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jezra t1_j9l1ko0 wrote

"Localities could limit or ban marijuana businesses from operating in their area."

so they followed California's folly.


radj06 t1_j9l4jax wrote

Same with Oregon lots of dumbass rural counties wouldn’t let dispensaries open and lost out on the education dollars.


jezra t1_j9l5fz0 wrote

egads... it gets worse

''There are no provisions to allow home cultivation or annul prior cannabis conviction's


vasya349 t1_j9lw2s2 wrote

I’m pretty sure most states are like this.


shaneh445 t1_j9odwea wrote

MO awkwardly steps back into the bushes*


ArcticLeopard t1_j9o80b0 wrote

We'll see what happens considering most of the NH populace is in support of legalization, not to mention how much tax revenue this could bring into the larger population and / or tourist sectors.


n0t-again t1_j9oieuc wrote

never underestimate the influence of the puritans in America


MrRipley15 t1_j9pmvx5 wrote

How else would it be bipartisan? America’s folly is letting the ignorant fear-based conservative minority dumb down our victories. As long as land has a vote and right wing news outlets are able to lie without repercussions, it ain’t getting better.


SilverNicktail t1_j9l1yrd wrote

If Biden and Dems want the youth vote in '24, making federal legalisation an election promise is a good way IMO. He can already show progress on taxation, climate, infrastructure, etc. (Yes, before you start, I know none of those things are done or perfect, but progress is always the point and they represent large steps.)


DefTheOcelot t1_j9m83tr wrote

A promise he could not keep. The federal support isnt there.


SilverNicktail t1_j9m925i wrote

With so many states legalising, and society somehow managing to not suddenly collapse under a hemp apocalypse, I think the inflection point is pretty near.


DefTheOcelot t1_j9mbbgc wrote

I give it another decade.


XylatoJones t1_j9meog3 wrote

We don’t have another decade lol


indescentproposal t1_j9my65t wrote

i’m sure the Germans have a word for the sad laugh of resignation…


Fish_Slapping_Dance t1_j9nouqj wrote

>sad laugh of resignation

Trauriges lachen des Rücktritts


exterminans666 t1_j9nri5p wrote

Nice try Google translator.

I do not know a perfect fit, "das traurige Lachen der Resignation" would be a correct translation.

Resignation: to give up on something Rücktritt: to resign from a position.


Delphizer t1_j9pocp5 wrote

59% are for rec and medical, a whopping 89% are for medical. He could instruct to remove it from it's place as a schedule 1 substance(No accepted medical use) today if he wanted.

Congress could undo it, but they wouldn't.


[deleted] t1_j9nh76b wrote

They left off marijuana banking act in the latest budget. With a dem president and majority dem senate. If they won’t do it….who will


SilverNicktail t1_j9nm9td wrote

> Despite Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “making a last ditch effort” to put cannabis banking reform in the omnibus, as one senior Democratic Senate staffer put it last week, negotiations failed to produce a package that includes the measure.

Yeah, let's point the finger at the Democrats, when this couldn't happen because the GOP have the House (which you conveniently ignored in your comment).


[deleted] t1_j9ocsyj wrote

Ok, that’s fine, republicans own the house. So what does that mean? We have to wait till the dems are in control of everything??

I’m a democrat. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. I work in the cannabis field, and feel really let down. Don’t you fell like that too?


SilverNicktail t1_j9pi20a wrote

>Ok, that’s fine, republicans own the house. So what does that mean? We have to wait till the dems are in control of everything??

Have you been completely ignorant of GOP obstruction in the modern era? Yes, the Democrats need a majority to do almost anything because the GOP refuse to work with them. If they are not voted to a majority, you will receive no progress on anything other than enriching the rich, and broadcasting lies about fictional laptops.

Blaming the Democrats for not being able to put legislation through places where the GOP are in control is insane, and yet people do it constantly.


[deleted] t1_j9ppe7x wrote

No, I understand that.

I think the guy up top that said at least a decade is probably correct.

Dems and republicans are one and the same. They are one and the same.

Here’s my states two democrats I get to keep in office every few years.

Rich guys doing rich guy stuff, it’ll never change.


SilverNicktail t1_j9pyvdb wrote

> Dems and republicans are one and the same. They are one and the same.

They're demonstrably, blatantly not. To pretend otherwise is to promote voter apathy and enable the GOP's violent fascist rhetoric.

Are the Democrats "good"? - no, I'd like to have an actual progressive party that will do the necessary work to overturn corporate sponsorship of authoritarianism. Does that make them the same as the GOP? No. Members of the GOP are currently proposing, among other things:

  • The abolition of all income taxation
  • The abolition of all social spending
  • The abolition of THE UNITED STATES

The Democrats may not be the party we want, but to call them the same helps only our enemies.


