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420caveman t1_j716qij wrote

I wonder if we will end up with MDMA telehealth clinics like the medical cannabis clinics we already have.


DeusSpaghetti t1_j71kjjb wrote

Unlikely in this case. The MDMA is being used to improve CBT therapy for PTSD and is only inpatient.


blauwkoekje t1_j71yw68 wrote

CBT therapy you say?


DeadDove_donotupvote t1_j720kxl wrote

Unfortunately, there are only so many acronyms. As someone who has done CBT and is into CBT it can be a little confusing


Sirusi t1_j721lso wrote

There should be a sub for guessing which CBT is being referred to in a comment or out of context.


Glowshroom t1_j72jdh8 wrote

I volunteer to be that sub


Moderated t1_j72rg41 wrote

The T in one CBT stands for therapy while in the other it stands for torture.

As he said CBT therapy, clearly he must mean cock and ball torture therapy.


curiousdan t1_j731b6m wrote



Separate_Dust_2951 t1_j72zdwj wrote

Screams positive news for companies like NUMI th at have been working towards this and training therapists


humptydumpty369 t1_j720gaw wrote

I would like to know why we aren't seeing legal challenges in the US to have substances rescheduled. I mean obviously they have medicinal and therapeutic value so how can the Federal government claim they don't?


Madstealth t1_j722twv wrote

Our Government is filled with a bunch of old dick heads that only care about filling their own pockets that's why


A-Better-Craft t1_j724g4a wrote

Yep, between big pharma and private jails/prisons, they want to maintain the status quo.


hypnogoad t1_j725k03 wrote

Big pharma is just making sure they have a saleable product before they bribe the proper officials to legalize it. Pfizer (among others) is investing quite a bit into research right now.


[deleted] t1_j72wfuc wrote



hypnogoad t1_j732uvv wrote

Uh yeah, so it's currently trying to get phase III trial approval. That is not legalization, that is a stepping stone to legalization. It is not currently a saleable product, and not currently legal for anyone except those in the trial. Big pharma IS investing into it, obviously.

You seem unreasonably angry, maybe you should take some legal MDMA... oh wait, you can't.


TheLyz t1_j72iq0d wrote

Yeah until the tobacco industry has enough of a hold on the market to profit then there will be a quick switch.


CryCommon975 t1_j72ifvx wrote

Magic mushrooms are legal to grow in Colorado! We voted for it in the November election and doing my first harvest later today 😀 I only microdose (and truthfully don't enjoy using recreationally) and it's pretty fucking cool to be able to legally grow my own medication and that is exactly what it is- a life saving medication for so many people that might not even look sick on the outside.


GrandmasTableMints t1_j72ni84 wrote

My 70 year old retired cop parent is about to start growing shrooms and I absolutely love it!


ndngroomer t1_j755eji wrote

How was your harvest today? What is the experience like for the person who does mushrooms? I've never tried mushrooms but I've always been very curious about them and have wanted too. I honestly don't know how to find anyone near me who can get them to try it.


Midwest-life-3389 t1_j8daezj wrote

Take a trip out to CA if you can afford it.. Or OR pretty sure they sell the chocolate bars legally now..


D1sCoL3moNaD3 t1_j755anr wrote

Seriously, this has been such a better alternative for me and absolutely enjoy it.


Lisa8472 t1_j728qbk wrote

There are US medical trials for mdma and psilocybin happening, and ketamine is FDA approved. It’s not just in other countries. But then, marijuana passed medical trials decades ago, and that never changed anything. They don’t care if it’s proven useful.


ndngroomer t1_j755591 wrote

I had a major complex fracture on my left ankle back in March 2020. They gave me ketamine before they test my ankle. I still long for another hour of ketamine to this day and often think about the meaning of what I experienced back then. It was absolutely amazing.

Before it was given it to me the doctor kinda chuckled to himself and said to me... "Get ready you're really going to enjoy this"... And wow that was an understatement. Much to my dismay and angst, I was denied my repeated request for another dose, lol. It was most definitely an amazing experience that I'm still trying to figure out the message I received.


