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Piporor t1_j86edjb wrote

Funny thing is this a Cuban missle crisis in reverse, American expansion via nato forced Russia to act. Funny how people don't talk about the corruption in Ukraine and genocide they where doing ethnic Russians.

If China or Russia via there version of nato wanted to put a military based with missiles pointing to usa in Mexico or Canada u can bet ur ass we would invade 2. Hell if u have oil we will invade in the name of freedom.


PrivetRebyata t1_j86gpby wrote

Is this really what you have to say about civilians trying to live their lives in the horrors of the war?


Piporor t1_j90cwg4 wrote

Truth has to be spread somehow


PrivetRebyata t1_j90h02j wrote

Lol, you spread bs you saw on internet, not truth. I moved to Ukraine long before 2022 so don’t try to tell me what living in Ukraine is like


Piporor t1_j90ifpk wrote

Never did, but what I posted is the truth. Ukraine are not innocent that just got invaded because Russia just felt like it