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Appropriate_Scar_262 t1_j75t9ld wrote

A few tech employees had to take pay cuts because they were laid off by bloated mega corps, the alternative was mass starvation.


Flbudskis t1_j773iga wrote

Someone asked on a earlier post but it never got answered, but made me think. " Do these charts show the number of people with 2-3 jobs", Because i know people who had to take a seconds job.


Slave2theGrind t1_j772lse wrote

This is a bit hard to believe. I wonder how well researched this story is or (more likely) just a Statistics puff piece that doesn't take into account actual events. Like the tech companies laying off and then hiring back at cheap rates. Or leaving jobs because of economic downturn and make do jobs to keep from starving.

West coast is looking pretty bleak right now. Just saying - I find this hard to believe.


Bruzote t1_j7t1zzp wrote

As the article states, work force "participation" (e.g., willingness to employ people) is "well below pre-pandemic levels". That means a lot of jobs are also being eliminated as new ones are created, keeping true employment from growing. Good for you for sensing the incongruity here.


Slave2theGrind t1_j7ta2sm wrote

The day after I commented on this Google put forward its layoff plan. Any vindication I may feel is drowned in the pity I feel for all the fellow wageslaves. I have retired (which means I too am out of work, I just am taking steps to not get another).


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NoMercyJon t1_j77xiug wrote

Yeah, this kind of graph doesn't say anything about the health of our nation. It doesn't say anything about people working multiple part time minimum wage jobs. Just that those jobs are being taken doesn't mean anything good.


DerEwigeKatzendame t1_j79dxbv wrote

How many tech workers and Amazon piss jug delivery workers were laid off again?


bottleboy8 t1_j74gewt wrote

I wonder if these numbers are actually true. Biden admin has lied before.

"Biden second-quarter job numbers off by 1 million, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank says"

WH Claim - “The economy created more than 1.1 million jobs in the second quarter, or around 375k jobs per month,” the White House said in a statement on July 22.

Reality - Job growth was “essentially flat” in the second quarter with only 10,500 jobs added, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said.