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KuhLealKhaos t1_j72fqg6 wrote

Didn't they already make us all pay more to use more devices before this anyways?! Am I losing my mind???


yikesonbikes1230 t1_j72i8vb wrote

You are absolutely correct. I pay for 4 screens to be used and I literally cancelled the minute this dropped because that is insane to pay for it over and over and to have this kind of hassle. Also edit to add the article says they are not rolling it out YET. They definitely intend to so I won’t be re-subscribing.


matthewamerica t1_j72rah8 wrote

I did the same thing. I had the four screen thing for me, my mom and my kiddo to all use it. This came out and I cancelled the fuck out of it. They were like "Use four screens! Wait .. not like that." We can't be the only two. Plus, there are a LOT of websites based in countries with very lax copyright enforcement that stream everything on Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu, etc. I was paying them as a courtesy, and I believe they deserve something in return for their content obviously, but push your luck and your about to fuck around and find out.


yikesonbikes1230 t1_j72uk1j wrote

Exactly! We can’t be the only ones and I even put it as the reason for leaving. Someone said here to get a firestick and jailbreak it and it is all free. I have no clue how to do that or if it is worth it but who knows!


FourthLineLifer t1_j73b8si wrote

I pay $50 for 2 years of VPN service. I bought a Firestick, downloaded the VPN onto it and a couple of those “not quite legal” streaming apps and haven’t had a single problem! Only sacrifice is sometimes needing to wait a day to watch a new release. Saving money on all those subscriptions and having every show right at my fingertips is amazing. The VPN is also handy for allowing me to watch sports (NHL) and get around blackout restrictions. I’d strongly consider sailing the seas if you aren’t already 🏴‍☠️

I’m no wizard at setting it all up, but there are a few websites/videos that will walk you through the process fairy easily!


st-shenanigans t1_j74mybq wrote

Id probably pay $30 a month for a subscription like that where everything is in one spot.

But I'll be damned if I'm paying $15 a month for ten different services


Scrumpy-Steve t1_j74xrwh wrote

Yeah, it's not a good idea to piss off your customer base when your primary competition charges $0.00


Luceija t1_j761t33 wrote

How can I learn this magic? :0


Descator t1_j7cycxh wrote

r/piracy mainly


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j73wisa wrote

It’s easy! My husband is tech illiterate and did it. We even get live sports on it


pluck-the-bunny t1_j771fi5 wrote

You don’t even need to jailbreak the fire stick. It allows 3rd party apps.

I use it it’s awesome


Shurigin t1_j75782u wrote

I paid for 2 screens one for my family and one for my in-laws in the philippines and they blocked that shit as long ago so I cancelled netflix and gave my inlaws VPN instructions and my Hulu


[deleted] t1_j73it2z wrote



Appropriate_Scar_262 t1_j748ifg wrote

Comcast charges per month for each TV you connect, each TV requires an adapter


StableNongenius t1_j76b4uf wrote

Or you have to have a smart TV and run their streaming app, which goes against your internet data cap. 🙃


Mundane-Ad-3142 t1_j74rn24 wrote

Yes, how dare a company set rules to better increase profits! The horror!


ralexander1997 t1_j76wnsx wrote

Yea this is a bad take. I’m very pro free markets, but people here aren’t saying Netflix should be regulated out of doing this, they’re just saying they disapprove and will be taking their business elsewhere. You know, like a free market.


BewilderedOstrich t1_j73mlt6 wrote

This is amusing because they already have a massive issue that's worth dropping them over. They have no grasp on how to tell what is and isn't actually popular, and as such there's nearly no reason in starting their original series because you already know, especially if it's something genuinely good, it's not getting renewed.

Now these incompetent people think they can squeeze me for more money? Haha nah I was already dropping my sub.


TheKnightSpliff t1_j74ldey wrote

I was hoping someone would highlight the other looming issue with Netflix.

It's like they're gunning to become the Netscape Navigator of streaming services. An OG, but obsolete.

They pioneered streaming TV & Movies. I get the need to develop their own studio to produce original content due to licensing withdrawals from major studios wanting to capitalize on their content via their own streaming services. Some of them are now figuring out it's not as lucrative as they projected, i.e. Disney+ & HBO Max - licensing was more cost-effective.

