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Hello! I’m looking to see if any women can let me know what areas they have felt safe running or going for walks by themselves in, if you have longer routes that you’ve never had any issue on let me know them as well! (If you have to drive a little bit for yours I don’t care, also message me if that’s better for you!) Thanks 🙂

Edit: i.e. harbor point area seems pretty safe but I don’t necessarily want to test it without seeing if anyone else has yet lol



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samills610 t1_je3ci72 wrote

I'm a guy so can't comment on the safety part so much, but you can run on the high school tracks. I often go to Stamford high, rippowam, or Darien.

There are many other areas I would consider safe I can happily recommend, but I can't answer from a female pov


DelayedTapestry t1_je41nsv wrote

I run all over the place and have never felt unsafe! Harbor Point is a great area for running, but I do most of my long runs around Darien and Rowayton. You can park for free in Darien and run along all the wide roads through Rowayton all the way to South Norwalk. Scalzi park is well-lit after dark. There’s also a great loop at Waveny park in New Canaan that backs up to the New Canaan high school track. The tracks at Darien high school and Wilton high school are also public and they’re great. I recommend Mianus River Park for trail running, too.

Basically if you’re willing to drive a bit, there are loads of great options! Message me if you want a running buddy 👍🏼


Athrynne t1_je4kjg8 wrote

Harbor Point is perfectly safe at all times of the day.


Glittering-Craft-799 t1_je7xdas wrote

during the daytime Harbor Point is safe, not in the evening (after dark). it’s also very dependent what part of HP you’re in.


okjae t1_je4yfg3 wrote

Check out Stampede on Facebook- there are group runs in Stamford on Monday nights, Wednesday nights, and Saturday mornings.


Careless_Whisper10 OP t1_je3682l wrote

I feel like this could look like I’m the weirdo, I’m just 5’4 and wouldn’t be great at fighting people off.


Pinkumb t1_je4xilx wrote

The last assault I heard of a runner/jogger was either 2019 or 2020. There was one guy who assaulted two different women at K Park. I believe he was later arrested and pleaded guilty citing his was high on crack and felt remorse. He got some several decades of prison time.

As horrific as that example is, I can't think of any other instance. Although K Park is just south of Harbor Point so if that's what you were thinking maybe calibrate accordingly. Personally, I don't know if any of the Stamford parks are large enough to recommend a proper run. You could run around Shippan. The neighborhood is nice and there's an active police presence there.


meowneow111 t1_je3i2pz wrote

You could try the Babcock Preserve in Greenwich for a walk/hike during the day.


PikaChooChee t1_je9q7ps wrote

Stamford is exceedingly safe. But assaults happen everywhere. Listen to your gut, bring your phone with you, and consider carrying pepper spray. I bought a small canister on a Velcro strap that goes around my wrist from Amazon.


Fresh_Current t1_je56lka wrote

This is a bit of a drive but the new cuomo bridge is 4 miles one way. It’s around 20-25 min drive from Stamford. Very safe


LE_POOR_MERIT t1_je5f3e5 wrote

I thought it would be peaceful, but it isn't at all. I was bummed to discover that the traffic noise was ridiculously loud. The infrastructure is great, but the noise is unrelenting.


Fresh_Current t1_je5faq8 wrote

Wasn’t too bad IMO. Also, OP is looking for a place to long distance run. Don’t see them looking for a peaceful run. Just a suggestion!


LE_POOR_MERIT t1_je5g0kg wrote

No, you are right. It IS a safe place to run. I was just silly to not anticipate the noise alongside a major highway.


sadmanwun t1_jeazfgc wrote

Stamford high after school hours


mmblondie16 t1_je37vpo wrote

Maybe go to a track?


Careless_Whisper10 OP t1_je3ayjl wrote

That’s what I mean lol Do you know of a public track? I was looking to see if anyone knew of places I could run so I don’t have to be on a treadmill all the time.


mmblondie16 t1_je3bfhp wrote

I though schools were public? I could deff be wrong tho! Obvi I’d assume you can’t use them during school hours or during sports practice times. Might be good for summer runs. Have you tried searching running trails in the area on Google? Maybe try that and then drive around to a few to gauge how safe you’d feel


Careless_Whisper10 OP t1_je3c1g0 wrote

Idk I know the public high school I went to (albeit in PA) locked the track, here might be different!


mellamandiablo t1_je3f2ug wrote

Stamford High and Westhill have no lights after sunset but they rarely lock the track. You can’t go on the track during school hours but it’s open the rest of the time. Scalzi and Cove are other options.

Stamford is relatively safe. I’ve seen people run all hours of the day. There’s also a running group that I’ve seen as well.


fratttoui t1_je4nqvc wrote

The track at Rippowam is usually open/accessible too. I don’t think they turn the lights on tho unless someone rents the field for soccer after hours. I’ve been going there for years, it’s where I learned to ride a bike as a kid over summers.


LiamBrad5 t1_jee66n5 wrote

Shippan is a safe and mostly quiet area


Far_Boss8358 t1_jeez8f8 wrote

Darien High School has a nice trail around the school and also a track


Shortchange96 t1_je3cm35 wrote


CiforDayZServer t1_je7z1tl wrote

Literally one incident in 2015 with this specifically stated in your link:

Few if any assaults, sexual or otherwise, occur there. Hohn said he could not remember the last time someone reported being sexually assaulted by a stranger in the park.


Shortchange96 t1_je80k1c wrote

pardon me for giving advice on where not to get raped while running