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thebigbioss t1_j7208a8 wrote

Of course, kids prefer better food.

Also wouldn't consider this article uplifting as it is just highlighting the disparity between rich school districts and poor school districts.


Evignity t1_j7586rs wrote

As a Swede I can just say that selling out both our schools, prisons, military and elderly food to Sodexho was a fucking warcrime. Fuck that company and their shitty soggy tasteless spagetthi.

It was almost never the people making the foods fault. When I was on the weekend K9-watch and it was just like 50 people on base the foodstaff, with the same budget as usual days, made godamn oven parfait and delicious meatloaf. It's just that they're given shitty kits to produce way too much food way too fast and the end product is bad overall food.

In college we ate out more often than we ate in school, and it cost like 11$ per eating but we still rather did that than eat Sodexho food.


Gods I hate multinational companies


alien_from_Europa t1_j75ynv7 wrote

I just ate at a Sodexo cafe in a hospital. Cold scrambled eggs, $1/slice of bacon, hard croissant and watery coffee, for $14.