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Butterball_Adderley t1_j7wx84u wrote

Breaking news!!

I once found a message in a bottle at Ocean beach in SF. It was basically someone writing out all the things they wished they had. The main part I remember is that the writer wanted "a successful man who works in tech", which seemed incredibly unromantic for a message in a bottle.


plumquat t1_j7xo9od wrote

Yeah like, it's your imagination you can set your sights a little higher.


jezra t1_j7wph86 wrote

after removing the litter from the beach, a new note was added to the litter, and then the litter was thrown back into the ocean


Kairenne t1_j7x7e8e wrote

How lucky for him to find it. What a wholesome story!


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DFuel t1_j7xp2q4 wrote

First letter reads: wait for it... Second letter: get gud bi***