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que0x t1_j84302w wrote

The Jewish golden age was under muslim Spain as it was the only place of religious tolerance in Europe.


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Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain

>The golden age of Jewish culture in Spain, which coincided with the Middle Ages in Europe, was a period of Muslim rule during which, intermittently, Jews were generally accepted in society and Jewish religious, cultural, and economic life flourished. The nature and length of this "Golden Age" has been debated, as there were at least three periods during which non-Muslims were oppressed. A few scholars give the start of the Golden Age as 711–718, the Muslim conquest of Iberia. Others date it from 912, during the rule of Abd al-Rahman III.

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Harsimaja t1_j8a93qx wrote

‘Only’ is a bit simplistic: there were periods of oppression there too (like the Massacre or Granada in 1066, and there was always a level of discrimination against all non-Muslims (who were the majority) we’d find unacceptable by today’s standards.

It was far more tolerant of Jews than most of Europe, but the Middle Ages saw other periods and areas of relative religious tolerance, like Poland under Casimir the Great, which is why many Jews moved there (he also married a pagan Lithuanian princess, and was relatively enlightened for his time).

Similarly, Jews in the Byzantine Empire were mistreated by earlier emperors but from around 700 onwards they had a golden age of their own, until the Fourth Crusade brought more intolerant Frankish rule.

Most of the major countries of Christian Western Europe expelled the Jews at some point, and there were intermittent massacres, blood libel and discrimination across it. But Medieval Europe as a whole was a very large, diverse region over the course of a millennium.


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1066 Granada massacre

>The 1066 Granada massacre took place on 30 December 1066 (9 Tevet 4827; 10 Safar 459 AH) when a Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada, in the Taifa of Granada, killed and crucified the Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela, and massacred much of the Jewish population of the city.

Casimir III the Great

Relationship with Jews

>On 9 October 1334, Casimir confirmed the privileges granted to Jews in 1264 by Bolesław V the Chaste. Under penalty of death, he prohibited the kidnapping of Jewish children for the purpose of enforced Christian baptism, and he inflicted heavy punishment for the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. While Jews had lived in Poland since before his reign, Casimir allowed them to settle in Poland in great numbers and protected them as people of the king. About 70 percent of the world's European Jews, or Ashkenazi, can trace their ancestry to Poland due to Casimir’s reforms.

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jervoise t1_j8a7oyr wrote

That’s not entirely true, Jews saw pretty good treatment in Poland during much of the medieval and renaissance eras.


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j84xew7 wrote

What’s sad is that they will never do the same with mosques, at least I didn’t hear about anything like this with mosques.

I am happy for the jews, but the different treatment for muslims rubs me the wrong way.


que0x t1_j84ycn4 wrote

Do you also know that Palestine welcomed jews as refugees in world world II ?


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j84z15o wrote

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Did you know that muslims are the ones who put back the Jews in Jerusalem as soon as they first conquered it?

Did you know that the Moroccans were the ones who took in the Jews escaping from Spanish Inquisition?

You will find in history that Islamic rule was the most tolerant of all religions after the fall of the Persian empire, but how many people know or care about this?

Bro, I want live in a place where I can be a Muslim without the struggles that we see today or being a minority. But patience and hope in Allah is all I have now.


No-Independence828 t1_j85oyl3 wrote

Those days where lovely. What happens this days with religious tolerance and minorities in every Arab country?


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j85pf9p wrote

People are more skeptic and untrusting of anyone who is not a native.

And I can’t blame them. Look at almost every single ”ally” of the Arab nations and what they did to them. America was an ally with Iraq against Iran. Look at how that ended.

Oh, and the colonization. We can’t forget that!


rehtulx t1_j86vkay wrote

>Oh, and colonization. We can’t forget that.

Then don’t be selective with your memory—starting with Mohammad, Islam was spread primarily by warfare and colonization.


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j877og4 wrote

Common misconception.

The majority of the “Muslim” empire was not Muslim. It was under Muslim rule, but none of them were forced to be Muslim.

Islam was and is spread through reasoning and people just being convinced by it.

I don’t deny the battles, that’s just ignorant, but if you don’t know the motive behind these battles then I would suggest you properly study them before trying to claim something that doesn’t exist. They were mainly caused by self defence. The Persian empire and the Roman Empire didn’t like the new upcoming Islamic nation. Then the Byzantine empire and all the following and “coexisting” empires and nations.


[deleted] t1_j88cpxr wrote



Muscle_Man1993 t1_j88qs60 wrote

Never mentioned anything about converting from Islam. I was speaking about people who were not Muslims that they are not forced to be Muslims.


[deleted] t1_j88uw0z wrote



No-Independence828 t1_j89l2fa wrote

Guys, one thing is the Islam 1000 years ago, and another very different is today. We can see greatness in the past and analyse the reasons why everything is so fucked up now with Islam and Arab nations.


No-Independence828 t1_j85tdcp wrote

You are totally right there, the last hundred years of history and geo politics have not been kind on Arab nations. Hope one day peace and tolerance become the norm again.


israelilocal t1_j852ysc wrote

The ottomans took the most Jews after the Alhambra decree but Morocco was either 2nd or 3rd

Muslims didn't immediately restore Jewish access to Jerusalem


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j85p2g1 wrote

For Jewish access to Jerusalem, I am talking about 7th or 8th centaurs when Muslims first entered Jerusalem after taking it from the Romans.

Omar Ibn Alkhattab ordered a recently Jewish convert, to Islam, to get 80 volunteering jewish families to move into Jerusalem. Where as before, there was 0.

