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turbokimchi t1_j7mr4sz wrote

Is the world so messed up this is what we consider uplifting? Yeah right, uplifting me into a doom spiral…


Rennarjen t1_j7mumrw wrote

half the posts here are just r/orphancrushingmachine fodder


Spaceocalypse t1_j7nipzv wrote

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yeah, it’s awesome the community came together, but the fact they have to in the first place over this is heart breaking.


Bignyak t1_j7mo0z8 wrote

If he doesn't feel safe even in a public library in that community, we (and Alabama) have indeed gone backwards. Is there not a place in Birmingham itself where he could appear during non-school hours and families at least could have the option of going?


Thathappenedearlier t1_j7obnh2 wrote

There’s plenty of places in Birmingham that would let him appear, Huntsville probably would have been a little more tolerant but it’s surprising to see it out of hoover to be honest. Kinda seems out of left field but I don’t know what “contract issues” or “concern over social media” means


PriscillaRain t1_j7p79qg wrote

He should be able to appear anywhere someone wants to hear him speak.


Dyslexic_Devil t1_j7oiz8c wrote

Banning black history month...LGBT books banned in schools in Florida....attempts to ban science in schools in Montana.

What the fuck is up with (the land of the free) America!!!?????


Designer-Mirror-7995 t1_j7r0j07 wrote

Same as Always. that's the part they don't want broadcast. That shit now is the same abusive, regressive bullshit "minorites" have ALWAYS dealt with here. But now that the WORLD can SEE, thanks to the Internet that they ALSO want to control, it's embarrassing "their" Murica and making 'their' kids view it differently -- aka realizing that the "greatest" bullshit is just that.


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bombbrigade t1_j7oj124 wrote

$10,000 is only a portion of the contract wage the author wanted for the readings???? I would have cancelled his book readings too if he wanted so much money.


[deleted] t1_j7nwfm1 wrote

Can someone explain the point of black history month please? Because it seems like bullshit to me. Like why a specific month? If its history put it in the history curriculum no need to virtue signal in this weirldy condecending "your history only gets one month" kind of way.


remartin t1_j7o2qp3 wrote

As a field of study, history has long entrenched certain narratives and privileged certain perspectives. While wholesale educational reform would be preferable, action taken to promote a a greater diversity of perspective cannot ignore the inertia of the existing system of education or accrue the power to wield change just yet.

Having a month to foreground black history is valuable as the first steps on the road to change.

(Note: Not an American)


Butter_fiend t1_j7o3yjw wrote

Because every other month is white history month


The_Blue_Adept t1_j7o8fj0 wrote

Every other month? If you're going to make up lies at least do some research.


its-not-me_its-you_ t1_j7oc233 wrote

Lol. You seriously pointed out that there are no literal "white history" months?


Butter_fiend t1_j7oezim wrote

I mean that our entire society, and how we teach history, is white centric.


Black_Waltz_7 t1_j7obov8 wrote

Don't be obtuse. You know what he fucking meant.


Audrasmama t1_j7s09ds wrote

I really hope he's being purposefully obtuse and isn't actually this stupid.