TheRealMicrowaveSafe t1_j7262br wrote

Because big pharma will have an impossible time maintaining a monopoly on the production of these substances. They're already produced illegally, imagine the set ups that normal chemists and mushroom growers could achieve if they didn't have to worry about the DEA. Competition is bad for business, so they have a vested interest in lobbying to keep it illegal.

Just in general, if you ever wonder why the US does something the way it does, the answer is money.


Ebowmango t1_j72cfxu wrote

Huh. It’s almost like a system built on winner-take-all greed might prioritize profits over people whenever possible.


Sakashar t1_j72ouxy wrote

There's also no way a company will be able to patent the substance or its synthesis (barring sudden new techniques), seeing as they have been known since the 70s. This again leads to more competition


[deleted] t1_j72wn42 wrote



TheRealMicrowaveSafe t1_j732ilk wrote

Regale us with your wisdom then, oh Typing One. Cause if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong, but I'ma need a lil more of a counter argument than "Nuh uhhhh! Shut up!"


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TheRealMicrowaveSafe t1_j73ipns wrote

That just adds to the question of "why are these drugs still scheduled the way they are?"


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humptydumpty369 t1_j730s1t wrote

What are the reasons then that the government and hasn't bothered to reschedule these plasnt and substances? The evidence is already overwhelming for cannabis yet zero changes have been made to federal policy.


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humptydumpty369 t1_j742n48 wrote

Been waiting for 3 years for cbd to be reviewed. Wonder how long a review of thc cannabis would take?


420caveman t1_j74oh4v wrote

I have far more trust for the US FDA than I do the Australian TGA.


DukeVerde t1_j72kc5d wrote

You know technology has evolved when you can get MDMA through the receiver.


andreibrcg t1_j73425i wrote

There are certain electronic music songs that raise my BPM and almost make me want to take a shit


Blue_Pine_Lodge t1_j715awa wrote

Fantastic news.


SparkleFritz t1_j71uet9 wrote

Story time about how MDMA helped me.

Years ago we moved into our new house that we had bought from previous smokers. We loved everything about the house. It has the right space, the perfect kitchen, cozy family room, a huge bedroom, two fully furnished bathrooms, and a bonus room. But they smoked in it. We had to replace carpet, professionally clean every every surface, repaint walls, change out windows and mirrors. It still smelled like thick smoke. We smelled like smokers. And I used to smoke way back in the day, and this was worse. On top of this they didn't take the best care of the house so thinks immediately started breaking after we moved in. Our dream home turned into a nightmare. I remember crying on the phone to friends because I couldn't stand being in my house. One of my friends gave me one pill of MDMA. Of course this was higher of a dose than what would be used medically, but it was only one dose. She told me to take it on a Saturday, drink some orange juice throughout the day and just relax. I'd never done it before so I was nervous as hell but I did it.

Fixed. My worldview of my house was completely revamped. Somehow in that day I fell in love with my house the way it was. The smoke smell was still there but I was able to look past it. I can't really explain it but I just felt so in tune with my house. The kicker was that after it ended, for the next few weeks, I still felt the same. The smoke smell didn't bother me as much, I found fun in fixing all the little broken things. I have no idea how any of that works, but it seriously helped me. Haven't done it since, haven't needed to and it's not my thing. But I'm sure a smaller dose provided medically would do the same thing and I'm glad to hear that this is happening.


GoodTravolta t1_j71z86x wrote

I'm not an expert but basically these types of drugs makes your brain a lot more malleable plus they make you happy. The combo of both effects means that all the good experiences you have while high becomes part of you, just like some old happy memories of your childhood. It also helped me a lot in my life, especially socially. I needed drugs at first to feel comfortable going out but now I have so many happy and relaxed memories of going out with friends under the influence of mdma that I don't need drugs anymore to feel the same way. And I heard the same type of stories from many friends. I'm hopeful for the future of mental healthcare with all these news.


MaskedRay t1_j72u86c wrote



yannifromtheblock t1_j71znng wrote

Eventually, surely, you'll come to dislike the lingering presence of former smokers again. But... This is the kind of thing MDMA can do. Controlled, of course, but it can make this kind of difference in someone's life.

