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riotpwnege t1_j7l7vo4 wrote

Super uplifting as long as you don't think too hard into why it's becoming more popular


olivegardengambler t1_j7my71k wrote

Not really. The company says that the majority of people buy them for decoration or instruments.


Holiday-Hustle t1_j7q7duw wrote

I use one to clean poop out of my baby’s clothes. I go at the stain with a sunlight bar and scrub it out before putting it in the wash. Best way to get the stain out for me.


bushpotatoe t1_j81fev0 wrote

Some folk just want to go back. I'm a minimalist and am more comfortable owning less, especially in regard to anything major that can break down.


right_closed_traffic t1_j7lt7rc wrote

People are hurting so much financially they are washing clothes like the 1700’s, super uplifting!!


furiousfran t1_j7o40e9 wrote

Think closer to "cutesy rustic crap decorations" and "wash tub band" than poverty


KingFabu t1_j7vrhn6 wrote

I actually would love a washboard to save money that would help a ton


Sparrow2go t1_j7jqzzm wrote

“A company makes and sells a product”

Ok? Why is this uplifting news?


davster39 OP t1_j7k8pyf wrote

Because it's a happy relic of the past that is still being made 100 years after the invention of the electric washing machine. 40% of their boards are used as instruments in jug, Bluegrass and other bands and music makes me happy.. Washboard remind me of my grandmother and that makes me happy. So, for me, it was an uplifting article.


MarcoMaroon t1_j7lc9p8 wrote

A washboard reminds me of being hella broke when my mom used to do a ton of painstakingly long washing by hand up until we finally got ourselves a washing machine.

I can see why it makes others happy, but not people like myself.


Sparrow2go t1_j7lp80k wrote

Ok, but that’s an incredibly granular and personal reason to post it here. “Petting kittens found to cure AIDS” is uplifting news because anybody reading it would see the positive angle. It’s cool that this gives you a good feeling but it doesn’t really fit the sub.

I don’t think calling washboards a happy relic from the past is very accurate. It’s a labor intensive tool.


jetstobrazil t1_j7ltml2 wrote

And people are buying them because they’re too broke to buy or repair a washing machine.

And there’s only one company making them until they create a profit margin large enough for amazon basics to start making their own.


furiousfran t1_j7pa2tl wrote

They're flying off the shelves because the "Live Laugh Love" crowd thinks they look good on a wall


Sparrow2go t1_j7m0gxu wrote

People needing to wash clothes by hand is bad.

Amazon is bad.

Neither of these are relevant to the conversation here though.

This isn’t a company providing some altruistic service for the sake of the poor, they are filling a void in the market to turn a profit that happens to help a portion of their customer base. It isn’t evil, people need to make a living, but it doesn’t fall under uplifting news.


RebootDataChips t1_j7w2uu8 wrote

The news may not make you happy, it however did make OP happy. That right there is enough to spread happiness.


Sparrow2go t1_j7w4ba2 wrote

I think you and others are missing my point here.

I’m genuinely glad OP found joy in this. We all need more moments of that in our lives right now.

My point is that for a sub called uplifting News, the expectation is that just about anybody who isn’t a sociopath should be able to read the title and feel that same joy. The fact that OP had to explain in detail how this connected to their life and how that brought them joy, something that is specific to their lived experience, means this is simply in the wrong sub.

I read the title and thought “ok, a company is making money selling a product”. Like it isn’t even really news is it? It’s just a focus piece on how this company is profiting off of pandemic effects and some musicians. Which again, that’s fine, but it isn’t uplifting news. An infinite number of posts could be made for every company that makes anything that anybody has any positive connection to or memory of. Seriously. We can each find some obscure product tied to a warm and fuzzy memory and make a post about it couldn’t we? That’s just life.

Post like this just water down these subs.


RebootDataChips t1_j7w4se4 wrote

And you just pointed out you missed my point. This was uplifting to OP, so OP wanted to share that happiness. Others in other threads have shown that it brought a smile to them as well. So it is uplifting news. Think of it as a nightly news fluff piece.


Sparrow2go t1_j7w8ihd wrote

Well, I don’t think we are going to see eye to eye on this. We clearly have a difference of opinion about what constitutes a valid post on this sub.

I do agree though, it is fluff.


WVA1999 t1_j7k2gdt wrote

Because It Allows The Op To Post In Capitals


davster39 OP t1_j7k8tt7 wrote

I dont see any capitals. What do you mean?


davster39 OP t1_j7nj174 wrote

This is my first post on this sub, and I have to say, I am Flabbergasted by the negative blowback received. As a long time musician and curio collector I was excited to see that this company was still surviving 100 years after the invention of the washing machine. It encouraged me that a small company, against all odds is still ioperation and thriving. It made me happy. I'm sorry it didn't make everyone here happy. It is a bright moment agaisnt all the tech company firings


Terminator7786 t1_j7nym4s wrote

Fuck em, but just for the future a more appropriate sub for something like this would be r/mademesmile


SterlingNano t1_j7ng7rc wrote

This is not uplifting news. This is barely news.


davster39 OP t1_j7nhqxt wrote

"Beauty (uplifting) is in the eye of the beholder" -Margaret Wolfe Hungerford


WEIRDOCAMPdotCOM t1_j7lj99o wrote

Not to mention, now I know where to find the world's largest washboard.


bofh000 t1_j7mvfiu wrote

They were, in 2020, when this article was written.


JackelGigante t1_j7r2g50 wrote

I don’t believe it’s the only one


whiskeyknitting t1_j7saskk wrote

I just bought soap from them. Super happy.


captaintinnitus t1_j7ti4r0 wrote

That does it! I’m buying stock in clothespins!


davster39 OP t1_j7ucq94 wrote

Yes clothes pins are an important component to the solar clothes dryer industry!


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GIgroundhog t1_j7twygz wrote

I can't afford the electricity for my washer or dryer



bareboneschicken t1_j7x0lpt wrote

I remember my great-grandmother using a washboard to do her laundry. Talk about hard work!


kanna172014 t1_j7zkbu4 wrote

Given how expensive laundromats are, no wonder.


KO4Champ t1_j7nuod9 wrote

Beck going on tour again?


davster39 OP t1_j7l7tjm wrote

Also, wash boards look good on the walls of Cracker barrell and other homey restaurants and who doesn't like to eat?!


davster39 OP t1_j7l7kkp wrote

Because something useful is actually made in the United States and not by Chinese prisoners.


minnieboss t1_j7ltl0q wrote

Many products in the U.S. are made by American prisoners. U.S. has the largest prison population out of every country in the world, 2 million people as opposed to China's second-place 1.6 million people. But China has a much larger population, so the U.S. has a much higher percentage- an incarceration rate of 629 (also highest in the world), while China doesn't even crack the top 10. Source

Also worth reading: US prison workers produce $11bn worth of goods and services a year for pittance