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pyrocidal t1_j85na1p wrote

Americans and Canadians lol


AssaMarra t1_j85tcdt wrote

UK too, I'm seeing a pattern here... Any Aussies wanna chime in?


dogbolter4 t1_j85vvxq wrote

Yes, we Aussies wear wedding rings on left hand, third (ring) finger.


Currix t1_j85utau wrote

Argentinian here, we also wear it on our left hand


atrus44 t1_j866dhs wrote

For some reason I always thought it was distinct to Orthodox Christianity rather than a geographical thing, but I could be totally wrong. I don't know any Orthodox Americans, let alone married ones, to stare at their hands.


Suzume_Suzaku t1_j86mhjs wrote

I'm Orthodox and we wear the wedding bands on our right hand and they are placed on our right hand during the ceremony.


ExpatMeNow t1_j86cb56 wrote

I thought it was, too. My friend married a Greek-American guy in an Orthodox Church, and I think they did rings on right hand then and switched to left hand later just because they wanted to.


imghurrr t1_j8757be wrote

And English and Australians and many others