But Netflix failed with their original content by creating a graveyard of unfinished stories as their content library.

When they implode no studio will be interested in their volume of half assed productions.

Now they decide it's prudent to antagonize their already disgruntled consumers? Again, an OG, but obsolete.


Emu1981 t1_j75jnba wrote

>It's like they're gunning to become the Netscape Navigator of streaming services.

Netscape Navigator is still around in spirit in the 4th most popular browser on desktop/laptop though (3rd if you ignore Safari) - Firefox was originally split off the Mozilla codebase back in 2002.

I think a more apt comparison would be Atari - a once great tech company leading the way to a bright future who's headlines now include operating a cryptocurrency worth a 3600th of a USD each and launching a failed retro console.


ndngroomer t1_j75cjdd wrote

That's what I hate the most about Netflix. I just don't understand their rationale.


BewilderedOstrich t1_j76nis1 wrote

"We invested in the product and now it's time to cash in consumer loyalty for money."

It's not a new idea. Netflix also isn't the first company to vastly over estimate just how much consumer loyalty they actually have. As the kids say, FAFO.


RNG_HatesMe t1_j76uzwy wrote

See "the enshittification of Tik-Tok":

Step 1 - be helpful to users - purpose: gain market share

Step 2 - be helpful to content creators/ advertisers / affiliate businesses - purpose: gain revenue

Step 3 - be helpful to yourself - purpose: gain profit

(Step 4 - become irrelevant because your users AND content creators now hate you)


Lots42 t1_j7p7qai wrote

Tubi TV and Pluto TV, two free, legal streaming services with commercials have movies Netflix simply doesn't have.


ndngroomer t1_j75ca3c wrote

I called their customer service department yesterday and asked them what about families like mine who have a child away in college who watch Netflix when they're in school? They just logged my complaint and said they would forward it on to the supervisors.


michaltee t1_j73797e wrote

I think this will bite them in the ass and they will undo the rules.


yikesonbikes1230 t1_j74da2v wrote

Have you read the article they put out last week? They literally said they know there will be blowback but they ultimately think this will work in their favor and are not going to back down.


ndngroomer t1_j75codg wrote

Looks like it's time to start buying shorts in Netflix stocks.


yikesonbikes1230 t1_j769a35 wrote

I was thinking the same thing but I literally have no clue how to do that lol


-1KingKRool- t1_j76r6bf wrote

Step 1: download trading app (Robinhood, Fidelity, Webull, TD Ameritrade, etc)

Step 2: create account.

Step 3: put some money in it.

Step 4: get approved for option trading.

Step 5: buy puts if you think it’s going down fast, calls if you think it’s going up fast.

Step 6: profit.

Now seriously though, don’t. Give it a lot of thought, don’t use money you can’t lose, and visit r/wallstreetbets to get an idea of how wrong options trades can go.


bdone2012 t1_j77fwsm wrote

I'm not sure you were serious but from my little understanding, shorting stocks can be a bad idea. Normally when you buy a stock the theoretical worst case scenario is that it winds up worth nothing.

When you short a stock it's the opposite, meaning that theoretically it could go up indefinitely. I'm not sure exactly how the numbers work out but let's say you short Netflix and it somehow went up 10x you'd now owe a lot more money than the amount that you originally shorted them for.

So by accident you could potentially go into debt when you thought you were shorting for an amount that you could reasonably lose.


stewmander t1_j74dos5 wrote

They did this on purpose. Leak the stricter rules, so that when they release the less strict rules, everyone says, well, it could have been worse!


alien_from_Europa t1_j75us6m wrote

Worked for Coke. Release the terrible New Coke and lose drinkers. Replace it with Coke Classic and get more drinkers than ever before.

It's crazy how "appreciate what you got or we'll be horrible" is a successful marketing tactic.


stewmander t1_j75y5fq wrote

Yup, It was used as cover to so coke could switch from real sugar to corn syrup without people noticing.


