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Bugaloon t1_j6m5c4b wrote

I think most people only ever really refer to hsv2 as herpes, I've never heard hsv1 (cold sores) referred to as herpes, because it's a bit alarmist.


pitshands t1_j6n6afw wrote

I grew up in Europe and if anyone referred (go e for a day or two) referred to Herpes it was HSV1. I don't see the point of it being alarmist. Edit wrote HPV first


Bugaloon t1_j6otbfo wrote

Well genital herpes are drastically different from a cold sore... we're talking genital blisters vs a red spot smaller than most pimples.


pitshands t1_j6oyyet wrote

First, I have seen HPV1 outbreaks that were huge and tbhnit looking that different from HPV2 if I can trust Google