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Rough_Jacket4023 t1_j6miq8h wrote

They make topical medication for cold sores that you put on when you start to feel like you're going to get one.


JaninnaMaynz t1_j6n8emu wrote

Yeah, but by the time I notice, the lip balm is infected.


Rough_Jacket4023 t1_j6p4gnc wrote

Throw away the balm and use the medicine


JaninnaMaynz t1_j6p6cf2 wrote

The medicine, at best, makes it go away faster. So does lip balm. I know because I've tested it. The medicine is maybe slightly faster than lip balm, but lip balm tastes better. Especially for someone sensitive to mint, when pretty much every product associated with the mouth is mint flavored. sigh