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baphosam t1_j9aso4o wrote

Are there other competing places with peanut sauce?


Quacky3three t1_j9atpby wrote

Peanut sauce is very common in Thai/Vietnamese restaurants.


TheHomieHuglord t1_j9c6fd7 wrote

Which is why I can't eat it if I don't want to die


LaoTze151 t1_j9c8vsu wrote



fasterbrew t1_j9ca3v3 wrote

Peanut allergy


edgar__allan__bro t1_j9cciho wrote

And for anyone out there who has a peanut allergy and tends to be on the cavalier side of things (i.e. joking about how their allergy could kill them) -- I did have a very, very good friend pass away some years back after accidentally ingesting peanut butter.


dontfkwitme t1_j9cfh7o wrote

Darwins survival of the fittest....


Adrenalcookie t1_j9csisf wrote

Truuu his allergy having genes luckily won’t be spread


Redditributor t1_j9cw7go wrote

I don't think it quite works that way. There are genes that can influence under what conditions certain allergies could develop


Vroomped t1_j9cbamr wrote

They can't eat Thai/Vietnamese restaurants or they'll die, because they contain peanuts. They can't eat Texas Roadhouses either.


baphosam t1_j9awf84 wrote

So you’re telling me there’s multiple Thai/Vietnamese restaurants in this one town?

Edit: Wow everyone. I guess having a lack of multiple Vietnamese /Thai restaurants near me and being so daring to ask the question means I’ve pissed off a lot of you.


WINTERMUTE-_- t1_j9ax9v2 wrote

That's not an uncommon thing.


stewdadrew t1_j9c1pis wrote

The town I grew up in was an hour from the nearest McDonald’s. If you would have told me as a young kid that you had multiple fast food in your city or more than 1 Chinese restaurant, you lived in a big city in my eyes.


ambermae513 t1_j9axxac wrote

Depends on where you are. I live in a small town with very limited options. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and several fast food places plus a couple wing places and that is it. The closest bigger town has exactly 1 Thai place and zero Vietnamese. My sister lives in the closest big city (about an hour drive from me) and has a favorite spot to get Pho and a different favorite to get any other type of Vietnamese cuisine.


WINTERMUTE-_- t1_j9b008n wrote

I live in a Canadian town of about 150,000. Not huge by any means. And we have probably around a dozen Thai or Vietnamese restaurants.


ambermae513 t1_j9b0hp1 wrote

Yeah.... so based on the last census: My town 8,600 Closest bigger town (35 minutes south) 74,000 Closest big city (1 hour north) 880,000


Blue_Moon_Rabbit t1_j9c9bat wrote

My town has several pizza places, chinese places, and even an indian place sharing a lobby with a fish and chips place.

We have no Mexican, at this point Id settle for a taco bell or something.

I just want some fucking quesadillas man… ones I don’t have to cook for myself.


norkm t1_j9bxmok wrote

In the Bay Area, which has one of the largest Asian populations in the US? Yes. My neighborhood has 2 Vietnamese places and 2 Thai places all within a 10 min walk on the same street.


Oraxy51 t1_j9c7aj6 wrote

Heck even in Arizona there’s a good handful of Thai/Vietnamese places here. Some Japanese places, some chinese, some Korean, it’s a nice diversity.


borderlander12345 t1_j9c2zqo wrote

I live in a city of 300,00 in Australia and there are probably 15+ Thai restaurants within 20 minutes drive from me and at least half that in Vietnamese