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_Laserface_ t1_j94ssxo wrote

That's like a textbook Russians play at this point.


Doublespeo t1_j94xrcg wrote

> That’s like a textbook Russians play at this point.

They have always done that, it is a way to destabilize amd justify aggression on surrounding countries.


_Laserface_ t1_j94ycsm wrote

Yep, I was/am worried about all the people that fled Russia to avoid conscription. There is a non 0 chance that Russia may use those people in the future as a pretext to invading.


enzovrlrd t1_j953fyw wrote

Not that your point isn't valid but you literally pick a random card and make it seem like a reason to do something stupid. When stuff you do don't need to make sense logic is no longer a tool, it's an obstacle