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LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9bfcdl wrote

Of note:

This “stem cell treatment” is a bone marrow transplant. The procedure itself comes with a 10% mortality rate, which is why this was only done because this man had HIV AND a serious blood cancer that would have killed him. His donor had a rare mutation that makes him resistant to HIV, which is why this has functionally been a cure. Most people will not qualify for this treatment unless they are very unlucky, and even then you have to find a matching donor who is resistant to HIV. But the good news is that this treatment cured his HIV and cancer!

A handful of people have been cured this way.


The HIV treatments currently available are expected to give people living with HIV COMPLETELY NORMAL LIFESPANS.

Additionally, with these medications, most people can become undetectable, meaning their HIV is controlled to a point where they have too little of the virus to spread it to others!


We now have PrEP, which is a medication that can prevent infection in the first place. If you’re a gay, bi, or other man who has sex with men, or you have a partner who has HIV, or you use injectable non-prescribed drugs, you meet criteria for PrEP and can take a pill a day to prevent HIV.


Bryandan1elsonV2 t1_j9bthnq wrote

I wish I could show this comment to all of the men who died when Reagan did nothing to help them in the 80s.


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9bvvw8 wrote

Reagan may not have been trying to help, but a lot of other people have been pouring their lives and energy into making this happen.


L3onskii t1_j9bvo0g wrote

Reagan was fucking awful


DAecir t1_j9coxss wrote

Just as bad as when he was governor of California and dumped everyone out of the county hospitals to balance the state budget.


_Lane_ t1_j9canwe wrote

Additional good news regarding PrEP: in addition to daily Truvada, there are more options now for taking PrEP, including

  • Descovy for daily PrEP: similar but slightly different drug, gentler on kidneys and bones for patients who can't do Truvada
  • PrEP 2-1-1: two pills 2-24 hours before sex, one pill 24 hours after those pills, one pill 24 hours after that pill. Fewer pills total, but only for cis men and trans women, and only with Truvada
  • Apretude: Injectable PrEP, lasts for 8 weeks but requires office visits to doctors and is not likely covered by insurance for most people

StevenTM t1_j9frrcw wrote

Don't even need to take PrEP daily, on demand is fine: 2 pills at once 2-4, or up to 24, hours before sex/needle use, then one after 24 hours and another after another 24 hours (48 total)

That's it

Oh and generic PrEP from India is like $50/30 pills and works just as well


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9fx4e6 wrote

On demand works, but daily is better for people who want the most protection. I wouldn’t buy pills from India unless out of other options (many local groups will fund these medications without having to resort to black market pills). India doesn’t have the same regulatory standards we do and it can have deadly consequences.

Edit: I’d also note that on demand isn’t the best option for people who use injection drugs because we don’t have enough data to show it can be effective.


StevenTM t1_j9ggujm wrote

Do you have any sources that daily is better than on demand? Or that PrEP manufactured in India (which is NOT "black market" PrEP) is unsafe?

Your advice is literally putting people at risk, wtf are you doing? On the one hand you give advice that protects people, on the other you discourage them from accessing cheap and just as efficient PrEP that is accessible they don't have other options (nobody said you shouldn't get it through official local channels if you can) (lists specific suppliers that were vetted)

> These results clearly show that the PrEP being privately sourced online from the main suppliers is fit for purpose and therefore, when taken as prescribed, highly effective at preventing HIV. Understandably, those considering ordering PrEP online have some concerns about what they are buying and hopefully this will act as further reassurance. also links to this website on generic truvada availability and the first recommended manufacturer for generic is one from India, HETERO LABS LTD

This study's participants were "[mostly] on generic TFV disoproxil fumarate (TDF)/FTC from Cipla Ltd", also an Indian manufacturer

I'm not Indian, but I'm furious at your comment, casting doubt on legitimate manufacture of cheaper and more accessible generic drugs just because "iTs iNdIa". REALLY not cool.


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9gilxj wrote

I assumed you meant black market because you specified “from India”. There are several generic PrEP options available in the US from multiple countries (including India) that go through strict US regulations and are completely reasonable options. No one should order straight from India for personal use outside of a pharmacy or medical practice if it can be prevented.

This is a nice study on use of PrEP and overall effective coverage. As you can see, very few people developed HIV during this study, and most people were covered throughout their sexual activity, with more coverage among those taking daily PrEP.

PrEP of either type can and should be considered for those who qualify, and one may be better than the other for individual reasons.


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Selthix t1_j9df1xf wrote

Anyone who gets put on prep gets blood work tested at least once every three months to check for side effects. Spoiler elevated kidney levels are not nearly as bad as contracting HIV.


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9crg0g wrote

All medications have benefits and possible risks. That’s why they are recommended for some people and not everyone


L3tum t1_j9clkqq wrote

So two questions:

How can I find out if I'm HIV resistant?

How can I get PrEP?

Out of all the sexually transmitted diseases, HIV would probably be the worst for me. Most of the others are curable afaik (not that I'd have unprotected sex to begin with), and less easy to transmit.