CrazyOlHoboJoe t1_j73zb2u wrote


It's been 3 years since the accident

You need to move on to regain your sanity. Your family is worried about you. You don't respond to calls and your car smells like feet. Your children were taken away and you didn't seem to notice. Wake up Daniel. Wake up!


darkspd96 t1_j78h5fh wrote

It's just transitory inflation, don't worry about it


GGF85 t1_j72y120 wrote

Sounds like they learned this little 'trick' from Wizards of the Coast with the latter's, "Oh, it was just a draft." Excuse.

Too bad that it really didn't work out well for WotC.


Forge__Thought t1_j73c9yz wrote

They literally had a front row seat to a massive company demonstrating how to set your own public good will on fire and almost burn your own product down.

And then decided to say "fuck it, I bet I could do that trick but land it."

Absolutely Netflix deserves the furor they've brought on themselves. I hope their leadership uses it as a wake up call. I doubt it, but it's my hope.


Lots42 t1_j7p7wsw wrote

Netflix only exists because Blockbuster repeatedly set themselves on fire.

No lessons learned.


ReneDeGames t1_j73wo9q wrote

WotC's was leaked tho, whereas Netflix posted this officially


YoungZM t1_j73x1rt wrote

They had half a dozen blogs they officially posted and proudly attempted to shovel to the community that they kept having to dial back until they not just conceded, but had to improve the original licensing with by using a creative commons outside of their direct control simply to save face.


Viseprest t1_j74e6uk wrote

I remember the 3.5 scandal that created Pathfinder. Heard WotC doing the same now with 5e?


noettp t1_j754623 wrote

the good ol Nah but we were just looking for feedback WOTC bs


kiragami t1_j785bpb wrote

Personally I do dislike how Hasbro gets to hide behind WotC as they strip everything away from it.


SoloPenguin13 t1_j72ilvy wrote

This is literally like when OnlyFans and Tumblr had the audacity to say they didnt want their sites to be used for porn. And then when they realized they were about to lose 80% of their revenue they dropped a "uuh oopsy doopsy we made a fucky wucky. Please dont stop paying us."


RaVashaan t1_j7318qr wrote

Well at least in the case of OnlyFans. Tumblr, on the other hand, was sold off by Verizon for pennies on the dollar of what they paid for it. And the buyer is still sticking with the "no porn for me!" idea.


Archwizard_Drake t1_j73bs0m wrote

Not quite as much anymore. The Tumblr porn ban has been alleviated in the last few months, if not altogether repealed. Basically as long as you're 18+ and it's not a video showing you jacking off, free game.


RhesusFactor t1_j73yz04 wrote

The porn came back to tumblr but the users didn't.


Archwizard_Drake t1_j74dums wrote

It conveniently happened at the same time Musk started pushing his stupid Twitter policies, so quite a few jumped back.

Not as big as the exodus when the ban started but, fairly large.


petershrimp t1_j73npqk wrote

Yeah, but now my Tumblr keeps getting followed by porn bots every other day.


Sparrowsabre7 t1_j73qrfz wrote

Hold strong brother, we shall win this war against these feckless machines. Though we may struggle daily ours, is a valiant cause.


LightAsvoria t1_j74g3fk wrote

Wish they actually dealt with the porn bots though, would make the sanitized experience cozy at least


PTEHarambe t1_j72n6x3 wrote

It's almost as if these massive corporations don't give a fuck about anything except taking your money


AndringRasew t1_j731i0o wrote

How strange! I thought they were supposed to be the moral paragons of our age. No... No... It's the kids that are wrong.


SoloPenguin13 t1_j733nyc wrote

Which is why it makes negative amounts of sense to suddenly remove the reason people give you money. Then for months as the internet tell you over and over that they will fuck off, you wait till right before the official change to be like. "I was just goofin. We do a little trolling. Lets just pretend this never happened ay?"


PTEHarambe t1_j739pmj wrote

Then when they get repeatedly called out for the lies they say "but we changed cause we cared about you"

Then why did you lie?

(Surprised Pikachu face)


3AD_EhSeaPee t1_j73b1ww wrote

Except they don't anymore, they also care about their ESG score. That's likely why we've seen companies acting strangely lately, especially in the entertainment/Hollywood sphere.


