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arby68 t1_j8fe3sw wrote

The winners this year are:

Yer a Blizzard, Harry – District 8 (Southwest Minnesota)
Blizzo – Metro District (Twin Cities)
Clearopathtra – District 1 (Northeast Minnesota)
Better Call Salt – District 3 (Central Minnesota)
Han Snowlo – District 7 (South Central Minnesota)
Blader Tot Hotdish – District 2 (Northwest Minnesota)
Scoop! There it is – District 6 (Southeast Minnesota)
Sleetwood Mac – District 4 (West Central Minnesota)


ayyyebrows t1_j8gfrhw wrote

I think a few years ago there was a winner called Abolish Ice


GlandyThunderbundle t1_j8fgqxv wrote


arby68 t1_j8fi4a9 wrote

I'm not sure how to respond to this :)

a) Yes, those are the 4 ingredients.


b) You're not from around here. Are you?

When it's below zero and you're cold, when it's Friday and your work week sucked, then this is the comfort food you are looking for. It pairs well with both Mt. Dew and Pouilly Fuisse.


GlandyThunderbundle t1_j8fit1s wrote

The Midwest loves their casseroles. I’m just sorta proud I pieced “tater to hot dish” together and then googled what it was.


Arki83 t1_j8g2shh wrote

There is no such thing as casseroles in MN, only hot dishes.


DoubleLigero85 t1_j8g7571 wrote

I got my MN in-laws to enjoy enjoys enchiladas by calling it "south-west hot dish"


MatterShim t1_j8fmxsp wrote

Now you have to try it. It's so damn good.


radj06 t1_j8g5u94 wrote

It's the best when you have an end of season sports banquet and you have 15 different people's versions of a hot dish, a few lasagnas and a couple crock pots full of things.


SoLuscious t1_j8g4sme wrote

In my defense, I've never heard the term hot dish (from Seattle). Been eating tater tot casserole my whole life and it's one of my favorite meals!


annomandaris t1_j8gly1g wrote

It appears to be a Shepard or hunters pie but with tater tot’s instead of mashed potatoes.


Ok-Simple5493 t1_j8jy0ji wrote

Sort of yes. Many people add cheese. It normally contains cream of something soup. It is absolutely delicious. I use a mixture of two soups.


stevedidit t1_j8gmkhj wrote

OMG. I have eaten tater tot hotdish with both of these drinks in the past, and yeah, that food just pairs well with, well, everything.


catsinspace t1_j8ivbt8 wrote

I'm from California and this was all very puzzling.


Schwornje t1_j8g1oc3 wrote

I was so proud of that idea when I submitted it.


icymallard t1_j8fy706 wrote

Clearopathtra is a clever one, but annoying af to say


globalgreg t1_j8g10jr wrote

It would be better without the last “t”


Lucaraidh t1_j8habkz wrote

Clearopathtra is by far my favorite 🤣


Jetztinberlin t1_j8h44sf wrote

These are all brilliant! Thanks for sharing, as a pun addict this made my morning :)


juanjing t1_j8gvxcv wrote

Those are all pretty solid, to be honest.


l0stabarnacos t1_j8egpmg wrote

I liked Better call Salt too! 😄


shifty_coder t1_j8f34i6 wrote

Clearopathtra made me chuckle


ShortysTRM t1_j8g289g wrote

I am helping with a bridge engineering contest for middle and high school kids, and one of the "team" names (it's just one kid) was Truss Issues. I thought that was clever.


OwlrageousJones t1_j8gl785 wrote

Clearopathra is my absolute favourite because in my opinion, it's the cleverest of them.

Most of the others rely on a very simple one word swap or pun - but Clearopathra is something I could never come up with.


citytiger OP t1_j8edmk7 wrote

she won the contest in Minnesota.


landof10000cakes t1_j8evkys wrote

She kind if gained traction in the Minneapolis scene so not too surprising. Eventually she went from play Atmosphere’s music festival to headlining every major festival.


SecretSauceryWitness t1_j8lbaw5 wrote

She was here in Minnesota for a while and did well locally. Minnesota kinda adopted her as their own for a bit even tho she was from Houston.


idontknopez t1_j8siak9 wrote

Man I wish Atmosphere had new stuff. Dude is talented and I love his old stuff like eff you Lucy and Gods bathroom floor.


High_Stream t1_j8fq984 wrote

Her music isn't completely my jam, but she seems very wholesome to me.


sunspoter t1_j8gieg6 wrote

Fair. I like her music, but I love that you respect her just for being nice. :)


Sarabean77 t1_j8g5ecx wrote

Lizzo is the only newer music I consistently listen to. Absolutely love her!


WilliamSwagspeare t1_j8h1sme wrote

Well she HAS maintained that her favorite person is Chris Brown, so.....


