Submitted by NameRevolutionary151 t3_109ldq5 in StamfordCT

hi guys, I just want your opinion on whether Stamford is safe, mostly Glenbrook (near Stamford high school and the CVS). As a whole city(all of stamford), is it safe to walk at night(east side). Have you guys gotten mugged or robbed or held up! Thanks



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Dutchboy347 t1_j3z8j1f wrote

It's pretty safe if you stay away from the Canadian geese. They tend to be trouble when they're in groups of 5's for some weird reason.


Pinkumb t1_j3zitww wrote

Statistically Stamford is the safest city in the northeast measured by violent crime per capita for communities with 100,000 or more residents. So yes, it's very safe.

There are "worse areas" but it's really not an issue. Any violent crime in Stamford is from two people who know each other. Not hold ups.


careTree t1_j405860 wrote

Damn reading that had me feeling cozy for some reason. Man I love my city.


Slowhammer45938 t1_j40w958 wrote

In those “worse areas”, is Stamford still safe?


Pinkumb t1_j410ptt wrote

Compared to other cities yeah. Those areas are the west side, south end, and east side. Which isn't to say it's the entirety of the east, west, and south of Stamford. There are just areas that haven't gotten investment in decades so they look rundown. My definition of safe is to express you won't have a confrontation if you're in the area. I don't think these areas are great for taking a family stroll, but even with that caveat there's always some park you can walk to that's ideal for that.

For context I've lived in other cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles and I've visited cities like DC, Baltimore, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, New Mexico, and some other places up north. There are definitely places I remember feeling scared for my life and Stamford doesn't come anywhere close to that.


Jets237 t1_j3z3nxz wrote

Been here 5 years, car broken into once. No other issues at all…

For a city that’s pretty damn safe imo


careTree t1_j4052hf wrote

Cove recently has a of attempted car theft and break ins. It's not a common thing however. It's usually teens just fucking around. Most people have security cameras.


NoraClavicle t1_j3znc49 wrote

I regularly walk from downtown to Glenbrook after 8 pm and haven’t had any problems other than cars not checking for pedestrians.


jburd86 t1_j47c2hp wrote

The least safe part of Stamford might be the drivers on their roads.


Hairy_Weight_3922 t1_j3z1snp wrote

Been here almost a year and never had any trouble. Cops are always on patrol and I see them alot. Feels safe to me.


Massive_Wash_9528 t1_j3z6940 wrote

Most definitely. Never had an issues in years and always feel safe even late at night


Proper-Importance-92 t1_j3zy4z4 wrote

Stamford is pretty safe, especially glenbrook/Springdale area. Certain areas in the east side are iffy at night but that’s rare


peteoneillbassnyc t1_j3z949g wrote

Came from NYC. I love the Stamford police.

Seems like there are some shitty neighborhoods in town but pretty easy to avoid trouble.


andbuks t1_j3zmvvh wrote

One of the safest in the United States accordinto to a local police officer I asked before moving here


PatriotsSuck12 t1_j3zcjup wrote

Stamford has stayed fairly safe the past few years with the exception of certain streets on the East Side (Route 1 east of Mill River Park) and West Side (across from McDonalds Exit 9). Crimes in Stamford appears to be as others have said angry drivers and angry drunks leaving the bars on Bedford doing stupid shit, etc.

Nights during Spring, Summer and Fall are relatively safe in the Stamford, Greenwich, Darien area and there's often people out and about downtown, at Cove Island, HarborPoint, etc. Glenbrook at night?? Are you planning to hang at Donut Delight or the 24 hour laundromat? You should be fine but being vigilant about your surroundings at anytime is always a smart call.


Mixie_33 t1_j3zlwt3 wrote

Exit 9 is on the east side and east of mill river park is downtown. With that being said, not sure where you are trying to say is unsafe. Both of the areas are very safe.


DogeFancy t1_j3zpn00 wrote

I think they mean south and west of mill river.


PatriotsSuck12 t1_j3zrbm0 wrote

Yes Exit 9 is East Side, I meant West of Mill River Park up the hill towards the hospital. I need a compass.


newxdress t1_j3znkop wrote

I lived in Stamford for 1 year and never felt unsafe.


Athrynne t1_j3zo0o2 wrote

Lived here since 2016, never had an issue.


DLFiii t1_j40n1al wrote

I guess it’s relative depending on where you’re coming from. Stamford is a utopia if you’re coming from NYC as far as crime and cleanliness. It feels extremely safe and police seem to be omnipresent always looking out.


mr_sir t1_j41p444 wrote

Overall Stamford is safer than NYC but some areas would feel less safe in comparison to Greenwich or Darien. In Glenbrook I would say that it is generally considered a safe area.


takethecann0lis t1_j424z4v wrote

I find stamford to be unpredictable. When I lived in Brooklyn it was fairly easy to identify danger and avoid it. Stamford seems to be more spontaneously volatile. For instance, in NYC you can usually sense if someone down the block is going to be aggressive. I’ve found it difficult to get a read on people in that manner here and have had people shout and lunge at me in threatening ways with far greater frequency. My experience with this is usually near the new WWE building walking to and from the train after 10pm.


Jimalo69 t1_j42hxhz wrote

Been here since 97 and never felt unsafe


killjobs t1_j430p52 wrote

16 years here and never felt unsafe. I run an cycle all over the city but especially in Cove and Eastside. Working class in that neck of the woods but absolutely safe.


Greg_Pim t1_j42s15c wrote

I work at LA Fitness in Stamford. Lots of hit and runs. We had a lady get assaulted outside our gym once before as she left the gym. A couple got killed from a drunk driver that was also a member of our club. I don’t hear of too many shootings and break ins. No gang activity that I’m aware of. I see many people waking the city even at night.


heutral t1_j4j75rc wrote

stamford is safe compared to nyc and got a lot safer/more gentrified post covid. most gang activity is on the east side west side south end and cove. anywhere heavily retail is bound to get dicey at times. there have been some drug busts in the Glenbrook area and I think three people odeed in a house on Scofield ave in the fall. but there was also a drug bust this time last year on high ridge by the merit, which is sparse suburban mostly middle upper middle class. point being 99% of people in stamford, including glenbrook, are regular working and middle class people, but as a result of a high population density, one of your many many neighbors is bound to be up 2 something sticky. the most trouble you're going to find in the area you described are high schoolers selling carts or vandalizing something or something.


ZwischenzugZugzwang t1_j4rqwd2 wrote

Very safe especially in the Glenbrook area (I lived on Glenbrook rd for two years, now I'm closer to turn of river though)


victorialucyt t1_j64fiu6 wrote

Lived in Stamford for like 17 years. I use to live right next to Stamford high and I’m in Springdale now. Never had an issue. However you’re close to Hope St and the only thing I would say is there are a lot of car accidents on that street. With crime nothing really violently. If you’re going Downtown Stamford (like Bedford st) is typically safe during the day, but can get a little aggressive during the night time. That’s where all the bars are though. Be more cautious driving/walking by Bedford Street, Hope Street, Summer Street , Washington Boulevard and Bedford Street be because people speed around there alot drive recklessly. When it comes to violent crimes it doesn’t really happen. Especially around Glenbrook, Springdale, Newfield area.