LouisIsGo t1_j73qjyn wrote

The difference being, Netflix still plans on following through with this policy. The new rules are already in effect elsewhere, and they will be in effect in the US eventually. (Unless Netflix has a change of plans, anyway... them taking down a site that was published too early as the article describes is not that, sadly.)


scalpingsnake t1_j73dgqe wrote

Did onlyfans actually plan to remove porn though? I always thought they were just attempting to open their site up to more people and do what Patreon does but not actually ban porn.


SoloPenguin13 t1_j73hj79 wrote

Something about payments. They used Mastercard for payment and for some reason, Mastercards shareholders suddenly had a moral code. They didnt want Mastercard to be associated with a purely pornographic site. Then the internets obvious reactions made them reel back last minute.


tizuby t1_j74ys47 wrote

Yeah, not a whole lot you can do if the payment processors decide "fuck you" (it was both Visa and Mastercard), at least not as a for-profit business.

It's basically a proverbial death sentence.


Aleyla t1_j72i922 wrote

The “error” was coming up with that stupidity in the first place.


cjati t1_j73ltmg wrote

I would love to see the numbers of how many customers they lost in that short time


NoiseyCat t1_j73azys wrote

I mean, you can call it anti-consumer. You can call it greedy. You can call it malicious. You can call it hypocritical. But it isn't stupid, they know exactly what they're doing and they know they'll lose subscribers, but they'll also know they will make more money from the additional user add-on than without it.


hosiki t1_j73dkot wrote

I'm pretty sure they'll actually lose money. All my friends unsubscribed. Amazon prime and HBO together are less expensive than Netflix anyway.


happygolucky999 t1_j74q3mz wrote

Yup. I’m a long long time Netflix customer and I will absolutely cancel my account over this bullshit.


NoiseyCat t1_j73mid9 wrote

This is anecdotal and a small sample size. The company knew they were going to lose some subscribers but the people who are most affected were the one's already not paying.


GameRoom t1_j757y6z wrote

Yeah, not to defend them, but you'd think, what are the people who are affected by this going to do? Unsubscribe? They already weren't subscribed! For better or worse, if you're not a paying customer, Netflix doesn't really have a reason to care about you.


MizElaneous t1_j75ev6e wrote

They think people like me who share a password with a friend or family member will sign up once we’re blocked. Can’t speak for others in my position but I won’t. I don’t watch it enough to justify a subscription.


GameRoom t1_j78l6ui wrote

I feel similarly personally, but if just 5% of people in that situation pony up and subscribe, it's worth it for Netflix.


trekie4747 t1_j758wse wrote

but it does impact their viewership statistics. While not a direct monetary impact it can have ripple effects to shows being cancelled because of lower views which leads to people cancelling because of less new interesting content.


MildlyMotivated t1_j73dpo4 wrote

Apparently not considering they just scraped those plans for now.


NoiseyCat t1_j73l80m wrote

They did not scrap any plans, they just removed the post that outlines what the change was going to be.


davegisme t1_j731flo wrote

"in error" also known as gauging the reaction, building rage then slip in a slightly altered version in a month or so to less of an outcry when people feel more apathetic towards it.


Inayaarime t1_j732u9r wrote

>slip in a slightly altered version in a month or so to less of an outcry when people feel more apathetic towards it

This 100%. Anybody should know this strategy by now.. it's been done millions of times before, and it's going to be done a million more.. because IT WORKS. It's sad.


Designer-Mirror-7995 t1_j73a5cr wrote

They're counting on the 5 minute attention span factor. Certain politicians have used this successfully too. Say/do something just as you intend to, watch the level of outrage, walk it back, wait a while for the furor to abate as the next indignity takes over the news cycle, then circle back and proceed as intended while fewer people are paying attention.


Forge__Thought t1_j73ciyi wrote

People need to be smart enough to adapt to this new model and punish corporations for this underhanded approach accordingly.

Tall ask for the general public, but that's my hope.


littledeadfairy t1_j75l55e wrote

They didn't even say that they won't go ahead with their plan, only that they'd never do it without giving the customers a proper warning and that they won't do it at once. Probably still gonna be implemented in the next few months.


bozo121 t1_j72d6ta wrote

“Woopsie Daisy”


HeheFox t1_j734m5h wrote

Damage is already done. Many old and new black flags have been hoisted.


