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Firecrotch2014 OP t1_j7imn7d wrote

I really want people to understand the significance of what happened. I lived a good chunk of my life in Coffee County which is basically the next county over from where this happened.(I live in Cali now with my long term partner) My sister used to work in the school district as a teacher where this happened. All these communities are interconnected. What happens in one county has rippling effects through all the rest. Growing up as a gay kid there was rough. I had to be so deeply in the closet no one ever knew I was gay. You have to understand this is prime MAGA/Trump/Republican territory too. Even before Trump was Trump they hated everything and everyone who wasn't straight white and male. Trump just gave them permission to say it outloud instead of keeping it behind closed doors in their homes. To see a school board and community come together to support an outed person is so heart warming it literally made me tear up. To hear someone say that your sexuality has no bearing on your ability to be a good educator to children is so good to see. We have people trying to claim that gay teachers are some kind of pedophile predators who are just out to get your children or "turn them gay." This is just historic in my mind. I hope this action will help change at least a few hearts and minds about the lgbtq community.


Excoded t1_j7kauf0 wrote

Coffee County and Cali had me thinking you grew up in Colombia.


Iwonatoasteroven t1_j7kxsmw wrote

I spent my high school years a few counties away but in a larger town. This is huge!


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