I for one wish I belonged to the group of people the decision will allow MD treatment for but alas I'm in the category Psyl applies to. I only put it this way because I have experience in the former not the latter but from what I've read, regular Psyl treatment can make depression manageable so I say "yay" &;I'll have to speak to my psych soon.


Throwaway6969456 t1_j71yq8p wrote

Hmmm. Why did you have to take a drug though? Were you already comfortable with being friends with drug users?


Doitlive12345 t1_j71z508 wrote

Despite what the government says, a lot of drugs aren't that bad for you. Relatively speaking that is.


mjrenburg t1_j746lxt wrote

While that is true, there should be harm prevention in place and better education in place. I do some mushrooms, acid and MDMA once maybe every 6 months which is beneficial and taken with caution and knowledge. If you are them all the time you will lose all the benefits from them. I also smoke a little weed but I find when I have possession of too much I will smoke it for the sake of smoking it and it too loses any benefit. Particularly weed I find holds me back from getting in a better life situation due to the contentment to just sweep problems under the rug it gives me.


holler_bitch t1_j725lay wrote

When I took shrooms, the hardest drug I took previously was weed. Treatment for my PTSD has plateaued and I had not recovered to my own satisfaction. I had read some research about how shrooms could be used to treat PTSD, and was desperate since meds and therapy were no longer giving me progress. I started growing them, microsodosing with one macrodose, during COVID furlough. The effects were amazing. They helped me push past some of the roadblocks in my PTSD recovery (the big one being unable to relate and form bonds with others). They really can be used as medicine.


outsideyourbox4once t1_j72amdb wrote

Glad it worked for you! How's the pupils when microdosing?


holler_bitch t1_j73ebfg wrote

They would get bigger but not saucer-like. Definitely bigger on big dose though. I would microdose at work after furlough and if anyone noticed it, they never said anything. I have naturally large pupils anyway though, at least according to the opthalmologist.


Houseplant666 t1_j724w60 wrote

> Were you already comfortable with being friends with drug users?

Why wouldn’t someone be? Drug user =/= life ruining addict.


Zeioth t1_j71rcj5 wrote

Meanwhile in europe we are trying to make cannabis non psicoactive, so it can be used in medicine. Fucking pussies.


Weird_Cantaloupe2757 t1_j720w0p wrote

TBF, that would be a great thing to have as an option. The real shit should obviously still be legal, but it would be nice if people that are using it for pain management or other therapeutic reasons were able to get the full benefit while also keeping a clear head. Or for me, I only like to get high occasionally, as when I do it too often I get panic attacks. If I were injured and needed something for chronic pain management, I would love to have non-psychoactive weed as an option.


ndngroomer t1_j756k0z wrote

I would love to be able to do weed for pain management so much more than opioids. I'm terrified of opioids because I've seen too many people overdose and die on them. Because of that, I find myself in pain most of the time because I don't take the pills. I just don't understand why weed is still illegal.


NotTheAndesMountains t1_j721e2p wrote

There is actually a large amount of research trying to take psychoactive / psychedelic molecules to derive analogues without the mind altering side effects. As some have explained to me, it’s that we aren’t 100% sure if it is chemical alterations or the experiences themselves (probably both) that elicit positive therapeutic benefits, and so a theoretical hierarchy of medical treatment depending on issue would go like 1. Consultation, 2. Prescription of non-psychoactive analogue, 3. Professionally guided treatment with psychoactive drug.

Though with cannabis you wouldn’t need the professional guidance with 3 in any situation, and this is more relative to psychedelics. It’s a really interesting time either way tho


Zeioth t1_j72487d wrote

Better not taking the risk. People might have fun.


nagelbitarn t1_j71si6r wrote

And synthetic marijuana, as long as it doesn't feel good to do it


HumanSeeing t1_j7275sf wrote

Yep, god forbid people feel good or enjoy themselves.


AnarchicMouse t1_j72luqw wrote

The problem is when people quit and they get all sorts of shitty withdrawal symptoms because it is a drug addiction no matter how people wanna phrase it


ChickenFlavoredSocks t1_j72qm4y wrote

That’s only a problem for people who are getting high just about every single day. It’s super easy to use weed on and off without any problems.


gatofleisch t1_j72nsj0 wrote

The second time I took MDMA was one of the most internally healing experiences after dealing with so much trauma and chaos in my upbringing and years of self medicating with alcohol once I was free on my own.