CletusDSpuckler t1_j72o04g wrote

C'mon, Netflix. I sympathize with your desire to get people to pay for the services your provide. But unless I'm using a VPN, the technology already exists that will tell you if my devices are all streaming from the same location. Don't make people have to do manually what you can easily do automatically.


Proximity t1_j73lfnn wrote

Pretty tired of places testing the water with horrendous policies, laws, rules, restrictions, TOS, etc and then backpedaling hard when it turns out that punishing the people who give you money doesn't exactly win over their hearts. Just stop trying to discover new ways of screwing your customers. Just stop. Ok? You WILL pay for it when we no longer will.


Spire_Citron t1_j7418ms wrote

This shows they can be scared into backing down. We've got to start cancelling accounts every time they try it on.


Version_Two t1_j74e76s wrote

Corporations are like animals, except instead of food, they're driven towards money. They can be controlled to some degree.


RoboTiefling t1_j73rb7m wrote

Not applicable “as of now.” In other words, they’re going to put them through in a month when the media has moved on.


lablizard t1_j72z5ze wrote

They took a page out of wizards of the coasts playbook huh?


queenringlets t1_j734nut wrote

Well too late I already cancelled anyway.


SkyeMreddit t1_j734921 wrote

We pay extra for multiple screens to be used at once. Fuck off with requiring verification codes to use it outside of your home wi-fi


boozegremlin t1_j73efl9 wrote

"Posted in error" is the corporate version of "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO"


patienceisfun2018 t1_j72j57l wrote

There's too many other options now. I'm sure they'll incorporate it eventually, but whatever.


NfamousKaye t1_j73d32k wrote

Cause people rioted and they backtracked. That wasn’t an error. Lol we’re not stupid lol


BarnabyJones20 t1_j733tbr wrote

I canceled in 2019 and still don't regret it or miss anything they have to offer

There are way better streaming services out there


Version_Two t1_j74e1rg wrote

Everything I actually wanted to watch turned out to be on almost every other service except netflix


BigDisk t1_j73cj7g wrote

Is r/backpedalling a thing? Because this would fit so well in there.


Miserablecollegekid t1_j73iuf5 wrote

Lol me and everyone else I know already cancelled after the “draft” dropped. Not going back ✌🏻


neanderthalsavant t1_j74h232 wrote

Did Elon buy Netflix too? Honestly, tf is going on with these companies rn?


kandycorn78 t1_j733u31 wrote

"Sorry everyone, that was only intended to be an internal draft"


Lordeldergob t1_j73bmvq wrote

Send them a message, delete your Netflix.


ashulay t1_j73p9pn wrote

Is it uplifting or are they back peddling because everyone is pissed


johnnyd6 t1_j73tvtd wrote

I love how I got an email today about how I can now enjoy spatial audio as part of my premium package. As if that will make me stay once they implement this anti password sharing - one household stuff


Imthewienerdog t1_j73w5vs wrote

I think this was probably the worst business decision ever especially the way they thought about implementing it... You would be cutting off all your customers that travel, mom pays for your Netflix, people that go on month long vacations. That's a large % of customers to lose.


jrexicus t1_j75lo0n wrote

I don’t understand their logic. I have “family plans” through like Spotify and other apps because I have a kid in college and a husband that travels for work. I’d rather just drop netflix than to deal with the headache and dumb rules


ExRockstar t1_j760mmv wrote

Toyota had to walk back one of those press releases a while back. They were going to start charging a subscription for the remote start after one year of ownership. Was not well received by loyal owners.

That's not how these press releases work. They're thought up, written up, proof read, signed off on and published.


TheeDynamikOne t1_j7697mg wrote

Damn it, I didn't know they walked that back. I never used my remote start because I cancelled the subscription. Though I was also concerned with the fine print in the subscription contract, it stated they track everything you do with the vehicle and tracking cannot be turned off.


Premodonna t1_j72uton wrote

Oh wait posted in error? What so they can level fines and charges to people and say read your fine print contracts that was signed before this change was added?


nr1988 t1_j735895 wrote

Right because you train your customer service reps to handle inquiries about the changes in error too I assume?


