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EVOSexyBeast t1_j93pon9 wrote

this must be the superb owl everyone was talking about


molotov_cockteaze t1_j95451x wrote

Vampires have huge respect for owls. 1: they’re nocturnal. 2: they’re predators. And 3: they don’t give a hoot where they dump their scat.


Spire_Citron t1_j945zjm wrote

If he's doing fine on his own, it's good that he can be free. And hey, since he's hanging out in a park, people will still be able to enjoy seeing him.


sockydraws t1_j93do0y wrote

Yes they’ll “let” the owl stay free.


GreatsquareofPegasus t1_j959x7b wrote

Well somebody better that owl he won't be prosecuted for absconding his prison cell. Good for him I say.


samz22 t1_j962efg wrote

Owl is the symbol of Bohemian Grove and basically the Illuminati.


Dagmar_Overbye t1_j972di4 wrote

Owls are also a symbol of the supernatural otherworld in the show Twin Peaks. Are we just listing fictional things that owls are a part of? I can go on.

And yeah I know there was and probably is still a group of nerds who go by illuminati and rich people have a little burning man party called bohemian Grove but since you replied like this I highly doubt you think that's all those things are.


JustCopyingOthers t1_j949kst wrote

Is this is how the owl infestations of Futurama got started?


Waterwoogem t1_j968ow7 wrote

Quick, draft a resolution to rename the City to New New York. The Prophecy must come true!


Gierron t1_j93cl5e wrote

He will be fine....


McMurphy11 t1_j93kpi6 wrote

The rats however...


black641 t1_j94x3rh wrote

That owl will eat like a king for the rest of his life!


uknown-potato t1_j94tuv5 wrote

Probably a good thing for the concrete jungles of NY that they get eaten up


Xu_Lin t1_j95dcjg wrote

“He can remain free”

AKA: we lost track of him :’D


DirtyProtest t1_j9580zc wrote

I used to have one of these in the UK.

They're huge big softies that will 100% reduce the local dog and cat population.

There's debate taking in the UK regarding the recent successful breeding population of Euros as to whether They're escapee birds or have recolonised from Europe and therefore should be culled. I say leave them be.


Gisschace t1_j958fjd wrote

You sent me down a rabbit hole as I had no idea we had them here.

> The Scots Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Cornish and Irish Gaelic languages all have words for them

So interesting to see they used language as a way of determining whether we used to have owls


DirtyProtest t1_j95atll wrote

The populationnis becoming quite well established and for obvious reasons people keep quiet about their locations.

Seeing as they are a recent extirpated species I think it's great to see them back in the UK.


HouseOfSteak t1_j983ef1 wrote

>They're huge big softies that will 100% reduce the local dog and cat population.


An owl might attack a kitten or a very small dog, but....


DirtyProtest t1_j986938 wrote

A euro will take a small deer.

They're almost twice the size of a Great Horned Owl and they're impressive enough.


md222 t1_j945hyv wrote

Happy to hear they worked things out.


ironinside t1_j95v29v wrote

Is this the same owl that “had to be captured” because he wouldn’t know how to feed himself?

I hope he starts a family and sticks it to everyone that said he was toast. The sheer volume of mice and rats should supersize him —so long as he doesn’t eat a rat that consumed poison bait.


TheRealGuen t1_j96z68e wrote

he's from a a species of owl that is non-native to the US. He's going to live and even more solitary life than most owls


BlastedMallomars t1_j9nbi9b wrote

Can he find and crossbreed with a different type of owl? Never mind the question of romance and attraction - can nature make it work?


TheRealGuen t1_j9nbpwv wrote

There's a very, very small chance he could make it work with a ...I wanna say a great horned owl but don't quote me. But making that happen, in NYC, as a different species is pretty damn low.


Batgod629 t1_j941000 wrote

That's cool. Could mate with other native owls perhaps


drmehmetoz t1_j94dosy wrote

His species does not live in New York and hybridization is pretty unlikely so prob not


fiendishrabbit t1_j955cfm wrote

Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus) have hybridized before (in zoo populations).

The Great Horned Owl is native to New York, so I would not rule it out.


drmehmetoz t1_j959mv7 wrote

Possible but unlikely. There’s going to be some pretty significant behavioral differences between him and any great horned owls, especially if he’s been in a zoo his whole life. The behavioral differences will make it hard to find a mate. Released zoo animals are less likely to find a wild mate (and that’s not even considering that he’s a different species lol)

Also great horned owl breeding season started weeks ago so he’s gonna have to pick up the pace if he wants to find a mate. He’s already behind so he would need to find a territory, nesting site, and a willing mate in the next 2-3 weeks

Also great horned owls are semi-uncommon in the city so he’ll have pretty limited options. If he’s still in central park I think there is actually a single female there though


HouseOfSteak t1_j983l35 wrote

They can live around 20 in the wild and up to 60 in captivity, it's not like he's only got one shot.


drmehmetoz t1_j98g25f wrote

Oh I kinda assumed they would be trying to recapture him later on, but if they give up totally then I totally agree!


Batgod629 t1_j94e1il wrote

I don't know how genetically close they are to other owl species. However if they are capable I wouldn't rule it out


fiendishrabbit t1_j955ikj wrote

They're so closely related to the Great Horned Owl (native to the US, including New York state) that they might be conspecific (ie, just two different expressions of the same species), and there have been viable hybrids between the two species before.


95castles t1_j963ies wrote

MAYBE they manage to have offspring, but I highly doubt those offspring would be fertile.


resistible t1_j9ajjs4 wrote

Yeah, it could totally be as ineffective a hybridazation as coywolves... wait.

The reality is that of all the predictors we have of whether two species can hybridize, this guy checks a few of those boxes with at least one of the local species. We don't have enough understanding to say very much about viable hybrid offspring coming from this animal.


95castles t1_j9ak2do wrote

Yeah more research is needed. I would like to be wrong because I find the idea of hybridization to be very interesting. But yeah, I think it’s much more likely for the offspring to not be fertile. And that’s if they do manage to mate in the first place.


resistible t1_j9aszxq wrote

I don't think they even mate. But I wouldn't have thought that of wolves and coyotes, either. So here we are lol


GrimmBrowncoat t1_j95luiu wrote

Professor Thaddeus, is that you?


Doeniel t1_j96a2ns wrote

"He's just an asshole owl." - Sociopathic Archfey


GrimmBrowncoat t1_j96a7fv wrote

Holy hell that comment made my day lol thanks for that


Doeniel t1_j96w6sb wrote

You tell me, I didn't expect to see a CR reference here at all :D


Responsible-Desk4145 t1_j95nsnx wrote

He’s gonna go live in a sky scrapper around Central Park like the baller he is


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Memeorise t1_j97mleo wrote

Pleas use his full name: Lord Pretty Flaco Jodye


Tom_Foolery2 t1_j9bm7hv wrote

Saw him last week. He’s doing fine.


SockyNoob t1_j9szgtt wrote

Uplifting to people who know fuck all about invasive species