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JimAbaddon t1_j90yjmy wrote

Finally, something positive.


midpackgotmefaded t1_j923wfg wrote

Anything besides "rich person donates millions to their own charity" or "this minimum wage worker wished other minimum wage workers a good day" feels like a breath of fresh air at this point.


Snakethroater t1_j93i7cf wrote

Isn't Bill Gates a rich person that donates millions to own charity to eradicate polio?

Edit: billions.


OldSchoolLegman t1_j94jmbl wrote

What I don't get is why rich people think it's cool to ride around on horses whacking balls, but African kids can't??


PhD_Pwnology t1_j92a1kg wrote

I can ruin it for you if you want...Polio had been completely irradiated from the world except for Pakistan and India within the lifetime of Millenials. The Gates foundation pretty much eradicated it from India after that. Due to religious interference with government and governmental corruption, Polio has spread out of Pakistan and India and is now spreading around the poorer parts of the world where it hasn't been issue for decades.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the warlords in Africa or Chinese billionaires thats is crushing Africa atm posted this article to garner attention and make themselves look better.


JimAbaddon t1_j92ai58 wrote

Doesn't ruin anything. It's not entirely eradicated, and it's still a highly dangerous disease.


frick-you-fricker t1_j97jv0v wrote

Your PHD is lacking. There is no bad news with this story. If you deviate from this story, then yes, Polio exists in other parts of the world.


SirThatsCuba t1_j927yik wrote

Fuck yeah! Let's eradicate this horrible disease. I knew a dude (he passed a decade ago) who had to suffer lifelong debilitating aftereffects from getting it as a kid.


Budget_Walk_6988 t1_j91wurn wrote

Conservatives absolutely foaming at the mouth right now...


Koolaidolio t1_j934r1k wrote

Must be the rabies they won’t get the shots for.


blitzinger t1_j92b02x wrote

Meanwhile people in the Us are against it. This world needs an enema


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Mainttech t1_j94jwq1 wrote

That vaccine has been around awhile. Am I right?


[deleted] t1_j912xyq wrote



Few-Belt-13 t1_j914twz wrote

More bullshit from Kennedy that’s been proven false. India only became polio free in 2014 and 1 in every 2.7 million doses results in vaccine associated polio…much better odds than not being vaccinated.

Google exists.


SneezySniz t1_j916ovl wrote

Google does exist. Try using it yourself. Wild Polio was declared officially completely eradicated in the African continent and the ONLY Polio that still exists is vaccine-derived Polio. You can search "polio eradicated in africa" in your Google and see what comes up.

Edit: Because everyone is too lazy and just downvoting, here are sources the downvoters should find credible.

From the CDC:



Lady_Camo t1_j91fazp wrote

Go on, try to dig a credible source that confirms your bs comment. You can not just go around spewing misinformation and then go "gOogLe It". You can't be even bothered to link your source yourself.


chelsea_sucks_ t1_j92rqy5 wrote

Holy shit dude you could post expired news articles for your conspiracies or you could read the one that's been published yesterday

>Malawi detected the wild poliovirus disease in a young child in its capital, Lilongwe, in February last year — the first time the strain was reported in Africa in five years. The virus spread to neighboring Mozambique, causing other countries in the region to be on alert.