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idontneedfame t1_j6wng74 wrote

well, if you have a "loan on renewables", you won't be paying money towards electricity production so you could use the money you saved to pay off your bank.

Neglectable in this case means that your long-term cost of conventional energy consumption is (very roughly) the same (give or take a few hundred over your lifetime, there are calulators online) as the cost of installing your own pv system.

if you want go to all the way and calculate the total economic value (think energy independency, avoided CO2 emissions, cleaner air, a future for your kids etc) producing your own power will be a lot cheaper.


imhere4themcomments t1_j6woehz wrote

You’ll just be in debt your whole life often giving your home as collateral so you’ll be unable to move or pay for kids college or other necessities but I get what you’re saying. If you’re willing to go into debt and sacrifice other things for it (and you’re fortunate enough to get approved for a loan) then sure.


idontneedfame t1_j6wv8iu wrote

you're right, this is obviously only something for people privileged enough to have their own house, good credit etc.