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Too many. That’s the post, just too many smoke shops in downtown Stamford. Who’s keeping the lights on? There’s like 1 shop for every 12 people



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ruthless_apricot t1_islc3xu wrote

Maybe they are opening now so they can transition to dispensaries later when the law changes? Demand will be huge soon


stuffseaker OP t1_ismp45x wrote

That’s an excellent point. There’s one thats already a head of curve I’m sure others are as well. Damn I missed out!


-soof t1_iskth31 wrote

the one next to target is such an eyesore with these bright ass RGB lights. If I was a kid I’d want to go in there.


cocoabutter456 t1_isxngpa wrote

You know, I'm stuck at that light right next to the shop almost every day and I always look in the window. I have never once seen anyone other than the person working there inside the shop.

Very (VERY) curious what they're doing to keep the lights on. Would love to see their books.


DLFiii t1_islc2rh wrote

In NYC at least, a lot of them are front businesses for other things — often times illegal gambling in the back. A former colleague of mine spent a lot of time and money playing cards and stuff in the back rooms of those places.


stuffseaker OP t1_ismpld6 wrote

Yes and as an NY native id love for some action up here, Stamford needs some, but i think a new bar would always be better


bluejams t1_iso44b7 wrote

there was at least one club around before Covid. They Used to play across from hope pizza and then moved to route 1 above an autobody shop. Check Meetup.


cocoabutter456 t1_isxnore wrote

I'm a transplant from Brooklyn - pretty much every one of them was selling weed and/or had some sort of sports betting schema going.

If you're looking for a deep-dive, this is place was directly next to the Graham Ave. stop in Williamsburg.


Pinkumb t1_isk7b26 wrote

I just noticed a new one opened on Summer Street by the Stop and Shop shopping plaza and another one opened on Broad Street x Summer Street within ~a month or so. There's already ANOTHER smoke shop on Atlantic Street maybe 2 blocks from the new one on Broad.

It's annoying, but those new locations were previously vacant for 3+ years. Not sure if it's a smoke shop problem or a general small business problem.


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DLFiii t1_islbuw1 wrote

Personally I’d much rather have a nice bar than a smoke shop.


LurkerNewb t1_isnsgtb wrote

I assumed they were hoping to change to dispensaries as well but at this point there’s so many there’s no way they all can