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maimou1 t1_j9a2u72 wrote

I like bún thit núóng better (probably not written right, I'm sorry).


natovo t1_j9aan1r wrote

That's pretty close, here's the correct version for you to keep, just in case it come in handy:

Bún thịt nướng


SixGeckos t1_j9as21e wrote

isn’t that basically bún chả?


maimou1 t1_j9aweef wrote

not sure. husband prefers Thai, when I can coax him into Asian food at all. I was so into Vietnamese food for a while that I grew pots of the Thai/holy basil so I had it ready to go.


tinglytummy t1_j9dt8eo wrote

No. Bún is just the word for vermicelli noodles in Vietnamese (rounded noodles). Thịt means meat, nướng means grilled. Chả can be made of meat or fish but basically it’s chopped into tiny pieces and molded into a shape. Bún is used in a lot of viet dishes (like the well known bún bò Huế - which is vermicelli noodles with beef from the region of Hue, as the name indicates). It’s the difference in meat, broth, and fish sauce that really sets them apart. Bún thịt nướng usually also has an egg roll in it too.


Pickle-Chunk t1_j9a4nl1 wrote

And you felt the need to comment this why?


maimou1 t1_j9a4rm0 wrote

just to irritate you and it worked!


Oswarez t1_j9a8q04 wrote

Now what?


DoTheCreep_ahh t1_j9aczpq wrote

now he flies off into the sunset looking for more people to upset in a minor way, thereby changing the course of history forever. He is of course the time traveling super-hero, Butterfly-Effect Man