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bbygodzilla t1_j84rylv wrote

> Kyiv registered 9,120 marriages in the first five months after Russia began its full-scale attack on Ukraine last February, compared with just 1,110 over the same period in 2021.

Wow, that's really incredible. Love endures, love strengthens us, even in the darkest of times.

Edit: damn guys, just let me believe in love!


TheAmazingDuckOfDoom t1_j857t6x wrote

People get married fast so they could move their loved ones to other countries easier. Love is not the primary incentive here. It's same in Russia, people want to leave the country for work and bring their partner with them.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j85a1vg wrote

Also a lot of men going off to war. There’s both the “why wait” aspect because they could die at any day, and probably some military benefits that are paid out to spouses


Bedrel t1_j8589ph wrote

I mean, that and also, living with the possibility of dying at any day makes you slightly more likely to want to “experience everything” before you die


Marokiii t1_j862a0w wrote

Also if you are a soldier and get killed your wife/husbandgets death benefits. If she is just your gf/bf then they get nothing.


A_Light_Spark t1_j85faln wrote


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j866tsa wrote

Trauma often leads to such decisions - marriages and children, because the human psyche needs the affirmation of love and life to survive the trauma. This is what you are seeing.


BanglaV6 t1_j8685li wrote

Yeah, Im sure you sitting behind a comfy chair on reddit would know the psych of people getting married in a wartorn country. Like what. How can you be so sure.


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j869o8n wrote

I got married and had a kid out of trauma. Workplace sexual harassment, retaliation, and abuse. It's not the same as a war-torn country, but the main reason I changed my mind on those things.

I was not in a war-torn country, but I was in a personal psychological warfare with only one target - me. They say it is as bad as being in a war. At least the books I have read on workplace abuse do. The PTSD is comparable as well.


BanglaV6 t1_j87m50e wrote

My bad, apologies. I hope you heal from all the trauma as much as possible. I didn't mean to be an asshat and discount your trauma.


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j87tix8 wrote

I understand. All I meant on this thread was that all we can do is stand against evil and injustice and hope that we find people to stand with us. At the end of the day, if enough of us do it, things will get better. People getting married and having kids in the worst of circumstances is just the human spirit looking for that connection and never giving up on what really matters in life.


mynameisalso t1_j869wyw wrote

I think that's more about spousal benefits. Like people who were waiting for dragging their feet rushed now because of the war.

You heard about soldiers in the US getting married quick before heading to Iraq or Afghanistan I imagine this is not much different.


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CallidoraBlack t1_j884vji wrote

I'm pretty sure death benefits for a partner still require a legal partnership of some kind in most cases. And it sounds as if you're assuming that Western Europe is 'the rest of the world'.


[deleted] t1_j89drnk wrote



CallidoraBlack t1_j89g3be wrote

I seriously doubt you're an expert on what the rules are for marital benefits in the entire world. And there's only one area of the world where its very likely that what you said is true. Western Europe.


cmVkZGl0 t1_j86sj2r wrote

58 marriages a day!? How the fuck is this possible?


DrDisastor t1_j84u381 wrote

Do they wear wedding rings on right hands in Ukraine?


SunnyHappyMe t1_j84z5vp wrote

yes we do


WinterBrews t1_j85i8ts wrote

I legit do not know if thats where im supposed to wear a wedding band in america or not. Im a terrible woman


Teadrunkest t1_j85l7ur wrote

Traditionally it’s left side ring finger in America because it’s “closest to the heart” but it’s all made up anyway so really whatever you decide.

My husband and I don’t even wear rings.


FiveCentsADay t1_j8627di wrote

Closest to the heart? Heard it was because it was the only finger with a vein that ran directly to the heart


Rooster_CPA t1_j86mtdh wrote

Every vein in your body is connected to your heart lol, thats how they get blood.


PM_me_Jazz t1_j86rich wrote

This myth infuriates me to an unreasonable extent. If people just stopped to think for 2 whole seconds they would realize "oh yeah, i guess all veins are connected to the heart". Or do people really know so little of human anatomy?


Why_Did_Bodie_Die t1_j87pzwz wrote

I'm 35 and have an engineering degree and my wife is a ICU nurse. I just learned how this stuff works like 6 months ago when I read the Magic School Bus book to my kid where they go inside the human body. Before that I just never even took the time to think about it.


TheIncarnated t1_j88e2bd wrote

I'm younger than you, not by much, but don't like putting my age on here. I work in IT and my wife is an ICU nurse. We talk about anatomy all the time (she's a biology nerd). I've known since grade school that blood goes everywhere.

