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Lejd_Lakej t1_j812gc8 wrote

Best news I've heard all year.


mostardman t1_j83c400 wrote

I work with data analysis in Brazil and actually Lula changed the way they collected data to deforestation.

Idk if this article didn’t know that or they are spreading fake news on purpose because they didn’t mention it.

unfortunately deforestation still happening


MrMundungus t1_j83co15 wrote

Source? Or are you just making stuff up?


kjmnbvc t1_j83fn7i wrote

He posts on the brazilian version of r/conservative so there's your answer


Asterose t1_j85pgso wrote

Is that the brasilivre reddit a deleted comment was linking to?


pie_ofthe_cream t1_j83dobd wrote

Seriously I want a source or what company he works for that he is saying that


[deleted] t1_j83epl7 wrote



weirdowerdo t1_j83ji27 wrote

So what exactly did he change and do you have any tangible proof whatsoever beside "Trust me bro"?


thejoker882 t1_j83t0x2 wrote

still happening... but 60% less. Like the title states?