It was like my heart and mind could finally fully align.

If I felt it, my thoughts let me recognize what I felt honestly

If I thought it, I could let myself really feel what those thoughts let me feel.

This might seem like nothing but deep rooting coping mechanisms, arrested development, fears insecurities... All these things that had built up keeping me from me - they were just gone.

Anyway, I always say abstinence only education doesn't work. For sex and drugs.

In the right quality, at the right dose - some drugs are good for you.

Get testing kits, know what a proper dose is, in general and if appropriate for your body weight.

Know when to keep hydrated, know what to do if someone does overdose.

Then your only risks are dated and unjust laws


Various-Program-950 t1_j725ne6 wrote

MDMA-zing news


nxtoth t1_j72el3h wrote

doesn't mdma fry your serotonin generator? chimpanzee study? 10 years later still crappy even after 3 doses 3 months apart?

Edit: source:

Edit2: 2nd source:


crisse-tabarnak t1_j72uwev wrote

injected 5 mg/kg twice daily ... that's kinda fucking insane dosage

also that study was retracted because they mixed up their vials ... what the actual fuck

author may have been politically motivated



Poschta t1_j738xvl wrote

Maybe to give some context, humans should do 1.5mg (male) and 1.3mg (female) per kg and 120mg at MOST with loooong breaks in between trips.


WifoutTeef t1_j72kt6e wrote

No, not if you use it correctly in terms of dose and frequency


NCSU_Trip_Whisperer t1_j72u9ga wrote

It can with frequent abuse, but I'm fairly confident one of those chimp studies was found to be using methamphetamine and not actual mdma


KatiushK t1_j737y50 wrote

The dosage and is absolutely insane lmao


ceruleanmoon7 t1_j738tqb wrote

I don’t trust that study, let’s just say I did a lot back in my day and I’m doing just fine.


bellesavage t1_j71l0g1 wrote

This is excellent news! The studies so far are incredibly promising and with this change there's potential for much bigger studies to identify risks and benefits across a greater cross section of patients. Fantastic decision, hope to see supply and real life implementation arrive quickly from here


ends_abruptl t1_j73jyjk wrote

Fantastic news. My wife and I were given a couple of MDMA pills by a friend as a gift last year. We rented a motel room and and settled in. Neither of us had done anything remotely like this before, so we didn't really know what to expect.

Well, dancing, reliving the greatest music moments of our teen years, pure happiness and calm, and the best sex we had had in years (which has carried on in New and very pleasurable ways).

We went for a walk through town the next morning and I realized a few things. Depression: gone. Social anxiety: gone. Constant alcohol cravings: gone.

Just poof, not there any more. 4 months later still nothing.

I really wish I had done it 20 years ago. My life would have been so much easier.


ndngroomer t1_j7565c5 wrote

That's awesome my friend. I'm so happy for you.


Cadmium_Aloy t1_j729sf7 wrote

I recommend the Netflix docuseries "how to change your life mind" - Michael Pollan explores 4 different psychedelics, their history and uses.

Hamilton's pharmacopeia is really good you (vice docuseries, can be found in Hulu)


celfone t1_j72b7p9 wrote

Lol my dumb brain read the title as "approved for psychedelic use" like yeah, that's the idea...


LackingUtility t1_j7366kx wrote

That said, I’m not sure I want to take psychedelics in a country known for having spiders the size of cars.


akahaus t1_j72mf9a wrote

This is good. The US tends to have a monopoly on research because all the pharmaceutical companies make a killing here, and they won’t research these enough to get insurance to cover them, but psychotropic therapies have so much potential, I hope this helps a lot of people.


KamahlYrgybly t1_j722jsc wrote

This is truly uplifting news. This will revolutionize depression and PTSD treatment in the long term. Way to go, Australia!


TheHemogoblin t1_j73cl80 wrote

Canada is still dragging their feet meanwhile I have a loved one in desperate need for it as an option as nothing else has worked and it's so difficult to watch them suffer. Speed it up, assholes!


