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frog_jesus_ t1_j8fi58z wrote

This was uplifting until I read that "a series of people" tried to kidnap the baby by pretending to be her relatives. They thought "Ah, God favors her, I can't wait to get my grubby hands on that!" In the middle of such tragedy... people are unbelievable.


Ravgn t1_j8hdw5e wrote

Crazy people, a child is a very expensive lucky charm to raise compared to a rabbits foot.


Angelusz t1_j8hy8eg wrote

Forgive these people, they are currently living in literal hell, their entire lives have been destroyed in the blink of an eye. Some madness can be expected, people are desperate for some hope, positivity, love.

Be compassionate. What they did is wrong, but understandable.


frog_jesus_ t1_j8ieosy wrote

No. Trying to excuse kidnapping a baby is really too much. There's nothing about such a crisis that justifies that in any way. All it is is parasites taking advantage of a horrible situation.


hjnkbo t1_j8ij655 wrote

I could see heavily traumatized, grieving people having lost their own new born child clinging to every bit of (even irrational) hope. And therefore claiming it is their child instead of having to face reality and living with the fact that their own child died or is still missing under the rubble. This is speculative of course but calling them parasites is uncalled for.


frog_jesus_ t1_j8j9p3v wrote

Anyone who tries to steal someone else's baby is a fucking parasite. If they are so selfish and absorbed in their own grief that they disregard the grief of the BABY'S ACTUAL FAMILY that THEY would be causing -- not some natural disaster -- they can go to Hell. You don't comp your grief by making grief for others. I stand by calling that parasitic.


Angelusz t1_j8ikwdu wrote

I'm not saying we should accept or justify it, but just understand. They've been punished enough already. If they had succeeded then of course they must be stopped, but that's all hypothetical.

They are all still just very frightened and hurt humans. There is no normal response to such an insane situation.

But I really get what you're saying, I do.


Nah_Fam_Oh_Dam OP t1_j8f9g8j wrote

From the article:

"The infant, named Aya — Arabic for “a sign from God" — by hospital workers, may be able to leave the hospital as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday, according to her great-uncle, Saleh al-Badran. He said the baby’s paternal aunt, who recently gave birth and survived the quake, will raise her."

Thank goodness Aya is doing well.


Skyblacker t1_j8h6dyq wrote

I just find this article sad. Her parents and siblings died, along with at least 35,000 other people in the earthquake. Her mother gave birth, labor probably induced by the earthquake, and then slowly died next to her.


Angelusz t1_j8hycp0 wrote

It's all very, very sad. And super important to highlight every bit of positivity when it comes, that's what those people (and all of us empathizing with them) need to get through the horrible event.


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fallingcats_net t1_j8hywn4 wrote

Why would that be uplifting? It's just another reminder of catastrophe


Skyblacker t1_j8k45hu wrote

I agree. A newborn lived, but holy crap, look at the context!