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duderguy91 t1_j85m12m wrote

Peace wasn’t an option when Russia decided to invade and start killing. Your mindset is tragically flawed and completely naive to the fact that truly evil beings live in this world and they control a lot of people.

I genuinely don’t believe you’ve been through these tragic events you speak of because you would know that the evil in this world is true. If you’re willing to roll over and die to any threat so be it. But humans typically have self preservation instincts for a very good reason and there is nothing morally wrong about standing up to the evil in this world.


Jibtech t1_j85oe0z wrote

Theyre extremely naive and don't understand what's actually happening in the real world.


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duderguy91 t1_j85o250 wrote

Enjoy getting absolutely rolled in life bud. Your opinion is ridiculous and if the world followed that flawed logic, the Nazi’s would still be ruling Germany and likely expanding out further.