Submitted by smollbird221 t3_10dtia0 in StamfordCT

My dog is dog reactive so I'm always looking for good places to take her.

We go to Scalzi park a lot because it's big enough to find our own space and play fetch on a long line, we are also super close. Are there any other parks similar to this? Mill River Park is too small and crowded on nice days especially.

Are there any hiking trails that require leashes? And do people typically respect leash laws on those trails? I worry about off leash dogs rushing us.

Thank you in advance!



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Massive_Wash_9528 t1_j4ntqh7 wrote

Obviously you never know, but I find people on the Bartlett Arboretum trails to be pretty respectful of the leash law. I also think the trails are relatively wide enough that you could keep her away from other dogs relatively easily.


davidg_photography t1_j4oe92c wrote

Every time I go they are unleashed dogs, well behave unleashed dog's but some did not obey there recalled commands


smollbird221 OP t1_j4tf3ah wrote

We've been there a handful of times and we got rushed by off leash dogs. It's so scary, thankfully my fiance was there to pick our 50 lb dog up, but I can't do that if we're rushed by other large dogs.


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Boss_Plastic t1_j4t1jbj wrote

I would stay away from cranbury. The whole park is off leash. Dogs run up all the time.


Jets237 t1_j4taidg wrote

Misread the post - I agree. Deleting


smollbird221 OP t1_j4tf5za wrote

No worries, I figured you had read it wrong initially.

Off leash dogs with no recall knock years off my life lol.


Lorres t1_j4t4jho wrote

Our dog is too. We've been to Mianus River Park and Montgomery Pinetum and most dogs we ran into were off-leash even though it's illegal. And most owners don't even bother recalling their dog. Very frustrating experience. At least Mianus was big enough to be pretty empty when we went except for the area near the parking lot. Montgomery I would not go to again, off-leash dogs around every corner.

We live in Waterside and John J Boccuzzi Park has a big grass area that's empty most of the time. However, if there are people with dogs, they will be off-leash so keep an eye out.


smollbird221 OP t1_j4tez5s wrote

Thank you!

Ugh, that's my biggest fear. I've been wanting to go to Mianus River Park but off leash dogs without recall scare me, I don't know what my dog would do if she got rushed by one.

Thankfully Scalzi is usually great with dogs on leash, I just wish I could take her to some other new places. Cummings Park is really big too, it's just a little further from us.