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MarcoYTVA t1_j8h49ox wrote

Now a global cooling crisis is inevitable


AphexTwins903 t1_j8hgw38 wrote

Under capitalism? Not a fucking chance!


MarcoYTVA t1_j8hhz30 wrote

If fighting global warming is profitable, capitalism guarantees someone will go too far for a few extra bucks


Vigitiser t1_j8hkkox wrote

Global temperature is still going to rise by up to 3 degrees dude, global cooling won’t be even a suggestion of an issue for a good hundred years or so


fungussa t1_j8vglw9 wrote

Why are you trying to use your beliefs to ignore science?


MarcoYTVA t1_j8vhn38 wrote

Why are you being overdramatic?


fungussa t1_j8vnwvd wrote

Highlighting the fact, that you're ignoring science, is not 'being overdramatic'. So can you answer the question?


MarcoYTVA t1_j8wufeg wrote

My point as that, if it's profitable, people will take it too far. How am I ignoring science?


fungussa t1_j8wzpqo wrote

The Earth is not in any way going to cool in the near to medium term. Fact.

Who is having a future of "living within one's means" profitable? Less consumerism, less energy usage, personal carbon footprints etc.


Electrical-Bed8577 t1_j9o20dj wrote

Actually true in a sense, Marco- . Warming lowlands and oceans instigate stratospheric instability with polar vortex weakening, so polar vortex spills out, drops a freeze down, seeking homeostasis? It's gonna get alot hotter and way colder while it gets alot wetter but then windier and drier... but yeah, alot hotter.