TyrelUK t1_j73h5kf wrote

And many other conditions too, it's not limited to those two.


KamahlYrgybly t1_j74p09x wrote

Definitely. Just still missing enough research, but we will get there.


wolfgang784 t1_j72e38k wrote

Anyone know if they have a plan to actually use it though?

Like New Jersey approved marijuana the other year but just the idea of it and had zero start on any rules/laws/regulations for the industry or how to handle who can sell it or background checks and licenses etc - none of that ground work had been started before they legalized the idea.

Is Australia in the same boat, or might they see these drugs available in the near future?


Sakashar t1_j72q4p8 wrote

Article says there are no clear channels to obtain the substances, as everyone is surprised. Also not yet many approved psychiatrists who can prescribe it. But with legalization like this, you invite industry to come up with plans as well


stilusmobilus t1_j75gdu7 wrote

Well the first step is getting TGA approval for use. I guess in time approved substances will be on the market for prescription.

At this point in time, no, there would be no products on the Australian dispensary market available to prescribe.


TyrelUK t1_j73ho6a wrote

It's moving forwards in the UK. There's a fair few psychadelic assisted psychotherapy centres now using a range of different substances. Still early days and sessions are privately funded only but results are looking promising for a new wave of therapies that target the cause rather than the symptoms.


noobiedoobie902 t1_j71qmvz wrote

Guess Im moving there


crossingpins t1_j71uevm wrote

If you're looking to try shrooms you can check out /r/unclebens really great info about how growing mushrooms works and where to get spores


phish_biscuit t1_j72xlp1 wrote

I think shrooms aren't the way to go I remember being told the effect of shrooms depends entirely on your mood and of you're going through some serious shit the trip will be actual hell


damclean37 t1_j73bome wrote

That is the attitude that politicians and lawmakers have had for decades; it can be used incorrectly so ban it.

By legalising it, the dose can be provided in a controlled environment with the correct therapy.


TopofTheTits t1_j73jubf wrote

Eh, kind of. In my experience, you'd have to take a hell of a lot of shrooms to see some crazy shit. Microdosing won't (or shouldn't) make you see anything or have a bad trip at all.


Perryj054 t1_j74rf6h wrote

Mushrooms produce a profound experience and regardless of whether it's pleasant it's beneficial in the long run because it exposes you to parts of yourself that you were trying to ignore. If you've been a full blown alcoholic for a decade and then do a bunch of mushrooms you may have a very uncomfortable experience being forced to face the fact that you are responsible for your own suffering. However that experience may be the end of your alcoholism and you may lead a much more pleasant life afterwards. This actually happens all the time.


FelidOpinari t1_j73zib6 wrote

Set and Setting. ”Set and Setting refer to the internal and external factors that influence your psychedelic experience. “Set” is a reflection of your inner climate—your mood, personality, beliefs, perceptions, and so on. “Setting” refers to all that’s going on outside, such as the people around you and their behaviors, the music playing, the smells and weather in the air, even the cultural forces that aren’t as readily visible.””

If you’re going through a hard time but manage your set and setting mushrooms could be very beneficial.


altcastle t1_j72rz5o wrote

I keep trying to get mushrooms to not give me a bunch of nausea. I’ve tried grinding and then putting them to soak in lemon juice. Maybe I need to try a tea.

I’m not trying to get incredibly high, I just want to want to live since long COVID has kicked my ass.


Enlightened_Ape t1_j73bo19 wrote

Look into using ginger beforehand, or somehow get your hands on ondansetron (Zofran). I use ginger root extract which comes in a dropper bottle (can be found at most health food stores). Works like a charm!


AwzemCoffee t1_j8bzf7f wrote

I had similar issues, grind them as you do. I put the powder in a measuring cup and pour some lemon juice on it (like you do for the lemon-tek). Not to much just enough to lightly saturate the fungal powder.

In about 10 minutes I use a tea kettle to pour water (just below boiling, around 90C) over the mass. About 4 - 6oz of liquid. Stir it, stir again at 10 minutes, and stir one last time at 20. Use a funnel and a cheese cloth folded several times to strain it into a cup of choice. You may have to squeeze the cheese cloth with all the wet fungus in it to get the last of the water out.

