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Wingnut763 t1_j8uyrqf wrote

Lol, google his house in ATL, it has a private runway.


Booomerz t1_j8v6cfc wrote

But he's so generous.


KoNcEpTiX t1_j8wfbn8 wrote

I mean you can have nice things for yourself while doing good for others…


AlmightyFruitcake t1_j8wt3e4 wrote

The money just would have went to paying his taxes anyways but I guess helping local communities is better than letting the government squander it


Mannimal13 t1_j8w93fx wrote

How did he decide this one? You know whose really struggling? Seniors that rent. They need the help more than those that can literally tap into equity at any time.


Jackamalio626 t1_j8venml wrote

Oh yeah, cuz the fuckin greedy boomers needed more handouts?


Kenan_as_SteveHarvey t1_j8wwvh6 wrote

He’s specifically helping low income people who may be struggling to keep their homes.


AudiACar t1_j8xsbq2 wrote

Not to be that asshole, but if 5 houses (near where I live) cost 500k. Did he just bail out maybe a few friends elderly family?


Metlman13 t1_j8zvejm wrote

According to the article, the $2.75 million is to covers the real estate (including county, city and school-related) tax back-pay for 300 seniors and cover any tax increase over the next 20 years for another 100 seniors (all of whom live on fixed incomes).


Guilty_Ad114 t1_j8vs9kh wrote

The rich person bootlicking in this comment section is divine


somekennyguy t1_j8yl7v4 wrote

The negativity here is astounding. Holy bananas. Do any of you do anything to help your neighbor or is b****** on Reddit the extent of your community service.

That stated, real estate taxes on the elderly are truly a problem. Especially for those on a fixed income, if the city appraises your property to a higher value, these can quickly cause an already tight budget to collapse. Folks can lose their homes or their kids will be stuck paying.

Have some compassion..


marklondon66 t1_j8yuu1o wrote

You nailed it. But the hive mind dislikes Perry so here we are.


Pissed_Off_Pacifist t1_j915kkb wrote

There are plenty of people struggling to pay rent with limited to no access to equity. If those people can't pay they end up homeless. Having a house to sell is a lot better than being homeless. The seniors in this discussion got a buyers market back in the day. Not sure why they should get it both ways. 🤷


Law_Doge t1_j8w3bmg wrote

Jordan would have donated more. Just sayin.


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xoomax t1_j91dq8f wrote

Tyler Perry's Donation.

Streaming on BET Plus.


No_Choice_Is_Choice t1_j8uggmh wrote

Sorry but a man with a net worth of a billion donating 2.5 mill is a throwing pennies in the street and making sure everyone knows what a great guy he is.

Fucking pathetic.


I_havenobusinesshere t1_j8uhi37 wrote

It's helping 400 people. Everything helps, but it feels really similar to a neighbor bringing buckets of water to your house while the fire department is there not putting out the fire. It's like... 'thanks man, I really just need them to start working'.


No_Choice_Is_Choice t1_j8uia6n wrote

$6200 each.

at best 4 months of relief, less if toward mortgage

not including utilities...or food...

Publicity stunt of the cheapest sort.

Also his films are true shit.


I_havenobusinesshere t1_j8ujaty wrote

It's for back property taxes and future property taxes for older individuals on fixed incomes. It should benefit them for about 5 years. The article says all of this.

It's not bad that he's trying to help. I honestly feel like the scope of this is too small to get much publicity, and the amount is probably what he needed to donate in order to avoid some taxes, given the timing.

I'm sure he's no saint, but there are a lot of rich people doing a lot of shitty stuff, so at least this is helping some people and doesn't necessarily harm anyone. I don't really think his films matter much in this scenario. You can just say you don't like him, lol.


[deleted] t1_j8up600 wrote

You do know there are far more than 400 seniors in need of assistance in Atlanta, right? This is purely a PR move for him.


I_havenobusinesshere t1_j8uqxj4 wrote

I'm well aware. Hence, the analogy I made in my previous reply to the other user. It's almost certainly more than just PR. I agree that PR is likely a slight motivator.