[deleted] t1_j9q5lqk wrote

Ok, sorry. Your right. Both sides love money and only vote to fill their pockets.

Give me a list of people who arnt so I can start voting that way.


[deleted] t1_j9q67o0 wrote

Who do you get to vote for who dosnt do anything shady?


[deleted] t1_j9q8q7e wrote

I live in Portland oregon, where I vote for some of the most liberal people in the country to hold office.

Yet, I can’t go to target down the street to buy diapers without stepping over needles. There’s over 6,000 homeless people on the street, and ravaging our public parks. Hearing gunshots is very normal now. So you tell me. Why are these “progressives” failing so hard to run a decent city?


[deleted] t1_j9pr8en wrote

To go with that link I shared. Blumenauer campaigned hard saying he was going to get that legislation passed. And to hear it didn’t go through, and see him “accidentally” purchase 15k in Raytheon stock right when they decide to fund Ukraine with weapons, leaves a salty taste in my mouth.

But I’ll vote for him every time, because he’s in the “better” party.


bloodavocado t1_j9lb8tv wrote

Do you think the youth vote will show up after they misfired on student loan forgiveness?


Fraxcat t1_j9ldkkm wrote

They who? It was the Republicans that blocked it.


ZaxonsBlade t1_j9lgoe3 wrote

Republicans be like “can’t believe you like money too, we should hang out.”


sharksnut t1_j9lify0 wrote

It was the courts that blocked it because it isn't a Presidential power without legislation. This isn't a dictatorship. Yet.


lordofedging81 t1_j9m4sju wrote

Who took the case against student loan forgiveness to the courts? Guess...


SilverNicktail t1_j9luwfq wrote

From what I recall, they tried to do it and Republicans blocked it. I don't really count that as a misfire.

A misfire in that sense would be more like the Lib Dems in the UK promising to do it, but forming a coalition with The Bloody Tories to get into power, in which they were the minority. They couldn't do it, the Tories and the Tory press blamed them, and they fell so far back out of power that we are essentially back to a two-party system. On top of that, they gave Cameron power, which is the domino that led the UK to its current shitbiscuit status.

Which the youth vote in the USA may want to take a few lessons from...


LessThanLoquacious t1_j9lvaq6 wrote

Considering he hasn't fulfilled any campaign promises so far, and has just simped for corporate profits, he can sit on a cactus if he thinks I'm voting for him.


SilverNicktail t1_j9m73vq wrote

I mean given how absolutist and stridently incorrect you are, I'm going to doubt you voted the first time around. I listed a number of things this Congress has made progress on (because imagining that the government consists of one person is childish), but I can go through specifics if you'd like them?

Politifact's tracker shows him at 25% promises completed, 35% in progress, 32% stalled (guess why) and exactly 1% broken.



jdragun2 t1_j9l3ryp wrote

I live in NH. I'm all about this passing. The battle is still uphill. We have a Senate to get things through and a governor who is aspiring to a GOP POTUS run either in 24 or 28 and has been vocally opposed to and openly said he would veto any bill like this more than once. We need a veto proof majority to beat the Governor on this.

If you live in NH, talk to your representatives regardless of party, this crosses lines and we don't have many issues that do. If they want to remain in their positions for another election, tell them to vote for this or lose a vote to anyone qualified to replace them.


Doomkin t1_j9lanl2 wrote

Fellow NH native. This is absolutely correct.


fiddlehead603 t1_j9mpuyp wrote

Also from NH and because NH is so small, my first thought was, "oh, someone from New Hampshire... I probably know them..."


Magnahelix t1_j9ok0me wrote

Upshot is, we vote for a new governor every two years, instead of four, so if it's important enough, it's a shorter wait to vote someone in who's more aligned with legalization.


jdragun2 t1_j9p0nw3 wrote

Yeah, I have voted against Sununu in every run since I've been a resident of NH. We moved here about seven years ago and bought a house a quarter mile down the road from her dad and her childhood home. As a native NJ/NYer this is WASP country and very prim and proper for my taste. So I am really shocked this has even gotten as far as it has.


Magnahelix t1_j9qpj5j wrote

I think it came from about 20 years of Dem governors...Lynch, Shaheen and Hassan. People wanted a change and Sununu comes from political royalty, here. Fairly moderate by today's standards. Not sure he's got much left in the tank, though


goofgoon t1_ja2nwk7 wrote

I think Sununu’s pronouns are He/Him.


jdragun2 t1_ja2rmxi wrote

Do you think I called him a her or she, or did you misread me talking about my wife for Sununu?


tombasc0 t1_j9l8xn5 wrote

More like New Hempshire!


clamroll t1_j9ndszx wrote

I used to live up in NH, and live in MA currently. The "Live Free or Die" state passed marijuana legalization a few years ago only to have it vetoed by the governor. Meanwhile the states surrounding it have legalized. From what my fiends in NH tell me, they basically have been doing the inverse of what out of staters have been doing for years.