However, she makes fun of me for "blood vein". Every vein has blood and it's an oxymoronic phrase... She proceeds to make fun of me... She also makes fun of me for a lot of other human anatomy things I say wrong. It's all in good fun. Until we visit the doctor and she makes the choice for me to get a shot over get oral medication and then proceeds to laugh at me because it hurts...

Dating or being married to a nurse is not for the weak of heart.


K1ngd0md00m t1_j87pfb6 wrote

Introducing: the venule and venous capillaries

My thinking is that (without looking at a detailed anatomy source like a textbook) maybe it's a vein that is still classified as a vein in anatomy and not what we would call a venule or the second half of a capillary bed containing 'venous blood'. Vein direct to heart not like branches of venules to vein to heart, maybe?

Edit: Wuh oh, I made a guess and decided to actually look into it more it's been fairly proven to be cultural belief mostly


JJ4622 t1_j88g9zl wrote

If we wanted to be pedantic, most veins actually join up to larger veins which eventually join up to the Vena Cava which connects to your heart.

I say most because there's also the pulmonary veins which connects to your heart, but that also carries oxygenated blood so its a bit different.


FiveCentsADay t1_j8800lu wrote

The vascularity system is like a highway- it sometimes branches out from 'main' veins. The ring finger has a main vein running all the way to it, or something. That's also why in movies you see the spurt of blood if someone's fingers get chopped off, it's that vein.


PineapplePizza99 t1_j886y1f wrote

Blood from veins doesn't spurt out. Blood from arteries does.


FiveCentsADay t1_j89ppp7 wrote

I was on cloud 9 when i wrote that shit, i dont even remember the conversation.


CallidoraBlack t1_j884y45 wrote

It was alleged that the ancient Egyptians believed this and that's where the tradition came from eventually.


[deleted] t1_j86ausz wrote



a_fungus t1_j86iclj wrote

For a Claddagg, I didn’t think it mattered as long as the heart is upside down to everyone else and normal when you look at it. Every day I learn.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_j86uxls wrote

Right hand, pointing away = single

Right hand, pointing towards the wearer = in a relationship

Left hand, pointing away = engaged

Left hand, pointing towards the wearer = married


Punkinprincess t1_j8774p1 wrote

My husband proposed to me with a Claddagh ring and I love it! I now wear it on my right hand and my wedding band on my left.


SugisakiKen627 t1_j87op9p wrote

we south east asian (the ones who wears wedding ring) have it on our right hand. its the meaning for you that matters most 🙂


SelenaJnb t1_j861ag4 wrote

My husband and I have a wedding ring for both our left and right hands. This way we are always seen as married no matter where we travel in the world 🥰


yesgirlsusereddit t1_j87p2iv wrote

How lovely! Guess if I ever travel I'll need to invest in an extra ring!


gamebuster t1_j85ki0j wrote

You do not? Who wears it left?


pyrocidal t1_j85na1p wrote

Americans and Canadians lol


AssaMarra t1_j85tcdt wrote

UK too, I'm seeing a pattern here... Any Aussies wanna chime in?


dogbolter4 t1_j85vvxq wrote

Yes, we Aussies wear wedding rings on left hand, third (ring) finger.


Currix t1_j85utau wrote

Argentinian here, we also wear it on our left hand


atrus44 t1_j866dhs wrote

For some reason I always thought it was distinct to Orthodox Christianity rather than a geographical thing, but I could be totally wrong. I don't know any Orthodox Americans, let alone married ones, to stare at their hands.


Suzume_Suzaku t1_j86mhjs wrote

I'm Orthodox and we wear the wedding bands on our right hand and they are placed on our right hand during the ceremony.


ExpatMeNow t1_j86cb56 wrote

I thought it was, too. My friend married a Greek-American guy in an Orthodox Church, and I think they did rings on right hand then and switched to left hand later just because they wanted to.


imghurrr t1_j8757be wrote

And English and Australians and many others


asian_dude_5991 t1_j86e9ja wrote

Wait you guys usually wear it on the left?


imghurrr t1_j8754uy wrote

Yes, in lots of other European countries too, and non European countries


Tarkcanis t1_j861h7u wrote

Nothing brings a country together like foreign aggression.


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j866kgt wrote

Magic wand? Nope, you just stand against it. I can not order anyone to stand in the face of evil. I know what it takes. I'm still paying for it. But we, as a whole, have way more power than Putin or whoever stupid dictator. That is why it is OUR job to do it. Don't just celebrate someone else still standing, stand with them.


Adkit t1_j863jd6 wrote

That title is like 4 out of 10 at best.


