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Shortchange96 t1_j5wwhv0 wrote

Greenwich because it’s closest. I’d live in Byraq


Bklyn78 t1_j5ydj85 wrote

Ok. I’m going to bite.

I’m fairly new to Stamford, and never heard that term.

What is it ? 😁


FrozenGushers t1_j5ye1vo wrote

They’re talking about Byram. We used to call it that growing up, and I’m from Riverside. Born in 92


Shortchange96 t1_j5ydxnj wrote

It’s what a friend of mine who is from the Byram part of Greenwich calls Byram. Also the closest Connecticut neighborhood to Jersey City


loeborg t1_j5ysgvl wrote

I don’t know how much truth there is to it but Native Americans went to buy rum. That’s what I’ve always heard.


rogerworkman623 t1_j613xhe wrote

I looked this up and you’re pretty much right. The area is named after the river, but the river was changed from the Armonck River to the Byram River because Native American fur traders would approach merchants on the river with the phrase “buy rum”. Source: the county archives, according to this article


Jets237 t1_j5y4etl wrote

I’m in Stamford and have turned down a few jobs in jersey- no thanks. From here if you fully avoid rush hour jersey city is around 1h 15min. But in rush hour likely closer to 2h


teknic111 t1_j5yzahn wrote

Agreed, I wouldn't go any further south than White Planes.


victorialucyt t1_j5wwlzd wrote

Places closer to nyc. So Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Darien


Massive_Wash_9528 t1_j5wyg9o wrote

Driving to JC everyday? Honestly none… but yeah maybe Greenwich as it’s technically closest.


JohnnieClutch t1_j5ycc5j wrote

Any town where you can afford a helicopter to commute each day


loeborg t1_j5yy34l wrote

Sounds like a Greenwich comment. Don’t bash me. Just making fun of this faux reality.


loeborg t1_j5yyipd wrote

I drove to high school with kids who had 50$k cars. I grew up in communist Poland


bluejams t1_j5ylnoa wrote

do not do this. In the middle of the night when there is no construction, it's almost a defensible commute, even with the tolls. But during the day? no fucking way.


HortemusSupreme t1_j5yg88t wrote

I moved from JC and have done the Stamford JC drive a couple of times. It’s awful.


bombbad15 t1_j5ws2zc wrote

My guess would be the closer the better which may depend on your budget.


loeborg t1_j5ys2uu wrote

Where have I been. Never heard this. It’s fantastic for us Byram folks


loeborg t1_j5z54rf wrote

I’m not sure I understand. I’m not being argumentative at all. Explain, please


Dutchboy347 t1_j5xtcsp wrote

Bridgeport would be the safest bet.