I haven’t looked into later history of Jerusalem and the Ottoman Empire as much, so I can’t speak about it.

The difference I am pointing out today is the killing and oppression of anyone who is not jewish in Jerusalem and Palestine and the forceful and illegal eviction. In comparison to what the Muslims did, at least in earlier centuries.

EDIT: typo.


israelilocal t1_j85qlqc wrote

Jerusalem Muslim population is growing and they still have control over al aqsa mosque dispite it being built on top of the holiest site in Judaism


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j85u518 wrote

I wonder who has their soldiers at the Alaqsa mosque and can control who gets in and out?

Population growth is irrelevant in the absence of mass genocide. I am talking about Auschwitz or Mongolian levels of genocide.

Many European countries have a decreasing population, but I don’t see them complaining of any sort of oppression from a foreign nation.


ExTelite t1_j87alv3 wrote

I am not here to fight - I'm here to talk. I was one of these soldiers controlling access to Al-Aqsa.

Our job was clear - prevent conflict and only allow MUSLIMS to pass. Countless times I've stopped Jews from entering the Mosque to prevent disorderly conduct. I, myself, can't recall even one time I've not allowed a Muslim person to enter...
We did sometimes check IDs, pretty much at random and to find people who got into Israel illegally, didn't really have anything to do with Al-Aqsa.

We did search a lot of bags. Took away flags from time to time, because that's the law here and we only enforce it. Maybe some poor kids' unusually large lunch knife because again, that's the law and we have to enforce...

But never did we restrict access for no justified reason. We were nice to the people who came and went, and a lot of them were nice to us. I remember a lot of older folk thanking us for being there.

This is not an invitation to conflict and argument - I just think that your view of this particular subject is a little different than how it actually is, and I'm open for discussion 🙂


dikembemutombo21 t1_j86svnu wrote

If you go up to 4 random people, there’s a 25% chance they’ll be a Muslim. They aren’t a minority in most of the world? Jews make up 2% of the population.


Dmatix t1_j87huz4 wrote

Jews do not make 2% of the population. There are around 15 million Jews in the world, meaning about 0.2%.


Muscle_Man1993 t1_j877zjx wrote

I meant in the specific places. Muslims are not a minority in Saudi. But they are a minority in Canada, Germany, Britain, etc.

The point I was making is that the living conditions in most Muslims countries are not good, for one reason or another. And in places where it is considered better, Muslims are a minority making it inconvenient to fully practice and enjoy Islam. I haven’t heard athan in public for some time now! Not saying necessarily that every country should have it. Just that I miss it.


israelilocal t1_j852rd0 wrote

A. It was barely true I live in front of a detention camp used to house illegal immigrants before either working them in pow conditions or sending them to sea or if they were lucky to Cyprus

B. It was the ruling British policy that decided which people got to enter not Arabs or Muslims who were mostly opposed to immigration even during the Holocaust

Source reading family history

RIP for my great grandma's sisters and brothers


que0x t1_j8560vd wrote

And why would the Arabs/Muslims pay the price for the Holocaust? It was not them who committed it.

The Holocaust was committed by the Germans, compensated by the Brits, and paid by Arabs, in blood.

I also wonder, do schools in Israel teach anything about the Jews Golden Age in muslim Spain?


israelilocal t1_j85qbqi wrote

The Arabs have nothing to do with this they happen to rule the land Jews in exile dreamt of living in for over 2000 years

In the 20th century Jews started to be treated bad in Arab/Muslim countries actually earlier in places like Yemen or Iran Which is why so many emigrated from there during the ottoman era

Yes Israeli school do teach about the Sephardic golden age not that much but it's not like we are taught about Ashkenazi history we talk more about revolutions than anything else

Just to add to the first point the holocaust reached Arab Maghreb and Iraq so it wasn't only the Germans


No-Independence828 t1_j85or23 wrote

Y mean the brits that controlled that piece of land and denied Jews refugees?


Dmatix t1_j87hchg wrote

It did not, not in the way you intend anyway. The region was controlled by the British Mandate at the time, and due to heavy Palestinian resistance to the idea of more Jews coming to the area, refugees included, the British enacted a series of immigration restrictions called the White Papers, which crippled the ability of Jews attempting to flee from Europe to get there. The Palestinians' policy has demonstrably got Jews killed.



WikiSummarizerBot t1_j87hdv1 wrote

White Paper of 1939

>The White Paper of 1939 was a policy paper issued by the British government, led by Neville Chamberlain, in response to the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. After its formal approval in the House of Commons on 23 May 1939, it acted as the governing policy for Mandatory Palestine from 1939 to the 1948 British departure. After the war, the Mandate was referred to the United Nations. The policy, first drafted in March 1939, was prepared by the British government unilaterally as a result of the failure of the Arab-Zionist London Conference.

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Pilot0350 t1_j84ohji wrote

I don't know exactly what a disco-pub is but I'm here for it. Why isn't this a thing here in the states


gotele t1_j84yhsa wrote

It's a place where people go to dance, have a few drinks, and maybe even find a romantic partner.


creasta29 t1_j852qxr wrote

Isnt this in the Uncharted movie?


calvincrack t1_j861v8e wrote

This reminds me of the Papa John’s in Uncharted that turned out to be the entrance to an ancient crypt.


Elver_Gon t1_j85apl2 wrote

That Ted Lasso episode makes sense now lol


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otravez5150 t1_j851mhp wrote

No religion, no gods, dance your demons away