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-soof t1_ixe8afm wrote

-downtown stamford needs a grocery store within walking distance. If I don’t want to go to target I have to get in my car.

-cheap food

-indoor live music venue or comedy club


Pinkumb t1_ixer4zk wrote

The old Plan B Burger spot is supposed to be a comedy club. Haven't heard when it's opening but I'm hopeful.


Athrynne t1_ixfa1ph wrote

There's a comedy club opening in the old Plan B space next to the mall!


Pinkumb t1_ixe52xb wrote

  • A bar that plays music 50% quieter than all the other ones.
  • A bar that plays music released after 2010.
  • A board game store/gathering spot. I'd take a Battlegrounds Gaming like in Norwalk or if someone could manage what Board Room does in DC that'd be fantastic. Board Room is especially great because they just sell alcohol. You can order food to the venue and they don't care. Probably cheaper for the venue not to worry about overheard on spoiled food and works for guests too. They can also do cheaper drinks because they can safely assume people will be there for 2-3 hours.
  • More places like Third Place that orient their business around small-scale event space. It provides an opportunity for lesser-established arts/organizations to do something cool locally and it has the added benefit of providing a lot of seating if you want to meet friends somewhere.
  • An Alamo Drafthouse. The Majestic was sold to AMC during the pandemic, which is a shame because that would've been an excellent spot for an Alamo (not that they're expanding or anything). Every time I go to that theater there's some high school kids talking through the entire movie. That's why I drive to Yonkers to see movies.
  • A grocery store downtown (but north of I-95). Hopefully in that retail space at the Smyth?
  • A diner that's open 24 hours. I think we lost all of them after Bulls Head closed?

That's off the top of my head. I don't think I'm representative of the typical Stamford person but that'd be my requests.


ruthless_apricot t1_ixecz7r wrote

Excellent suggestions. A nice grocery store downtown is what I want most! Something like an Amazon Fresh would do so well here with the young professionals (like me).


fu_aurora t1_ixeefdj wrote

Would love one of those big Asian supermarkets.


ohnogirlbye t1_ixf7t5s wrote

Not big but Maruichi has an okay selection! Lots of yummy prepared foods too


Sparker355 t1_ixfpki9 wrote

It’s a really decent option and small is efficient…..


fu_aurora t1_ixtk5nm wrote

I shop at Maruichi too, but I'm referring to places like 99 Ranch or even like an H-Mart.


amtoastintolerant t1_ixefpyt wrote

I've always maintained that a record store could do really well in downtown. You don't need a big physical footprint, there's a good amount of discretionary money flying around town, and you'd have a sizeable market with all the UConn kids, young adults in downtown and harbor point, and teens. Of course you could also make one geared more towards older adults too.

Nearest one I know of is in Darien, but the nearest places I could vouch for would either be in Danbury, Bethel, or NYC.


Pinkumb t1_ixera10 wrote

Smart suggestion. Like you said, there's people willing to spend money on knick knacks, so a record store that sold players and a mix of old and new vinyls would be popular enough — at least for a few years.


takethecann0lis t1_ixgh10j wrote

A Brooklyn style bodega sandwich shop that also has a great grocery and veggie stand.

Also a jazz club with good cocktails that isn’t overrun by college kids and underaged high school students from westchester.


CognizantCravat t1_ixf4587 wrote

• HMart

• Axe throwing

• A board game place like the Board Room or a local game store like Battlegrounds, as someone mentioned

• One of those wine+painting places seems like it would do very well here

• More places like the Third Place as well

(Pardon mobile formatting)


Athrynne t1_ixfcbyc wrote

There's a wine + painting place down next to Fortina - Pinot's Palette!


Bklyn78 t1_ixhg6br wrote

There are a lot of people in the Stamford area that play tabletop board games. Would be nice to see a shop open around Stamford


zephnotstoned1 t1_ixg73q0 wrote

A speakeasy bar with good drinks that is open late.


smollbird221 t1_ixh31j7 wrote

Any small boutiques/businesses. I've noticed that Norwalk has SO many more small businesses.

I'd love to shop small for the holidays but I'm not really sure where to go in Stamford!


wbemus t1_ixgc506 wrote

Gay bar. Change my mind.


ChocolateBeneficial8 t1_ixfclg5 wrote

A piano bar - would fit perfectly where world of beer used to be


CocoMilk410 t1_ixfu1rv wrote

I reached out to rent that space and open a bar. They wanted over 19k a month for a space that hasn’t even cleaned since world of beer left


bluejams t1_ixiakyn wrote

Nothing against Curley' s, but Downtown really needs cheap quick late night eats. A pizza slice place, dumplings, something!


InvestmentThat3924 t1_ixg34uk wrote

Better workout studios more centrally located downtown / we don’t have any Pilates!


Itsmoney05 t1_ixgss6g wrote

I heard that a huge gym is going to occupy the second floor of the new apartment building behind st John's church, and will be open to the public for memebership.


Screenthesmoke t1_ixfzvaq wrote

A comic book store!


iknowivegotlooseends t1_ixi90gx wrote

Isn’t there one near the ihop?


learner77 t1_ixjiiaa wrote

pretty sure that one went out of business a few years ago


jennner1026 t1_ixhf0nf wrote

A classy neighborhood bar geared towards bringing in people in their 30s, 40s, 50s. Every bar here I’ve found has people in their 20s all night.


LiamBrad5 t1_ixiba33 wrote

Chinese/Asian bakery. Maruichi and Shiro are both great but I would really love to be able to get egg tarts, pineapple bread, sweetheart cakes etc without going into the city


antiqueboi t1_ixj8gxp wrote

a high end italian restaurant that serves overpriced mediocre food, then goes bankrupt and gets replaced by new restaurants that all go out of business, and all serve overpriced mediocre food.


PatriotsSuck12 t1_ixfqskn wrote

Word is we are finally getting a Panera on High Ridge Road where the GymSource/Sierra Grill used to be and Frank Pepe is out.

Here's a wish list:

  • An actual deli that's open after 3PM that's not Subway
  • Mongolian BBQ Stir Fry.
  • A Great Cuban Sandwich spot.
  • Raising Cains Chicken Fingers
  • Stickey Fingers BBQ
  • Nashville Hot Chicken
  • Del Taco or Jack in the Box or Carls Jr
  • Fat Tuesday's
  • Smashburger
  • Waffle House
  • Wingstop because Buffalo Wild Wings is just nasty.

mrek212 t1_ixekfjq wrote

TJ Max