You'll have a grayish / yellow horrible tasting tea but the nausea is way less than the lemon-tek and IME just if not more potent. I also recommend some ginger chews that I eat eat a couple of. One before I drink and one during the come-up. Doing it this way has reduced my nausea to almost 0!


Jango214 t1_j7285ty wrote

Serious question, how is MDMA good for you?

Doesn't it give you a downer, or an anxiety or depressive episode later on after use?

And then how can you relax while taking it? Isn't it a party drug where you take it and dance for hours on end? You become active and everything?

And finally, don't you feel more inclined to hug or be with someone, this can be dangerous if you are at a party, no?


fakeplasticcrow t1_j72gcwy wrote

Have you ever used it? I did twice now. Clinical grade. Once was with a large group of people. It was a magical day.

But the most impactful time I did it was in 2020. I laid down at my favorite park, and had a 5 hour meditation with my eyes closed. It was life changing. I had a conversation with my true self and became the person I had wanted to be. My life around me didn't change as I had expected, but my attitude towards it shifted for many months after that experience.

I had no come down or after affects from clinical mdma. At 5 hours in I did get up and dance a bit, but overall I was having the most intense inner experience of my life. Beautiful. Healing. Something I continue to look back on with fondness 3 years later.

In the right setting, clinical grade mdma is something I think everyone with trauma (nearly every human being) should have an opportunity to take in the right setting with the right support. I truly feel that it would help heal the world.


nanoox t1_j739pi6 wrote

What do you mean by "clinical grade"? You mean purchased as a pharmaceutical from a pharmacy?


Jango214 t1_j7cnp05 wrote

I haven't, but my friend has.

They did it at a rave though, and did the street stuff. According to them it was their best experience in life, but then they did it twice in a month, and after that although they have been functioning decently, it has been mostly a spiral of sadness and dissociation from others.


jishhd t1_j72gt9q wrote

If you're curious on how it can be therapeutic, I recommend checking out the work done by MAPS

Quick summary. MDMA originally got popular for use by psychiatrists in the earlier 1900s because of its therapeutic potential. In the therapeutic doses you administer in clinical settings like this Aussie law probably allows, it makes your brain more "plastic" and able to retrain the mind's associations to help recover from traumas like PTSD. Specifically, treatments like these are only shown to be truly helpful when "trip-sitted" by a professional, and sometimes show remarkable, and lasting results after only a few sessions. MDMA does not inherently make you start dancing, but it can allow you to unearth repressed emotions and be able to process them.

Here is the conclusion from the abstract of a Nature paper from 2021:

>MDMA did not induce adverse events of abuse potential, suicidality or QT prolongation. These data indicate that, compared with manualized therapy with inactive placebo, MDMA-assisted therapy is highly efficacious in individuals with severe PTSD, and treatment is safe and well-tolerated, even in those with comorbidities. We conclude that MDMA-assisted therapy represents a potential breakthrough treatment that merits expedited clinical evaluation.


Soylent_Milk2021 t1_j729wku wrote

What confuses me about the validity of using MDMA is the MA part is methamphetamine. I guess tweaking under a psychiatrists guidance makes it therapeutic?


TheBrutalBystander t1_j72btib wrote

Has my brother ever heard of adderal?


Soylent_Milk2021 t1_j72z1kx wrote

Yep. That’s called tweaking under a psychiatrists care. It has therapeutic effects. I fully acknowledge all that. And I’m glad that psychedelics gave finally found their place in therapeutics. Been a long time coming.


Dapper_Face7389 t1_j72d5oa wrote

That’s not how drugs work, for example the active drug in shrooms is 4-ho-dmt yet eating shrooms and smoking dmt are very very different, nobody would compare taking a dose of shrooms under the guidance of a therapist as smoking dmt. The MA part pretty much just means that mdma can be a stimulant, and most stimulants are amphetamines anyway. Mdma is much more like adderal than meth in stimulant intensity, and completely different than adderal in effects due to the MA part


Adolist t1_j72mnaq wrote

Just wait until they figure out chiralism, how chemicals can look exactly the same but be completely different. One killing you, the other giving you health benefits.


pingo5 t1_j73kelg wrote

I like to make the comparison between isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol.