Spicy_Bicycle t1_j875eto wrote

They should make a dramatized movie about her. Seems like potential for a great story and it could help fund relief efforts in Ukraine or something, sending food and warm clothes to families and soldiers.


Littleobe2 t1_j86hff4 wrote

It's just like what Voldemort came back to power people still needed to live their lives they're still has to be happiness


PeterUnlustigLustig t1_j88bcyl wrote

Does the title make grammatically no sense or did my english skills leave my body?


Scuta44 t1_j862q77 wrote

What about the millions of other Ukrainians that still get up everyday and go to work?


HarbingerME2 t1_j87mywx wrote

Right. His countrymen are dying fighting off invaders and this guy's brave for doing his job? Come on


CallidoraBlack t1_j8856s7 wrote

We talk about the soldiers all the time. So it's not like we're ignoring them to talk about him.


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estherhazelagnes t1_j87a291 wrote

Lately I’ve been trying to be happy out of spite.


Gumnutbaby t1_j87sv7n wrote

Amazing that love is finding a way!


Lagiacrus111 t1_j86f759 wrote

Sometimes article writers just need to learn when to put periods in their titles


bushwhack227 t1_j86mz5o wrote

"Article writers" don't write headlines. Editors do.


Drew2248 t1_j868n4a wrote

It's interesting that you've taken a perfectly grammatical headline and managed to turn it into an ungrammatical run-on sentence. Is this a special skill of yours?


Piporor t1_j86edjb wrote

Funny thing is this a Cuban missle crisis in reverse, American expansion via nato forced Russia to act. Funny how people don't talk about the corruption in Ukraine and genocide they where doing ethnic Russians.

If China or Russia via there version of nato wanted to put a military based with missiles pointing to usa in Mexico or Canada u can bet ur ass we would invade 2. Hell if u have oil we will invade in the name of freedom.


PrivetRebyata t1_j86gpby wrote

Is this really what you have to say about civilians trying to live their lives in the horrors of the war?


Piporor t1_j90cwg4 wrote

Truth has to be spread somehow


PrivetRebyata t1_j90h02j wrote

Lol, you spread bs you saw on internet, not truth. I moved to Ukraine long before 2022 so don’t try to tell me what living in Ukraine is like


Piporor t1_j90ifpk wrote

Never did, but what I posted is the truth. Ukraine are not innocent that just got invaded because Russia just felt like it


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j855x4v wrote

Or, you know, we could stop all stupid wars and let everyone keep living.


Green-Dancer t1_j8568b0 wrote

Are you suggesting the wedding planner marry Zelensky and Putin? Bro, come on. There's a time and place and this ain't it.


John-D-Clay t1_j85b7ra wrote

Who is we? Putin? Or are you suggesting Ukraine is somehow in the wrong?


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j85g8qf wrote

I think you need to sit and think a bit more. We is us, humanity...


John-D-Clay t1_j85gchi wrote

Could you explain what you mean?


Jibtech t1_j85nd3d wrote

They mean not Russia, nor Ukraine, nor America. They're saying humans as a whole, which includes Putin(human) and that also includes Zelensky(human) as well as Hitler(human) they mean we as humans need to learn to coexist without war. It will never happen though because that would mean everybody agreeing on the same thing.

Nice sentiment though


rrogido t1_j865nfr wrote wish there was a magic wand that would stop evil. How very mature of you.


Outofmany t1_j8606rd wrote

Are you suggesting Ukraine is not one of the most corrupt nations on earth? Are you further suggesting that Ukraine is not being used by the United States as a proxy war against Russia? Is Ukraine wrong?

Ukraine is wrong for bowing to US pressure and not simply going back to how things were. Ukraine is also bearing the brunt of that decision. Is that wrong? To continue to engage in a war you will never win, because you couldn’t handle agreeing to not be Americas bitch?

Hmmmm. Yup that sounds wrong.


John-D-Clay t1_j8638qx wrote

Lol! Russia is undoubtedly more corrupt than Ukraine, especially now since people have been weeded out from the start of the war.

Why is the US supporting Ukraine against aggression bad? Because Ukraine shouldn't exist? Ukrainians would vehemently disagree with you on that. Ukraine wants more aid, not less.


Outofmany t1_j86e05m wrote

America is the worlds mafia boss. March 2022 Ukraine and Russia were drafting a peace deal. Who do you think shut that down? Who really wanted the war?


John-D-Clay t1_j86ecsc wrote

Russia literally rolled in with tanks, not Ukraine. And Russia is the one literally run by mob affiliated oligarchs.


sh1ko t1_j864mfo wrote

Ivan, it's just lunch break, easy on the vodka there, comrade.


