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gtacleveland t1_j72gbas wrote

In case anybody is wondering, the Leo 1 is not great at fighting modern tanks because it is obsolete, thinly armored, and has only a 105mm gun. But it doesn't have to fight tanks. That what the ATGM's and MBT's are for. This will likely be used like a light tank to exploit breakthroughs and scout, and for protected direct fire support in support of infantry and other armored vehicles.


Informal_Self_5671 t1_j746t8b wrote

Also there's no way Russia has any modern tanks left.


JoakimSpinglefarb t1_j74cbcj wrote

Maybe a couple hundred T-80s and T-90s combined; both of which are just T-72s with mods.


gtacleveland t1_j74tufd wrote

T-80 is a different family of tank. They are the same family as the Ukrainian T-64.