For those who don't know: anything more than beer needs to be sold in a state run liquor store in new hampshire. NH state liquor stores are a trip to go to... they're huge, have great prices, and if you go to one by a border they're on the highway with their own exit. It's common for MA folks to drive up on the weekends to buy booze (or household appliances) on the cheap (or without sales tax as the case may be).

However, a lot of southern new hampshire works in MA. Most of my friends are no exception to this. They hit up the MA dispensaries after work before heading home.

I guess they've finally gotten fed up with other states living freer than they do 😆


WildAppearance t1_j9o7jn6 wrote

At this stage of the game, refusing to legalize just means anyone who can is going to take their business out of state where the government can't tax it. Refusing to legalize is just hurting state governments where it's illegal at this point.


_kaetee t1_j9okchp wrote

I go to Smyth in Lowell and the parking lot is always packed with NH plates.


LazyUpvote88 t1_j9kvpx3 wrote

It’s about time, NH!


CraftBeerDadBod t1_j9mi8uv wrote

So lame that it took this long for the live free or die state.


LazyUpvote88 t1_j9n8gqs wrote

It’s not law yet but it seems it will be soon enough


mynewnameonhere t1_j9ny3cz wrote

New Hampshire has passed it several times and the Governor vetoed it every time. This has only passed the house. It’s not even to the governor yet.


RoninSoul t1_j9l9sy3 wrote

Let me guess: People with prior marijuana convictions won't be given priority to be owners/operators, there will be limited licenses to get, they'll cost too much for 95% of average americans to afford without a loan, which they can't get from a bank due to the fact growing/selling cannabis is still a federal crime. I bet they even got rid of any chance for people to do home growing, so that people are forced to buy it from the dispensaries.

>There are no provisions to allow home cultivation or annul prior cannabis convictions.
>A separate legalization that’s still being considered, HB 544, sponsored by Rep. Daniel Eaton (D), would create a system where the recreational marijuana market would consist of government-run stores, with the Liquor Commission tasked with regulating and administering the “cultivation, manufacture, testing, and retail sale of cannabis statewide.”

I'm sure the rich friends of the lawmakers are very happy about this news, it's hard to be optimistic when it's this obvious. Even Colorado being a leader in cannabis decriminalization and legalization, doesn't have protections for employees, so you'll still be drug tested for cannabis there. At least NH did the right thing and provided protections to cannabis users to prevent that from happening there. Federal Legalization is the only solution to the problem were everyone gets a fair chance.


vasya349 t1_j9lw89u wrote

Federal legalization won’t override state rules on sale or production.


RoninSoul t1_j9m1jdc wrote

Do you know what it will do? Allow people to get loans from a bank to open up a cannabis business, making it no longer an exclusive business to people with wealth.

One of my good friends owns a 12 million dollar brewery, want to take a guess who was able to get multiple loans from different banks to start their business, without needing to rely on investors who expect more returns back on their investment, than banks ever would?


vasya349 t1_j9m1wfc wrote

That would require there to be more licenses to get at the point.


RoninSoul t1_j9m7cig wrote

Like I said before, if regular Americans could get loans from banks to start their own cannabis business, it wouldn't be exclusive to people who are already clearly very well off, that includes getting any of the limited available licenses.

Don't get me started on the necessity for cannabis cultivation unions for workers.


vasya349 t1_j9m880w wrote

At least in my state there isn’t a single available license.


RoninSoul t1_j9mcdaf wrote

That's by design. Shame regular people can't get a fair chance, don't you agree?


vasya349 t1_j9mlbet wrote

But that’s my point. This can’t be solved by federal legalization. It’s ultimately a state level issue.


MortaLPortaL t1_j9mcsrx wrote

I said the same thing.


Nobody should be celebrating this.


RoninSoul t1_j9mg0mc wrote

Lots of people don't realize how undervalued and underpayed cannabis industry workers are, they desperately need to unionize.


3MinuteRecord t1_j9msmae wrote

Seems like they got tired of losing out of potential income to Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts


Erazerhead-5407 t1_j9kyi1h wrote

Well done, New Hampshire!


mynewnameonhere t1_j9nyefd wrote

It’s not law yet. The outrageous number of comments in here from people thinking passed the house means it’s law is honestly terrifying. You people have absolutely no concept of the very basic principles of how government works. This is shit you learn in elementary school. This is shit that’s in the news every single day. How do you not understand how laws are made?


