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Yourbubblestink t1_j95gd02 wrote

Clearly you haven’t driven by any


Tobias_Atwood t1_j95heub wrote

I've driven by plenty of petroleum and coal related power plants and production facilities and I'd be so happy if they all got replaced by solar farms.

If your biggest problem with solar panels is the aesthetics you got serious issues the internet can't solve for you.


Yourbubblestink t1_j95i8m7 wrote

Yes they are hideous and industrial - destroying the landscape,


Tobias_Atwood t1_j95rfil wrote

Well I'm glad we're in agreement on installing more solar. Coal and oil fuck up the place too much to ignore.

Make way for beautiful solar to preserve the land and make the world green.


Yourbubblestink t1_j95rpd3 wrote

Also the windmills. Wow. Nobody mentioned that those involve clear cutting mountain tops


Tobias_Atwood t1_j95sa9h wrote

Gotta put them where the wind is. I guess that isn't obvious to you...

We can also plant more trees. That might also not be obvious to you...


Yourbubblestink t1_j95sijh wrote

Not on top of the mountains. I get the energy lol behind the wind and solar movements, but I really don’t think we’ve spent enough time talking about the environmental impact. They are really ugly. Really ugly.


Tobias_Atwood t1_j95tdb6 wrote

We've been talking about the environmental impact for literal decades. Fossil fuels gotta go or we're all gonna die. Slowly. Horribly. Agonizingly. Stretched out over decades and centuries as the planet becomes a thick hot morass of death and decay.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool or a liar. Possibly both.

You can think renewables are ugly all you want, but I don't care. I'll bury everything you ever look at in solar panels. From here on out until the day the sun fucking dies I hope the only thing you ever see again is solar panels.


Yourbubblestink t1_j95xnv7 wrote

Hey, that’s cool. I don’t really get your rage/emotion, but whatever. I would really encourage you to go see one in real life sometime.


Electrical-Bed8577 t1_j9o82e0 wrote

It isn't normally involved. It was noted as necessary due to decimation by infestation. Where there is a wind path you will typically see an opening of the trees. Check with your local forest service and politicians. Reports were filed. Please look into what is really happening to the forests due to climate change related infestation in North America. It's a viscious cycle.