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BanglaV6 t1_j8685li wrote

Yeah, Im sure you sitting behind a comfy chair on reddit would know the psych of people getting married in a wartorn country. Like what. How can you be so sure.


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j869o8n wrote

I got married and had a kid out of trauma. Workplace sexual harassment, retaliation, and abuse. It's not the same as a war-torn country, but the main reason I changed my mind on those things.

I was not in a war-torn country, but I was in a personal psychological warfare with only one target - me. They say it is as bad as being in a war. At least the books I have read on workplace abuse do. The PTSD is comparable as well.


BanglaV6 t1_j87m50e wrote

My bad, apologies. I hope you heal from all the trauma as much as possible. I didn't mean to be an asshat and discount your trauma.


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j87tix8 wrote

I understand. All I meant on this thread was that all we can do is stand against evil and injustice and hope that we find people to stand with us. At the end of the day, if enough of us do it, things will get better. People getting married and having kids in the worst of circumstances is just the human spirit looking for that connection and never giving up on what really matters in life.