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giedosst t1_j9bhv63 wrote

I'm not disagreeing or arguing with anything you're adding to this conversation.

All I'm saying is that the idea of stem cell research has been rolled into the wedge issue of abortion as a way of our corporate overlords to divide and conquer us.


Tiny_Rat t1_j9bu799 wrote

Oh, yeah, it's a stupid issue. Especially the idea that throwing those embryonic/fetal tissues in the trash (which is where they end up after abortions or fertility treatments, nobody is burying them in a graveyard or something) is somehow more moral than using them in research that could actually save lives. That one especially ticks me off. It is important to keep an open discussion on medical ethics, of course, and to keep researchers accountable for following best practices, but the forced-birth people really take it to an extreme that helps nobody, and does real and lasting damage on many fronts.