't herpes and that a canker sore isn't a cold sore. It's insane how much education a lot of people grew up with in modern times yet many adults are still super uninformed about STDs and just go off of hearsay or what a parent told them long ago.


horsetooth_mcgee t1_j6mar4f wrote

It's true, actual canker sores are not herpes, but way too many people refer to cold sores as canker sores.


aversionals t1_j6m7hzd wrote

i am.....learning a lot in this thread, as someone that always thought they had herpes due to having canker sores......

I never knew canker sores were different from cold sores until now. what the fuck


seawitchbitch t1_j6m8jw4 wrote

If you get a lot of them, try a toothpaste without SLS.


accord281 t1_j6nrrcv wrote

and get a prescription for fluocinonide ointment from your dentist. Apply and let it sit for at least 5 minutes twice a day for two days (must catch them small) and they disappear!


Dinklemeier t1_j6nep90 wrote

You can get a herpes titer from your doctor or an std clinic. You may not even have hsv at all