Guilty_Ad114 t1_j8vs5cx wrote

I'm sorry mate a billionaire handing out hardly anything is not comparable to bringing buckets of water.

A concerned neighbor is not trained to go and rescue people from fires and must stand back, A billionaire CAN give out more money but are more concerned about their wealth.

Stop sucking rich peoples toes because they made a tiny donation


I_havenobusinesshere t1_j8vsct0 wrote

What about what I said is 'sucking rich people's toes'? You can go be mad at someone else, lol. I was just saying, why shit on it? Who cares?


carvedmuss8 t1_j8uz771 wrote

Unbelievable that someone could hold this opinion when Perry could have given 0 and you wouldn't have even had this idiotic thought enter your dinosaur-sized brain


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8w3dua wrote

Have you given .025 percent of your net worth away today?


Kuli24 t1_j8wjtdh wrote

0.25 percent. If you're worth $250,000, you would give... $625??? That sure doesn't seem like a lot.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8wnvnh wrote

Keep in mind net worth isn’t cash in the bank. For someone who owns a home that’s worth $400000 and only owes $150000 on it but other wise isn’t rich, yeah, $625 is a lot of money.


Kuli24 t1_j8wopbz wrote

I know that. And no, in that situation, $625 isn't a lot of money. It's like buying a ps5 console with no games, or a used graphics card.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8wpz6m wrote

Just because it isn’t a lot to you doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot.


Kuli24 t1_j8wqupl wrote

I mean that's pretty much my situation, which is what I was going off of. How did the $250k get paid off if there isn't enough to cover a simple $625 cost? That's a set of tires. That's a car repair bill. We probably just define "a lot" differently, which is alright.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8wztyx wrote

You are describing exactly why you need to save that money instead of spending it on a PS5 or charity. Thanks for proving my point.


Kuli24 t1_j8x0n6p wrote

I'm saying that $625 is a typical expense we are already used to paying. What's one more of them? I'm saying if you have $250k of the house paid off, chances are you can drop $625 without it affecting you. And no, we shouldn't save all of our money. Buy a PS5 and enjoy if it doesn't hurt you financially.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8xmldz wrote

The house may have been worth $200000 when you bought it. But when it becomes more valuable it increases your net worth. That’s my point. It’s not cash in hand.


Kuli24 t1_j8xr7rg wrote

Ohhh that's what you meant. I thought you meant a $400k mortgage with 150k remaining.


sPlendipherous t1_j8wms5o wrote

The commenter probably needs his money. This billionaire does not need more than a billion dollars. Spit on the homeless for not donating the shirt on their backs. For the billionaire this just means buying one fewer private jets, less than a dozen, maybe only eight jets, for his private runway.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8wniso wrote

Look, I’m not saying he doesn’t need it more, I’m just saying that’s easy to say. Just because he’s worth a billion doesn’t mean he has a billion in the bank. People conflate net worth with cash. It’s not.


sPlendipherous t1_j8y6o2a wrote

It's not easy to buy one or two fewer private jets for your private runway? Get real.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8y9zsd wrote

Bro, again, a percentage of net worth is a useless statistic. Most of his net worth is tied up in the valuation of his businesses. He doesn’t have a pile of a billion dollar bills laying around.


sPlendipherous t1_j8ybdxz wrote

Obviously. His net worth is what he can sell it for. Hence, he could donate... maybe 500 million? Hell, he could donate 950 million without any change to his lifestyle at all. He would still have 50 million (50 000 000 usd worth) and can still own his dozen private jets on his private runway, maybe even buy one or one hundred new private runways for his buddies.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j8yfefs wrote

Of course. He could give up his businesses and give up all his possessions.


sPlendipherous t1_j8yhrhq wrote

Except for 50 million worth? As I said, it would make no difference to his actual possessions.


zipdakill t1_j8v50i1 wrote

“Why give millions when you can give more millions you selfish asshole?!” -you


King_Swift21 t1_j8v3iy4 wrote

What have you done to help random people? Because if he didn't do anything, people like you would still complain.