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bradland t1_j9cfdar wrote

Heat pump efficiency can reach 300%. The maximum efficiency when using natural gas to heat a home directly is 100%. So as crazy as it sounds, burning mangas to generate electricity actually results in net gains in efficiency when using a heat pump instead of combustion based heating.


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gregra193 t1_j9cgoh8 wrote

Heat pump efficiency being >100% is very real.


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Jamesgardiner t1_j9cp557 wrote

You’re an engineer who can’t figure out that burning 10 units of gas to make 4 units of electricity, then putting that through a heat pump to pull 12 units of heat into your home is better than just burning the gas in your home?


bradland t1_j9dd2rq wrote

Sometimes people really blow my mind. That person tripled down so hard they’d rather delete their account than incorporate new information.


bradland t1_j9cjy72 wrote

Nope. I know, it sounds like it violates the laws of thermodynamics, but it’s very real. The reason is that heat pumps don’t generate all of their own heat; they just move it around.


Sleepdprived t1_j9cmisz wrote

No... he is correct you can MOVE 5 times the amount of heat with the same energy it takes to MAKE 1 unit of heat.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_j9clnvv wrote

No it's not, because you are not paying for the heat you remove from outside air. Of course it's no perpetum mobile, but in terms of heat in your home vs fuel spent, yes it is over 100% efficient.