InitialCreature t1_j73ca6t wrote

whoops didn't mean to, whoops didn't mean to


stench_montana t1_j73chb2 wrote

So are they not following through on it or are they still going to enforce them at a later date and put them back up at the correct time?


1ndomitablespirit t1_j73vv3u wrote

They'll try again with a slightly less awful plan and see if there is backlash to that. Rinse and repeat until no one cares and they get their way. There will probably be a couple of price increases in there too.


emptybottleofdoom t1_j73ldit wrote

I did a chat with them, asked about specifics, but the nice CS rep didn't really know anything. Not like it's the fault of anyone at that level anyway.

I just wanted to have one more in the pile of "people not happy with limiting."

TBH, I don't think they're after my household anyway, 2 routers and a phone and MAYBE a couple other phones? I'm entirely capable of getting my fix elsewhere, and please don't get me started on Netflix casting decisions *coughTrisscough*.


ColoursRock t1_j73r3nz wrote

Hmm, where have I heard this before..



Odd_Radio9225 t1_j75r2n3 wrote

It was definitely not an "error." They knew exactly what they were doing. They were just testing the waters to see what they could get away with.


TheeDynamikOne t1_j769gpf wrote

I 100% agree with this. Kinda makes me sad these companies openly show greed and most people aren't realizing it. I think we need more cancel culture to show these companies who's really in charge.


Somorev t1_j75xpj0 wrote

So they saw the backlash and backpeddaled? LOL this is hilarious! Maybe it'll knock some sense into their heads because atm Netflix seems intent on cutting off it's own bloody supply.


CDewfus t1_j76w3uc wrote

Was canceling Inside Job an error too?


I_Like_To_Stare t1_j77itd8 wrote

Had to have been. There's no other reason it should have been canceled.


achillymoose t1_j76yfrx wrote

I wonder if that has anything to do with the people who canceled their subscriptions, citing the new rules as the reason


skylinkdave t1_j78kqg7 wrote

They were not posted in error, they were posted too soon. It's coming eventually.


omegaphallic t1_j8q2g93 wrote

I doubt it, the reason their deleteing it is folks like me had had enough and cancelled our subscriptions. Power of the consumer revolt. This isn't the only one, Hasbro just faced one too. It's just the beginning, folks are fed up with Corporate grifting and fighting back whether consumers or employees.


Aaron-JH t1_j7m6h5e wrote

What stage of dystopian capitalism is the one where instead of ANYONE with power in companies using an ounce of critical thought to stop stupid policy changes from happening they instead post the idiotic new guidelines on their website, wait for consumers to tell them it’s stupid then delete it and try to gaslight everyone into thinking it was fake the whole time?

Because it’s where we’re at and it is definitely one of the late stages.


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dontspookthenetch t1_j73eqv5 wrote

Why does this company seem to have its head up its ass lately?


Dax9000 t1_j73mzgn wrote

Orphan crushing machine paused to regenerate good will for corporate.


Scarlet109 t1_j73o9c8 wrote

Uh huh sure. Im glad the rules were reversed, but this is like, textbook schrodinger behavior


Jproc0829 t1_j745i48 wrote

Posted in error?? Lol what a joke.


BARBADOSxSLIM t1_j745vwt wrote

They must have seen a massive amount of people canceling


e_smith338 t1_j74b5ou wrote

“Sorry my friend sent that, I would never.”


driku12 t1_j74ip6c wrote



blahyaddayadda24 t1_j74lqop wrote

For the USA only, everyone else is the trial of this rule.

So I'm going to tell them to shove it and cancel. You can thank all us later when they axe the plan for the States.


pyplup t1_j74lyku wrote

I saw someone else say this but their call center staff were trained on answering questions abt it here in the us, it wasn't an error they're just making excuses lol


Adam_Nine t1_j752s0f wrote

Accident? Didn’t various company people give interviews to various news outlets when this came out?? Or am I crazy?


j5p332 t1_j75be3w wrote

Suuuuuuure lol more like shareholders said it was an accident


Firamaster t1_j75fepz wrote

Translation: Once we realized the entirety of our user base turned against us and threatened to end subscriptions, we realized we fucked up really, really fucking bad.


ssfbob t1_j75graf wrote

Must have gotten advice from Hasbro.


TaskForceZack t1_j75uat7 wrote

I'm not saying anything exactly, but.

