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Teadrunkest t1_j85l7ur wrote

Traditionally it’s left side ring finger in America because it’s “closest to the heart” but it’s all made up anyway so really whatever you decide.

My husband and I don’t even wear rings.


FiveCentsADay t1_j8627di wrote

Closest to the heart? Heard it was because it was the only finger with a vein that ran directly to the heart


Rooster_CPA t1_j86mtdh wrote

Every vein in your body is connected to your heart lol, thats how they get blood.


PM_me_Jazz t1_j86rich wrote

This myth infuriates me to an unreasonable extent. If people just stopped to think for 2 whole seconds they would realize "oh yeah, i guess all veins are connected to the heart". Or do people really know so little of human anatomy?


Why_Did_Bodie_Die t1_j87pzwz wrote

I'm 35 and have an engineering degree and my wife is a ICU nurse. I just learned how this stuff works like 6 months ago when I read the Magic School Bus book to my kid where they go inside the human body. Before that I just never even took the time to think about it.


TheIncarnated t1_j88e2bd wrote

I'm younger than you, not by much, but don't like putting my age on here. I work in IT and my wife is an ICU nurse. We talk about anatomy all the time (she's a biology nerd). I've known since grade school that blood goes everywhere.

However, she makes fun of me for "blood vein". Every vein has blood and it's an oxymoronic phrase... She proceeds to make fun of me... She also makes fun of me for a lot of other human anatomy things I say wrong. It's all in good fun. Until we visit the doctor and she makes the choice for me to get a shot over get oral medication and then proceeds to laugh at me because it hurts...

Dating or being married to a nurse is not for the weak of heart.


K1ngd0md00m t1_j87pfb6 wrote

Introducing: the venule and venous capillaries

My thinking is that (without looking at a detailed anatomy source like a textbook) maybe it's a vein that is still classified as a vein in anatomy and not what we would call a venule or the second half of a capillary bed containing 'venous blood'. Vein direct to heart not like branches of venules to vein to heart, maybe?

Edit: Wuh oh, I made a guess and decided to actually look into it more it's been fairly proven to be cultural belief mostly


JJ4622 t1_j88g9zl wrote

If we wanted to be pedantic, most veins actually join up to larger veins which eventually join up to the Vena Cava which connects to your heart.

I say most because there's also the pulmonary veins which connects to your heart, but that also carries oxygenated blood so its a bit different.


FiveCentsADay t1_j8800lu wrote

The vascularity system is like a highway- it sometimes branches out from 'main' veins. The ring finger has a main vein running all the way to it, or something. That's also why in movies you see the spurt of blood if someone's fingers get chopped off, it's that vein.


PineapplePizza99 t1_j886y1f wrote

Blood from veins doesn't spurt out. Blood from arteries does.


FiveCentsADay t1_j89ppp7 wrote

I was on cloud 9 when i wrote that shit, i dont even remember the conversation.


CallidoraBlack t1_j884y45 wrote

It was alleged that the ancient Egyptians believed this and that's where the tradition came from eventually.