Erazerhead-5407 t1_j9o8grt wrote

If it is not law yet, then your argument is with the heading of this Post & not with those who correctly read it. It states, legislation that was passed, not in committee, not contemplating on passing it, but passed with bipartisan support. So please, direct your dismay at the proper entity and not those who see this as an advancement of Our basic freedoms to decide for ourselves if We care to indulge or not.


TastyCartographer630 t1_j9lfo6c wrote

It’s 2023 man, It’s time to stop fucking around and legalize federally


kevdougful t1_j9mbf9b wrote

Weed…it brings people together.


drewbrewski t1_j9m2jpi wrote

NH is sandwiched between Maine, where it's legal, and Mass, where it's legal. At the coast, the I 95 would take you all of 35 minutes to drive from southern Maine through NH and into Mass. To have a dry island like that is untenable.


warren_stupidity t1_j9ojy84 wrote

And Vermont where it is legal. Also Canada but it would be foolish to transport across that border. We are a prohibition desert in a pot oasis.


drewbrewski t1_j9okz3o wrote

Last time I went back to NH, I was surprised that Maine had voted for it, and NH was still holding back, ( Live Free or Die state 😂) I would have thought they would be first on the bandwagon.


Majestic_Electric t1_j9m9zgl wrote

As it should be. Cannabis shouldn’t be a partisan issue.


securisteve t1_j9n2w1f wrote

Ah, money. The thing that brings both sides together


paracog t1_j9n4bcp wrote

They have some Republicans up north running the older operating system.


Fish_Slapping_Dance t1_j9o0xcj wrote

This will be vetoed by the governor who is a republican. as he has done before, or killed by republicans in the NH senate. The only way that this will become signed into law is for New Hampshire voters to elect a governor who will sign the bill, and elect legislators who will pass it in the Senate.

Republicans in NH want tax revenue to go to ME and MA, not to the people of NH. It's not like the people of NH are going to stop buying cannabis from other states anytime soon. it's just dumb.


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TechnicalSymbiote t1_j9lbhv9 wrote

Finally the live free or die state lives up to it's name


trict1 t1_j9lk2mt wrote

One nation under god is a joke right…


Rageliss t1_j9lln12 wrote

I wish when I did my job, it made headlines...


Initial-Struggle1210 t1_j9lrhbj wrote

Now Iowa do it!


TheIowan t1_j9luvo4 wrote

If one big time Republican donor says they're for it, you can bet Kim Reynolds will be on her knees with her dentures out to make it happen.


Pristine_Manner_1743 t1_j9lw97e wrote

I live in NH so I’m happy. I can stop driving to Maine to get mine! 🙏🏻


MelodicWarfare t1_j9mhl0s wrote

I'm a NH medical patient. There's a medical dispensary two minutes from my office in NH and I can legally go. I drive an hour each way to Maine every other week to pick up. Maine medical pricing and quality outshine NH medical in everything from flower to concentrate. At this point, I just want NH to get it's shit together and let me grow it myself. If that's not in the cards, I don't give a shit.


Pristine_Manner_1743 t1_j9mmjrj wrote

That’s good to know. I guess I’ll keep getting it in Maine until NH does get their shit together. At least this is a step in the right direction.


Enjoying_A_Meal t1_j9merpf wrote

Good to see both side take the "high" road together.


siltanator t1_j9mu24q wrote

Omg are they actually going to start letting people live free?!?


Happy-Ad7440 t1_j9mv3ud wrote

They know it’s a money maker they can get top grabs at.


10before15 t1_j9mvv2l wrote's something both sides can normally agree on.


Keithbaby99 t1_j9nbxqm wrote

Sounds like they smoked a bowl together.


ariesfognix t1_j9nkyd6 wrote

“A rare showing of bipartisan collaboration.” Oof. Glad they got this done, but we should all be disappointed in the reality of that sentence.


succulint t1_j9o005h wrote

Why new hamster ? Why couldn’t it be florida.


DooM_SpooN t1_j9o36fg wrote

New Hampshire about to become New Hempshire.


PutinBoomedMe t1_j9o9unq wrote

"Missouri has made how much in taxes in just 6 weeks!? Ok, let's do this"


LewisEFurr t1_j9ofgep wrote

New England is a weird place.


holy_placebo t1_j9oo01i wrote

I'm hoping WI finally does the same, but thanks to being in a battleground state the democrats and republicans are at each other's throats more often than not.


xxpact t1_j9opxgl wrote

Our asshole Governor will just Veto it

Fuck Chris Sunnunu. You’d think being surrounded by states and a country that’s legalized it would be enough to legalize it but typical conservative.


Jealous-Elephant t1_j9mmttq wrote

Rare?? Bro they have a Republican governor in a blue state. Change this headline


covertcactus88 t1_j9lrsr9 wrote

I wish I lived in this state 😪