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thecwestions t1_j7w9pq4 wrote

Please do BP next, and then all the rest.

We can't let the fossil fuel industry control the fate of our climate as well as our pocketbooks.


Extinguish89 t1_j7whjvi wrote

Be nice but shell and BP control the politicians too


Extension-Ad-2760 t1_j7wpur9 wrote

If that was true, renewables wouldn't be one of the biggest growth sectors.

They have influence, but they don't have control.


Extinguish89 t1_j7y6j95 wrote

Still require fossil fuels to make to renewables. Shell and BP are the conglomerates. And what's going to happen to them in this lawsuit? A fine they'll easily pay it off and likely nothing will happen.


Batsonworkshop t1_j7ww3uq wrote

What do you heat your house with snd what powers your transport. Genuinely interested.

Over half the modern world would not be possible without petroleum byproducts. Unless you want to go back to living like it's the early 1800s, killing the global petroleum industry will literally kill over 1/3rd the worlds population in less than 2 generations.


RelationIn t1_j7x3nuo wrote

Solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear are all options here.


Batsonworkshop t1_j7x49jq wrote

Solar and wind produce massive amounts of pollutants to produce with a large quantity of nn-recyclable materials when they meet their wnd of life.

Absolutely agree on hydro, but it requires a very specific geography to implement. Where applicable, it should absolutely be used.

Im not anti-solar and wind but it has significant limitations and isn't nearly as "green" as people try to push it as being.