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alabasterwilliams t1_j6qpcvx wrote

Science be cray!

This reminds me of NileRed, and all of his badassery.


InfernalGout t1_j6qpnym wrote

Is there anything these mushrooms can't do?!?!?


0ush1 t1_j6rould wrote

This is so insane, wonder if they’re planning to spread the fungus all around to like large landfills or if it only works in controlled enviorments where they harvest the ingredients. Would be so cool if this could make a difference quickly.


8urnMeTwice t1_j6rvf1q wrote

As the lead scientist noted in the article, 99% of genomes are "turned off" and there is so much more to discover now that we understand how to turn them on .

We really are just in the first innings of breakthrough discoveries that I believe will benefit all humanity


Windyandbreezy t1_j6u1vc7 wrote

I've played this game... also I think there's a show on HBO right now about it


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