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Bedumtss t1_j9aqyrr wrote

Grace? Mf you routinely go to r/cryptocurrency r/spirituality r/tarot r/psychic and worst of all r/ChelseaFC gtfoh with ur grace lol


kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u t1_j9atri6 wrote

I mean, this person is clearly an expert on cancer. We should listen to them.


MJTony t1_j9atu64 wrote

Baha! Chelseeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa


the_black_sails t1_j9akumu wrote

I've always been so curious and eager to get one, but I'll be damned if I willingly download Spyware on my phone. I know Google isn't that much better, but Tiktok is basically a direct pipeline to China.


Captain_Pungent t1_j9anx2p wrote

You see half the content on other socials anyway tbh


razerzej t1_j9aszs3 wrote

Reddit is a great filter-- instead of gargling a fire hose of raw sewage (TikTok or 4chan), I get purified sips of their best content, with most of the scum scraped off.


jim_deneke t1_j9asrpq wrote

When I downloaded the app one of the days in the first week I was on the app I was on it until 5am, just mindless scrolling. Probably was about 7 hours of solid scrolling. And the people on there are so toxic. I deleted it after two months.


Crosswired2 t1_j9c2vzu wrote

Lol. Calling tiktok toxic in reddit. The irony.


jim_deneke t1_j9eiwqj wrote

I haven't seen the negative comments on here as worse than on TikTok.


nonamefounder t1_j9aovzp wrote

Reddit ain't better. Twitter aswell. Instagram also. Every God darn social media is.


kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u t1_j9auiwi wrote

Don’t hurt yourself twisting yourself into r/enlightenedcentrism

Reddit is end-stage web forums with little to zero social network features (followers, profiles, real names, influencers).

Tik-tok is literally weaponized social media aimed at disrupting western civilization by a hostile foreign government.


AHedgeKnight t1_j9avhlr wrote

It's not enlightened centrism to say reddit isn't magically less scummy of a social media platform nerd


nonamefounder t1_j9b180u wrote

It's a social media without real names. That's it. For me, it's the same as any other social media. Also, I never set foot in that subreddit. I just know that whatever social media I use is bs, but I'm addicted. Also, we have followers here on reddit and profiles and some people that are known in a few subreddit as regulars. It has everything a typical social media has. I think you should step outside of your little reddit bubble and look at this stuff objectively.


ubapook2 t1_j9apc83 wrote

I agree. How is it uplifting that a shop which is perfectly capable of getting customers was failing for the wrong reasons, and that it took an influencer to wake people up to that fact? This is more depressing if anything. The realization that the success of your life-long dream, and all finances in your life, can entirely depend on some person out there sharing a video. Absolutely terrifying


lindseyilwalker t1_j9asr4s wrote

I mean … it’s marketing. Since ever, if you’re going into business, you have to get the word out.


ubapook2 t1_j9atxss wrote

I still find it unsettling that this is the way we do things now, that an entire business can 100% be made or broken by a TikTok video. The idea is, as we’ve seen, that an influencer can do this same thing except with misinformation and a bad review, and a place could just go down.


lindseyilwalker t1_j9cr4ca wrote

Yeah, I understand that completely. However such a concept is not just originating now. When we revolved around newspapers more, a bad review by a trusted food columnist could have the same effect on a restaurant. I just resist the panic that things are so dramatically different with new forms of media. Same stuff, new mediums.


wienour t1_j9ar154 wrote

Isn’t that just called marketing?