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9cnjqj wrote

There is no commercial test as far as I’m aware. You’d have to talk to your doctor to see if you’re a candidate for PrEP


Anticept t1_j9dfcqz wrote

What about testing for the ccr5-delta32 mutation? It gives practical immunity to HIV and bubonic plague.


TransManNY t1_j9cwm0l wrote

How to get prep depends on where you live. A sexual health clinic like planned Parenthood is a good option. In terms of viruses that can be sexually transmitted there's HPV, HIV, HSV, and Hepatitis. Condoms prevent HIV but are not full protection for the other viruses. HPV does have a vaccine for the cancer causing strains but I think roughly 80% of sexually active adults have had HPV. The statistic is higher for HSV.


Selthix t1_j9df5kj wrote

Don’t forget about herpes, no cure for this either.


lyreflyn t1_j9di62k wrote

Sure, but you can take valacyclovir daily for the same effect.


Selthix t1_j9dlvc4 wrote

The same affect as prep? Not by a long shot 2% people still get infected from partners on anti virals for herpes as opposed to .1% for prep.


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9ev72r wrote

Valacyclovir isn’t good for PrEP, but it is very good at preventing outbreaks and further transmission


giedosst t1_j9b0q79 wrote

Too bad a handul of billionares convinced a small but powerful voting block of morons that stem cells = killing babies.


Whatapeasantsurprise t1_j9b9qzn wrote

This is actually a different type of stem cell altogether. It’s only the type that matures to become white blood cells, can be your own or from a donor. It’s a treatment that comes after extremely intensive chemotherapy for people with cancer when there are no other options.

Source: it’s mentioned in the article but I also just finished this treatment last week. It’s a living hell to go through.


Tiny_Rat t1_j9b9yme wrote

That's embryonic stem cells, while this man received a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Bone marrow stam cells come from adult donors or (if the patient is a child) from umbilical cord blood.


giedosst t1_j9bbyb1 wrote

Very true, but remember you're citing fact and nuance, two things that have nothing to do with the "Pro-Life" movement.


Tiny_Rat t1_j9berwd wrote

Look, I'm a stem cell researcher, I'm doing my PhD in this, so I'm fairly familiar with the backlash against embryonic stem cell research. Bone marrow stem cells really aren't part of the controversy, and haven't been at any point. Some of the research into bone marrow stem cells has received criticism because it sometimes does use fetal tissues, but that's again separate from bone marrow stem cell donation and use for medical purposes.


giedosst t1_j9bhv63 wrote

I'm not disagreeing or arguing with anything you're adding to this conversation.

All I'm saying is that the idea of stem cell research has been rolled into the wedge issue of abortion as a way of our corporate overlords to divide and conquer us.


Tiny_Rat t1_j9bu799 wrote

Oh, yeah, it's a stupid issue. Especially the idea that throwing those embryonic/fetal tissues in the trash (which is where they end up after abortions or fertility treatments, nobody is burying them in a graveyard or something) is somehow more moral than using them in research that could actually save lives. That one especially ticks me off. It is important to keep an open discussion on medical ethics, of course, and to keep researchers accountable for following best practices, but the forced-birth people really take it to an extreme that helps nobody, and does real and lasting damage on many fronts.


nitrohigito t1_j9b45cr wrote

what now?


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nitrohigito t1_j9dain5 wrote

I guess this is some heated political stuff I missed? But like holy shit dude, chill out...

Edit: ah, it's about the suppression of stem cell research over religiously rooted arguments. Guessing this is US politics, republicans?


DigStock t1_j9dhgh8 wrote

Stem cells therapy can also mutate cells into cancerous ones on the patient, its a bit playing Russian roulette.


Mintaka3579 t1_j9bof62 wrote

No wonder rethuglicans want to ban stem cell research.


HessLook t1_j9bs3oy wrote

Most of them can’t even spell stem cell


littleendian256 t1_j9byvj8 wrote

HIV virus is triggering my ocd. Aside from that great news


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Sorry, I just finished putting in my PIN number at the ATM machine.


Plasmiosix t1_j9chhkf wrote

I apologize. I finally was able to input the right address this time into the GPS system.


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I'm sorry to hear how ras syndrome affects your ocd disorder :( maybe spend less time around LCD displays?


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scratch_post t1_j9d1yor wrote

Well and this particular procedure has a 10% mortality rate for both the donor and the patient.


LatrodectusGeometric t1_j9doj37 wrote

Whoaaaa there, the donor has almost no mortality risk. The risk is entirely on the recipient.


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Cyclesadrift t1_j9dzq7q wrote

This is amazing! Now please do arthritis im in so much pain.


imperialblitz t1_j9khjz4 wrote

Now this is a great leap forward. I had one of my uncle die due to this. I hope this treatment will work and available to everyone.


jimdandy19 t1_j9c63qg wrote

Magic Johnson has been down to just 1 AID for years.


McAwesome789 t1_j9cqfkg wrote

I have remained free of the HIV virus for years without any stem cell treatment!


LeeroyDagnasty t1_j9cvgtg wrote

Not impressed. I’ve remained free of HIV too and I did it without stem cells.