Submitted by yelllaH t3_10bbh9d in StamfordCT

I received so many great suggestions for local dentists, so I’m casting another line. I’m turning 26 in February (and I’m living with my 26 y/o boyfriend as well), and we’re looking for the best nightlife bars for people in their mid to late twenties. I have zero friends here, so I’m up for any & everything! Thank you in advance guys ❤️



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Lobster_Pristine t1_j49eejl wrote

Bradfords, tigin, Hudson social - you can just bounce around on the Bedford strip!


CHRGON_FEF_NYC t1_j49jyec wrote

My fiancé and I did this a few weeks ago- have an Uber drop you off at one end and you’ve got tons of places you can pop into! Most have pretty solid food too. Enjoy!


yelllaH OP t1_j49oyt5 wrote

Bedford St seems like the place to be! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


yelllaH OP t1_j49ox60 wrote

At Hudson social now - this place is great! Thanks so much


Jets237 t1_j49v32a wrote

If youre feeling a bit… rough tomorrow, their breakfast pizza is really good. (From someone in their late 30s who is more into the brunch scene than the late night bar scene)


yelllaH OP t1_j49x7vp wrote

Also incredibly helpful 🫶🏻 Thank you!


yelllaH OP t1_j49eptg wrote

Thank you for your service 🫡🫡


Pinkumb t1_j4bksfp wrote

The challenge with Stamford's nightlife is you basically have the same bar 5 times. If you like that thing then you can bounce around 5 places and have a decent enough time between Bradford's, Bedford Hall, Towne Parlor, Hudson Social, and Tigin's but they're all a similar vibe with arbitrary crowd distinctions. Towne Parlor is younger because it used to be Brother Jimmys and people under 21 were there all the time (same with Brickhouse) whereas Hudson Social is an older crowd. All of them have the same drinks, same prices, and same music.

Personally, if I want to go out with my friends I go to Murphy's on Franklin. It's more of a neighborhood pub and the two bartenders are the sons of the owners. It's a small venue and not a dance location, but you can have some drinks and talk to your friends and maybe chat with some strangers. Tiernan's is kind of ok for that too.

Personally I think they should open a bar called "Introverts" that simply plays the music 50% quieter. I think it'd be a hit.


yelllaH OP t1_j5cmjpk wrote

Thank you! I have never been to Murphy’s, but it sounds like an awesome place. I’ll give it a go 😁 Also, I love the introverts bar idea… I’d go!


PikaChooChee t1_j49evyl wrote

Towne Parlor, per the Gen Zs in my life


yelllaH OP t1_j49f185 wrote

I’ve heard of that!!! May check them out tonight then. Thank you ❤️


freckleface2113 t1_j5k7cqe wrote

I'll go against the grain and say steer clear of Towne Parlor! The food is good for dinner but it's miserable as a bar. The set up isn't conducive to good dancing and the DJs don't typically play bad remixes non-stop.


yelllaH OP t1_j5m5faq wrote

Hahaha oh geez okay, good to know. Thank you very much!!


NickCagedbirdsings t1_j4cq9fl wrote

There's also a new-to-Stamford social group that meets at different bars around town occasionally. They're meeting on the 21st at noon at Half Full


yelllaH OP t1_j5cmlxf wrote

Thanks so much! I joined the group and can’t wait to attend the next 😊😊