WiseGreen4 t1_j8hedoh wrote

Ah damn, i didn’t need to know that but thanks for the info. Disappointing if true.


mcclobber t1_j8f8so2 wrote

I really liked 'You're a blizzard Harry'


Jetztinberlin t1_j8h4h3z wrote

It also won! Different districts. The full list is posted, they're all great :)


stusthrowaway t1_j8g1su1 wrote

It's no Gritsy Witsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-slip Machiny.


OverMedicatedTexan t1_j8fgemp wrote

LOVE her and her positive messaging. Saw her in concert a few months ago with my friend and her daughters. It was their first concert and she was amazing.


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_j8f064h wrote

Truly uplifting and not a borderline r/aboringdystopia post (unlike a lot of stuff on this sub.) I love it!


danger_zone123 t1_j8eqvkg wrote

That is great. Love stories like this.


hartemis t1_j8fwijp wrote

That’s how you know you made it.


TLDR2D2 t1_j8g0dya wrote

How was Jeremy Blender not chosen?

Edit: or Render, now that I think about it...


theweirddane t1_j8gsxav wrote

Snowey McSnowface would have been perfect.


royiroyi t1_j8hy7j9 wrote

My street is one of the later streets to get plowed on blizzard days in my city.

So I fully support naming a plow “About Damn Time”

(Just kidding i love the plow drivers and thank you)


sonofamatt t1_j8ivngi wrote

Wait they named a snowplow after Lizzo?


patheticfallacies t1_j8iydbp wrote

Because she spent a piece of her early music career/life in the Twin Cities.

And because it's Minnesota in winter.


sonofamatt t1_j8j0v04 wrote

So strange


queefgerbil t1_j8llzco wrote

I really thought she was being called that as a mean spirited fat joke. Good thing I was wrong.


Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_j8g7608 wrote

What's a snowplow naming contest?


citytiger OP t1_j8gckhi wrote

Exactly what it sounds like.


Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_j8gcy70 wrote

OK. Why is there a snowplow naming contest?


swankengr t1_j8gdyla wrote

Have you ever lived through a mn winter? We need anything we can get to add some levity. Haha. It was fun to vote for this, though. Some clever puns :).


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jetkins t1_j8jd27u wrote

Plowy McPlowface was taken?


zamboniq t1_j8gd2ab wrote



[deleted] t1_j8fgeyj wrote



Alligatorblizzard t1_j8fnzmg wrote

It started a few years ago, and of course Plowy McPlowface was one of the names chosen in the first round.


SwitcherooU t1_j8fvvv2 wrote


Osseo has a junior high (7-8-9) and senior high (10-11-12), not a middle school.

While we’re on the subject, junior high always made way more sense to me than middle school. 6th graders shouldn’t be in the same building as 8th graders. And 9th graders shouldn’t be in the same building as 12th graders.


SerfnTurf t1_j8gfjet wrote

It does not. I work in the district and while the high school is technically Osseo Senior High School, the middle school is Osseo Middle School. The high school has grades 9-12. The middle school is 6-8. I am confused where this info is coming from. Feel free to search Osseo School District ISD 279 and check for yourself. I voted on this very contest last week when our middle school science teachers shared it to the district.


boblobong t1_j8ghh79 wrote

What a weird thing for the other commenter to correct but be totally wrong about lol you'd think the only people who'd point out that kind of thing would have first hand knowledge. Did they just pull it out of their ass?


SwitcherooU t1_j8gj4sf wrote

Oh wow, it must’ve changed. I went there, albeit many years ago now. Back when I attended, it was called Osseo Junior High and it had 7-8-9. Looks like the whole district changed over. Unfortunate.


patheticfallacies t1_j8iyzc0 wrote

Almost every middle/junior high everywhere has grades 6 through 8 now. Some may still buck against the norm, but that is the norm.

And junior highs are shifting into middle schools except if combined with high schools in the same building.


SerfnTurf t1_j8k36e1 wrote

Yeah when the class sizes are too big they do that. My guess is you were there before all the high school additions that were added to accommodate the 9th graders. We have a 2nd and 3rd floor now in only ONE area that are not a complete circle but a U shape so traffic is terrible. Maybe you were there before the entire East wing was built too.


IcelandIII t1_j8g02br wrote

Middle schools don't have 9th graders


SwitcherooU t1_j8g360m wrote

Shit, meant to say 8th. Frankly nobody should be in the same building as 8th graders. We’re all terrible little goblins at that age.


IcelandIII t1_j8g3o6s wrote

Yeah 6th to 8th is so different. I just think it's nice splitting 8th and 9th up, those are the two absolute worst years. I wouldn't wish it on anyone to have to teach both.


PandFThrowaway t1_j8g5vup wrote

Personally I liked how my district did it back in the day. Elementary:1-4,intermediate:5-6,middle:7-8,high:9-12. It seemed to make sense but I think they’ve changed it up recently.


YogiNurse t1_j8gd33k wrote

This is what my boys’ district is like. My oldest is only in kindergarten though so yet to be seen how it is in practice 😂