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The_Lost_Pharaoh t1_j82xrfi wrote

So weird that this is even news. Basically: In the wealthiest country in the world, some people think that kids shouldn’t go hungry.


curiousauruses t1_j8432ri wrote

That's not quite it. More like, in the wealthiest country, some people believe parents should feed their kids.


Nokomis34 t1_j848a6l wrote

In the wealthiest country some people believe people should get paid enough to actually live off of... You know, a livable wage.


curiousauruses t1_j84c9ws wrote

I completely agree with that. But it's off topic. If you can't feed kids, should you have them?

Regardless of what you should have. Based on what you do have. Some people believe if you cannot feed kids, you should not have kids.


FawksyBoxes t1_j84oueq wrote

Man if only there was an option to help in case of an accidental pregnancy, too bad that's space magic. Also it's not like this nation has gone through 4 once in a generation financial crisises in the last 30 years. Along with record inflation and wage stagnation.

Those parents should have realized 12 years ago that in 10 years a global pandemic would make basic goods go up over 50% for 2 years.


Lurker-DaySaint t1_j84p4d9 wrote

It’s not off topic at all, some kids’ parents can’t afford to feed them because of our exploitative labor market


ThreeSnowshoes t1_j84gn7c wrote

Some people believe you should be worth a good goddamn at a worthwhile skill to make you worth paying anything at all.


FawksyBoxes t1_j84p4ge wrote

What jobs are you saying aren't worth it? If you think people in retail aren't worth paying a living wage, stop shopping at grocery stores. Grow your own crops, raise your own chickens and cows, knit your own clothes. See how long you can last without going to a store for anything.


Nokomis34 t1_j85e7c8 wrote

If it's worth paying someone to do the job, it's worth paying them enough to not have to also live off of welfare. I'll never understand y'all who love for your taxes to subsidize low wages.


FawksyBoxes t1_j84odyc wrote

The parents pay taxes that go to that program, so they are. Heaven forbid we spend taxes on children instead of checks notes military industrial complex or giving wall street another bail out or telling parents and doctors the state knows better about what medical treatment your children need.


Lurker-DaySaint t1_j84oz8y wrote

If the state requires them to be there, the state should be required to feed them. It’s that simple. Plus, what harm is there in ensuring KIDS DONT STARVE DAMN


SilverNicktail t1_j82te0k wrote

Ten bucks says I know which party's in control of the Minnesota House without clicking through.


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ThreeSnowshoes t1_j84gh1m wrote

Huh. Hunger rising. I wonder what has caused THAT.


Joseluki t1_j85kvrh wrote

Americans voting consistenly against their own interest surrendering more and more power into corporations?