One will get you drunk, and the other will get you in a hospital getting your stomach pumped.


Adolist t1_j72lna3 wrote

Cocaine is still used in the medical industry, as are derivatives/analogs of methamphetamine such as Dexmethylphenidate or Lisdexamfetamine. Just because something is in the name of of it chemically speaking doesn't mean it has the same properties, or similar effects, or is in anyway included as an 'add-on'.

You are confusing 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (C₁₁H₁₅NO₂) with Methamphetamine (C10H15N). Chemically speaking they are comparative but completely different. An orange and an apple are both fruits but they are most definitely NOT the same thing when it comes to dietary impact, fiber, Vitamin C levels, etc.

Your also taking a negative ideology on drug use based on previous experience or teachings and applying it to something you were told was bad and should stay away from. I was told I was perfectly fine just the way I was, turns out that was wrong and parents/teachers didnt want to apply a label to student or child out of fear. As an adult 10 years later I am now prescribed medication similar to MDMA to help my condition, within 4 years Ive tripled my base by while graduating college creating and entirely new life for myself, finding love, getting married, all of this because I'm no longer a shut in with alot of potential but the lack of focus to apply it.

Remove stigmatism, apply science, reduce harm, help others.


CatManDam t1_j72kpb5 wrote

I doubt you'll be able to get it. GPs are pretty useless when it comes to meds. None of them want to prescribe anything, they always go for a holistic approach.


akelew t1_j750nja wrote

Gp's won't be able to dish it out, only psychiatrists with the training.


AlGeee t1_j72vff4 wrote

Have any of you had (es)ketamine for depression?

How is/was it?



edeka3 t1_j730i3b wrote

It worked wonders in the beginning but stopped working after a few months even though I still got it 1-2x a week


AlGeee t1_j731zrm wrote

Oh… Thank you for the reply

Darn reality …

So, do you recommend, or no?


edeka3 t1_j732o2x wrote

If your psychiatrist thinks you're suitable for it you should give it a go.

Might have some annoying side effects and the "trip" can go bad, though. Preparation is key, you have to be comfortable before the actual procedure.

If you need more info, feel free to shoot me a dm


Jpalin6 t1_j72xigj wrote

Road Trip😜


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astrovixen t1_j732jp5 wrote

I am so happy rn. This will change my life.


Admirable-Alarm9156 t1_j739wsa wrote

One large dose of mushies helped my mental health for months


Patriark t1_j73d3mu wrote

Never has the post been a better fit for the subreddit


TopofTheTits t1_j73jc06 wrote

I mean, it's certainly uplifting for Australians that need it. Not so much for me and my depressed, bipolar, ADHD American-ass. I wish I could have some lol.


kardiogramm t1_j73qk3e wrote

Ah hopefully they do the same in the UK for those along with ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression.


DarkMatterBacon t1_j73ye9d wrote

Glowstick are not covered wtf whatever, let's party


honsten t1_j73z50l wrote

Everything gonna look like Bluey.


erockkkk t1_j74hy99 wrote

This is fantastic news!


imperialblitz t1_j74nh69 wrote

I fully support this therapy. All hail happiness


newwerraa t1_j74owx8 wrote

Woo! Go Australia!


Perryj054 t1_j74s33y wrote

Congratulations from Colorado!


chris_gnarley t1_j73j3wd wrote

I imagine this will go down how Ketamine has been approved for psychiatric use in the US. Meaning it will not be covered by the State or your insurance under any circumstances and will cost thousands of dollars for full treatment.

I tried to do ketamine therapy for my treatment resistant depression and the clinic wanted me to pay nearly $4,000 for the treatment.

I’m hoping this isn’t the case but for my fellow Americans, don’t get too excited when they finally approve it in the US. It’ll likely be the same situation as with the ketamine. And in the event that they’re able to make it into a prescription medication, you most definitely are going to be paying big bucks for that too because your insurance definitely won’t cover it.