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vasylyna t1_j8fdt4w wrote

Well… what can I say, continue to live in the world portrayed by Russian propaganda and enjoy your privileged life. Apparently Sovereign country shouldn’t defend itself against invasion and genocide. You do know that Ukraine never was a threat and before 2014 had good for nothing military. What happened in 2014?🤔


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vasylyna t1_j8fhz05 wrote

It is brave. Ukrainians stood unarmed before Russians tanks and it changed nothing because they do not see us as equals. Our suffering means nothing to them even more they enjoy this opportunity to punish us. Thank you for telling where are you from but it was obvious that you never experienced situation where the choice is fight or die.

English not my first language and it’s pretty tiresome to make a point to someone who thinks they know better. Have a nice life and enjoy Russian propaganda