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humdinger44 t1_j6sg9b5 wrote

> Here are just a few of his accolades:

>*Master’s degree in nuclear engineering

>*U.S. Air Force engineer who worked on the B-2 ​“stealth” bomber program

>*NASA systems engineer for both the Galileo mission to Jupiter and the Cassini mission to Saturn

>*Inventor of the Super Soaker water gun

>*Inventor of the Nerf N-Strike dart gun

>*National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee


captainquirk OP t1_j6sh4t4 wrote

Such an impressive guy!


senorali t1_j6u9cr3 wrote

Wait, he did the N-Strike line too? I knew about Super Soaker, didn't know about the dart blasters. Do you have a link to that?

Edit: So after some reading, it looks like that's not exactly the case. He created the pressurized air blasters (which are basically just the Super Soakers, but shooting darts), but that wasn't N-Strike.

Still, his contributions were priceless and he ended up winning a lawsuit against Hasbro for underpaid royalties. Anyone who gives Hasbro a good kick in the dick is okay in my book.


SqueakSquawk4 t1_j6tgvvx wrote

Why is stealth in ""?


GalegoBaiano t1_j6tp4ow wrote

The official name is not Stealth Bomber, it's just B-2. But everyone knows it as the Stealth Bomber


Enlightened-Beaver t1_j6ta85h wrote

A Super soaker was recommended to me by pest control to keep raccoons out of my yard as a non-lethal, non-harmful deterrent (capsicum did literally nothing). And guess what, super soakers totally worked!


Big_Subject_1746 t1_j6tkg2t wrote

My old college house we used to shoot paintballs at them. It took awhile but they learned. It was hilarious cause every once in awhile youd seee one with some paint on it! We had different colors so we knew who hit the racoon. We eventually made the landlord get a better dumbster. It was just to accessable to critters. The key was to get the neighbors to call. They liked us cause we kept the place nice unlike previous tenants. Shoveled driveways and what not. Kill 'em kindness hahahaha!!!


IAmTheClayman t1_j6tc8om wrote

Slightly disappointed his solution to global warming isn’t just a giant super soaker


captainquirk OP t1_j6tgija wrote

There have been crazier bringing back the mammoth to solve climate change:


SqueakSquawk4 t1_j6tkn6h wrote

A slightly less crazy version in Whales. Whales eat krill, who eat planton, who eat co2. When wales die, they normally sink. Carbon stays at the seabed until it ends up in a volcano. I think the numbers say that restoring wales to pre-whaling would offset greeland and fiji completely.


alabasterwilliams t1_j6ub4c6 wrote

But…we like Greenland and Fiji.

Murder the whales, save Greenland and Fiji!


casperslakes t1_j6td5e1 wrote

I think he's still active on reddit! u/Iinex


X-Arkturis-X t1_j6tdhrh wrote

Sadly he hasn’t been active on here for about 3 years.


casperslakes t1_j6uk14s wrote

On one hand that's unfortunate, on the other hand I wouldn't want to be active here either


straightouttasuburb t1_j6t7gu6 wrote

I just saw the episode of The Toys that Made Us that featured him… pretty cool guy…


SafeToPost t1_j6vkbsl wrote

It’s motherfuckers like this who deserve to be billionaires and who should be elected to the highest offices of our land, but never will be because they are too decent. Our society is so fucked.


MrBarraclough t1_j6ur8sq wrote

And a celebrated native of Mobile, Alabama!


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