Get a VPN (maybe Private Internet Access)

Download Bittorrent

Then rent a cloud based seedbox.

Preferably find a private invite torrent site.

Download everything.


BridgemanBridgeman t1_j75xqx0 wrote

private invite sites aren't easy to get into unfortunately


TaskForceZack t1_j75y8o1 wrote

I know, though I feel better than raw dogging whatever pirate Bay is up. Hopefully new people can get in during an open invite period.


RedLeader7 t1_j75w7dk wrote

Verifying your devices every month ? So each month I need to verify my iPhone, galaxy tab, laptop, work laptop, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Apple TV, 3 regular TV’s and 2 google Chromecasts ? Them my wife’s iPhone laptop and tablet and my kids phones and laptops. That’s 20 devices I need to verify each month, you can shove that right up your ass Netflix !


n1ghtg0ddess t1_j7605me wrote

It's crazy that when I was younger I would pirate cuz I couldnt afford things, I'm an adult and felt better i didnt have to steal anymore "it's on netflix/hulu". Then along came Disney + and this and that, and now we need "exclusives". "Watch the walking dead now only on hbo" with another $15/m fee. Well Ar matey, those seas be looking a bit choppy.


Nobody0829383 t1_j7610sn wrote

I wish I was subscribed to unsubscribe.


IiteraIIy t1_j762dd1 wrote

"Sorry guys that was my cousin"


Sonny-Moone-8888 t1_j769x3v wrote

When are companies and politicians going to learn that acting like something was an error looks a lot worse than just coming out and saying we made a mistake. We were wrong. We are only human and learn from our mistakes. That looks a lot better to me than not owning it. It makes them all so untrustworthy when they are obviously lying to cover it up all the while thinking it makes them look better than the truth. No one thinks lying is the best policy. I was always taught HONESTY was the best policy. It's so patronizing to treat your customers/constituents like they are dumb.


demoran t1_j76ba88 wrote

ISIS deletes plans to bomb the pentagon, claims they were posted in error.


RuffDemon214 t1_j76mf8y wrote

Error as in they realize ppl will just get rid of it then follow those rules


TimReaper9564 t1_j76o8pp wrote

This is all marketing bullshit.

Trot out the shittiest option for users, Await the expected backlash, Walk the crap plan back and apologize, Bring out the plan that you were intending to use all along that still screws users over, but with less backlash because it’s not as bad as the old plan.


everyothernamegone t1_j76oblw wrote

The article makes clear they’re just testing different variations out in Latin America so why would people get their panties in a bunch anywhere else.


buggin_at_work t1_j76r517 wrote

They knew better than to force their own bankruptcy


Jhawk163 t1_j76rpar wrote

Netflix: Publishes hilariously harsh password sharing crackdown rules

Everyone: Mocks them

Netflix: Oopsie doopsie, here are my still-harsh-but-reasonable-in-comparison-to-my-previous-suggestion rules

Everyone: Very reasonable, have another $15 this month


This is their plan, I'm calling it now.


bagelsanbutts t1_j76un96 wrote

Good, this would have booted off all:

  • College students who watch from their dorm using the family account

  • Deployed armed forces who watch overseas while using their literal own household account

  • Sandwich generation people, who share their passwords with their older parents who are retired on a fixed income and can't afford little luxuries like this (this is my situation, we share entertainment logins with my in laws)

  • Anyone traveling, want to watch from their phone at the airport or log in to a TV at their airbnb

  • Anyone who watches from their phone in their car on their work lunch break

  • Anyone who watches from their phone at the gym (which is what I do)

I'm probably forgetting a bunch more situations!


AlpacaTraffic t1_j772fv6 wrote

Omg guys my friend posted that, he's such a rascal. Dw that was fake and not true


darkspd96 t1_j78h1wy wrote

Damn, was just about to buy a Bluetooth keyboard for my laptop, as I sit on thr couch and hdmi into my TV...if ya know, ya know 🏴‍☠️


OGthrowawayfratboy t1_j73ts00 wrote

I'm a simple man. When I see Netflix password headlines I immediately downvote and move on (because this story is played out). It's becoming repetitive/annoying like the Oscars slap