Outofmany t1_j86djsb wrote

Imperial America, hiding behind modern banking.


[deleted] t1_j85h1tx wrote



duderguy91 t1_j85i7bh wrote

Sure, just sitting back and letting your country get bombed to extinction and letting the initial aggressor take everything from your people is the move.


[deleted] t1_j85k92e wrote



duderguy91 t1_j85kjyr wrote

You are conveniently glossing over that the aggressors are taking lives. If you don’t fight back, you lose everything including lives. If you do fight back you have a shot of not losing the lives of your loved ones.

You can sit on that pseudo moral hill all you want. But I imagine you’ve never been properly punched in the face let alone had your life or the lives of your loved ones threatened. It’s very easy to be pious in a comfy basement with no threat.


[deleted] t1_j85lkhs wrote



duderguy91 t1_j85m12m wrote

Peace wasn’t an option when Russia decided to invade and start killing. Your mindset is tragically flawed and completely naive to the fact that truly evil beings live in this world and they control a lot of people.

I genuinely don’t believe you’ve been through these tragic events you speak of because you would know that the evil in this world is true. If you’re willing to roll over and die to any threat so be it. But humans typically have self preservation instincts for a very good reason and there is nothing morally wrong about standing up to the evil in this world.


Jibtech t1_j85oe0z wrote

Theyre extremely naive and don't understand what's actually happening in the real world.


[deleted] t1_j85nvbu wrote



duderguy91 t1_j85o250 wrote

Enjoy getting absolutely rolled in life bud. Your opinion is ridiculous and if the world followed that flawed logic, the Nazi’s would still be ruling Germany and likely expanding out further.


vasylyna t1_j85y7oe wrote

They would kill, they are killing and they killed in the past


[deleted] t1_j863f8t wrote



vasylyna t1_j8adxmf wrote

Gay people oppressed all over the world, not only in Ukraine. Ukraine is at war with Russians that took over Donetsk and Luhansk regions. When Russia leaves there will be no more rockets, very simple. How can you call Russians soldiers? They are criminals. They are invaders. Ukrainian people have nowhere to go to escape this evil. Russians can stop this here and now by just go home. But they won’t, because they feel entitled to choose how other nations should live


[deleted] t1_j8am81v wrote



vasylyna t1_j8dwtxq wrote

Peace surely will come if all Ukrainians are killed. That’s what you state. Because Russia will not stop and if they defeat us they will come for you. And I didn’t state that Ukraine is perfect. We have issues a lot AND we have bloodthirsty neighbour that prevent us from progress. You can not improve if you only have time to barely survive. This is my last point because I see you have no idea what is going on and just try to be “not like other”


[deleted] t1_j8e9lpg wrote



vasylyna t1_j8f0155 wrote

You know what Ukrainians (common people and celebrities) did for months after February 24? We asked we begged we pleaded Russians to stop this to go against their government to sabotage this cruelty. What Russians did? Millions fled the country and stay silent abroad, millions laughed at deaths of civilians, hundreds of thousands came in Ukraine to kill, rape and still. War will end when this empire destroys itself like many other before it. You believes are naїve - you cannot protect yourself and loved ones simply by diplomacy. How you can create this “change in mind” in Russians? For the past 30 years they invaded 5 nations and only gained from it. They should be thought a lesson. Unfortunately, the best women and man of my people paying the ultimate price for it


[deleted] t1_j8fb6si wrote



vasylyna t1_j8fdt4w wrote

Well… what can I say, continue to live in the world portrayed by Russian propaganda and enjoy your privileged life. Apparently Sovereign country shouldn’t defend itself against invasion and genocide. You do know that Ukraine never was a threat and before 2014 had good for nothing military. What happened in 2014?🤔


[deleted] t1_j8ff44l wrote



vasylyna t1_j8fhz05 wrote

It is brave. Ukrainians stood unarmed before Russians tanks and it changed nothing because they do not see us as equals. Our suffering means nothing to them even more they enjoy this opportunity to punish us. Thank you for telling where are you from but it was obvious that you never experienced situation where the choice is fight or die.

English not my first language and it’s pretty tiresome to make a point to someone who thinks they know better. Have a nice life and enjoy Russian propaganda


CallidoraBlack t1_j885tij wrote

>You actually think Russia would be killing Ukrainians if they didn't fight back?

Russia has literally committed genocide against Ukrainians before. Do you not know what genocide is?


icantbelieveiclicked t1_j85pc8l wrote

Yeah when the enemy is litteraly torturing children, you go convince parents to just let it happen in the name of peace